Did you know that in just 5 days in June, 163 rockets were fired at Israeli towns from Gaza?

June was a difficult month for the citizens of Israel, with an escalation of rocket fire, terror attacks, and two IDF soldiers killed in action. But of course, our media only like to report on Israeli ‘aggression,’ usually failing to mention it was in retaliation.

A terror plot originating from the Egypt-Israeli border claimed the life of one Israeli civilian, and injured two more.  In less than five days, 163 rockets were launched from Gaza toward Israeli communities, risking over a million citizens of the south and injuring one person and four soldiers.

Devastation to Israeli vehicle caused by rocket fire from Gaza

In response to the constant fire led by Hamas, the IDF targeted terrorists and weapon stores in Gaza. Staff Sgt. Netanel Moshiashvili (21) of the Golani Brigade was killed at the beginning of the month, after a terrorist infiltrating Israel opened fire at IDF soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip. The soldiers responded with fire, and during the exchange, Staff Sgt. Moshiashvili was mortally wounded. The terrorist was killed, thus preventing a terror attack on Israeli civilians.

On the morning of Monday, June 17, terrorists who infiltrated Israel from Egypt detonated a roadside bomb, fired anti-tank rockets and fired live ammunition at two Israeli vehicles. An Israeli civilian was killed in the attack and two others were wounded. Immediately following the terror attack, the Hamas terror organization started launching hundreds of missiles aimed directly at Israel’s civilian communities. As a result, four soldiers and one civilian were injured.

In response to the rocket fire, the IDF targeted several terrorists in the act of firing rockets at Israel, as well as weapon manufacturing sites.

Throughout the month, the stream of goods and gas entering the Gaza Strip has not stopped. Last week alone,  32,401 tons of goods and gas entered Gaza from Israel — that’s 1,238 truckloads. (Not that you’d know it if you listen to left wing and Muslim propaganda about the “open air prison” that is Gaza)

On June 7th, Israel celebrated the 45th anniversary of day three of the Six-Day War, when the IDF entered the Old City of Jerusalem, reunifying the city and opening it to people of all faiths.