Algerian-born French MUSLIM runner assaults 14-year old girl ‘mascot’

Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad celebrated his victory in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the European Championships by shoving a 14-year-old girl in a mascot costume.

Yahoo Sports (H/T Michael T)  I saw this headline Monday morning and figured he accidentally ran into her or didn’t see her or, at worst, lowered his shoulder into her while getting through a crowd of people. No (non-Muslim) athlete would shove a young girl like that in front of thousands of people and cameras. Nope. I thought too much of the Frenchman. He shoved her. With both hands. It’s so uncalled for and vicious that it almost looks fake, like an outtake from a Sasha Baron Cohen movie.

The Age reports: It was not the first time that Mekhissi-Benabbad had picked on a mascot. After winning the same race at the 2010 championships in Barcelona, he asked a mascot to kneel in front of him before he pushed it to the ground, according to Le 10 Sport. That’s the track equivalent of a gangland execution!

Meet organizers have taken note of the shove and there’s a chance the Frenchman could be reprimanded for the action. Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to accurately punish the crime. Booing at an Olympics should be reserved for judges in diving, gymnastics and boxing. It’s too great an event to have any athletic villains. We can make an exception for Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad.


41 comments on “Algerian-born French MUSLIM runner assaults 14-year old girl ‘mascot’

  1. What else can you expect from a Muslim? And because he is French, you know that no one in his country has the nerve or decency to actually punish him in any way. Other than to send him a terse email about sportsmanship.
    His community, those who follow a prophet who was nothing more than a pedophilic follower of an apathetic god, will probably only make excuses for him. Or they will say that this does not represent all Muslims. And yet that is what we see on the news – a Muslim doing evil for an evil prophet.
    My only other response is, what in the hell were these guys doing who were filming this? Their only response to this was to continue filming, instead of going over punching this asshole Muslim in the mouth. The guys behind the cameras look like men, but their response to this was to let a fourteen year old girl get pushed around, without having the balls to do anything about it. They are just as culpable as the man who did it.

  2. Okay, you win a race, and then you go after a mascot? You’ve got to look at the mentality here. Why the anger and agression after a win? Is it because he believes he can do whatever he wants, but why target a youth, someone much smaller than yourself. I think this is how muslim men look at females – just filth they can use and abuse as they please. I guess if you are told all your life that you, as a muslim male, are above all others, it goes to your head. This guy needs a whooping from a white Christian female…..I’m sure the American military has a few to show him the door…..and I’d pay to watch.

  3. This was the second time he did this. 2010 in Barcelona he also attacked a child in a costume. Made it knee infront of him before he kicked it arround. His lawyer (he refused to say anything) later announced that he felt insulted in his beliefe by this human-carricature. Well . Let´s guess which religion this might be. Also he got a 10 month supension for attacking his team-mate cause his team-mate was faster.

  4. This makes me so angry!!! People are very angry also on his FB page, and someone shared E-mails people can write to, to complain about this guy and try to get him banned.

    French Athletics Association email:

    French Olympic Committee email:

  5. Ooh next time can I be the mascot, please, please, please?
    I’m built like a brick shithouse, I’d ‘like’ him to shove me, pretty please, with a cherry on top.

  6. And once again, this guy has a history of violent behavior. How long are we going to accept this until like Merah, and the others he guns someone down? I would search his house for weapons like Kalashnikovs and kick his sorry ass out of France. In the recent European football championships, who brought shame to France but moslems like Nasri, Ben Arfa and Ben Zema by there bad behavior. And there are the left wing nuts that support this kind of behavior. One guy said he just ran almost two miles and gets a camera shoved in his face. Well sorry dumbo that does not excuse boorish behavior! These « people » and I use the term lightly, belong in the desert with their camels and donkeys (poor camels and donkeys)!!!

  7. That was a violent physical assult and he should have been arrested on the spot. If I were the girls parents, I would press charges against him.

    I would like to see him do that at an American football game. It would be fun to watch him get his butt kicked and his head crushed by some of those big nasty linemen!

  8. not French,but just a bastard algerian wonder mo-ham-head is very proud of his satanic death cult memeber.

  9. Why is it that when I first heard the story I automatically assumed that he was Muslim. Only somebody who has been inflicted by the virus of the death cult would do this.

  10. Banned from all further competitions. All medals stripped from him. No longer representing France. The mascot needs to charge the savage muslim with an assault charge, which she will win and then take the bastard to civil court. What will happen?

  11. If I were the mother of this child in the mascot costume. I would take him to court for assault. What a bastard.

    Or get someone to find him in a dark alley….

  12. This guy should have been disqulified, banned from the sport, lost his medal and booed out. Not because he was a muslim but because he showed a lack of good sportsmen and no concern at all that he could have hurt someone by his actions

  13. Championship director Mika Muukka told the news agency that “hopefully, the EAA (European Athletics Association) would deal with the case”.

    It was not the first time that Mekhissi-Benabbad had picked on a mascot. After winning the same race at the 2010 championships in Barcelona, he asked a mascot to kneel in front of him before he pushed it to the ground, according to Le 10 Sport.

    In 2011, he was also suspended for 10 months after getting into a fight with fellow French runner, Mehdi Baala, at the finish line of the 1500m race during the Monaco Diamond League games.

  14. The games have to answer for this. They know of his past and cannot let this go. If they do it’s all over. Animals need cages and when they are beyond help they must be destroyed.

  15. I keep repeating that all muslims are somewhat inbred. They all think they are better than anyone else. They all have a certain point where the inbred short circuts in their brain will match up and cause an incedent like this —- or worse. re. the honor killing of ones own children.
    The acid throwing on ones own wife.
    The shoving of an innocent child in front of thousands of witnesses.

    They are a cancer on civilized society and will infect whenever those short corcuts match up.
    muslims ——- Tick – tick – tick ——-

  16. Next race this Muzzie runs they should put a karate blackbelt inside a Mascot outfit and when he tries to push her, she kicks the shit out of him. Now that would make for a really good video.

  17. That Muslim ahole should be banned from competition. It’s clear what he did was on purpose. First he knows what she was carrying in her hand, then he pushes her. Muslims are good at pushing around helpless women. Im sure he got a standing ovation when he got home. Not for how he did in the race but for showing what a asshole he really is to his fellow Muzzies.

  18. so he shoved a Mascot and the European Championships did nothing? poor girl probably isn’t paid and i guess he hates sugar cubes because that’s what she looked like. Does the IOC have the guts to do anything/ after all they are determined to strip lance Armstrong’s medals.

  19. I don’t understand….. Was the mascot some kind of protest, or was she part of the event?
    And why did he slap the paper out of her hand and push her?

  20. He should be beaten to a pulp.
    These things would never happen if the media would just publish the truth when it happens.
    My ancestors from the old west would be ashamed to see how the world turned today.

  21. What an arrogant, agressive, fuckwit! When will the outrage at these muzzturds ever reach critical mass and people shout enough is enough, and send these stinky, camel-dung sandflies back to the foul-smelling, silicon blast furnaces that these maggot fly larvae hatched from?

  22. Well, I’ve used my quota of a certain term for today, so I guess I’ll just have to take the video from YouTube to my own blog and say how I REALLY feel about an a–hole like that who would shove a young lady, as he did, with no provocation whatsoever…Maybe he considered her costume “haram”!!

  23. What a prick! There’s no excuse for that behavior. If only they would take his gold away from him. . . yeah, I’m waiting for hell to freeze over as I know that won’t happen.

    • Truly: by rights, not only should they strip him of his medal, he also should be prohibited from competing ever again for France as well as in that championship plus the Olympics!!!

      [With others, I might have offered a way out for such a creature (if he would pay an enormous fine including major compensation to the poor lady-‘mascot’ plus a PUBLIC apology aired worldwide); but with Moslems we know that it all would be hypocritical!!!!]

      • I also hope that he’ll be among the first Moslem people to lose their Western citizenship when the time to punish them comes. In fact, yours truly would already consider him a criminal (felon) on that basis and consequently have him disenfranchised and deported, with ALL his property being confiscated!!!

  24. Maybe he thought the mascot was a misrepresentation of his murderous pedophile prophet.

    He’s probably among the 42% of French muslims aged 19 to 39 that agree with suicide bombings.

  25. Im confused!! Is this a scene from SBCs new movie called The Dictator? I peed myself watching that movie! SBC Rocks!!!

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