SWEDEN’s Royals get what they deserve for supporting mass Muslim immigration and multiculturalism

You invite Somali Muslim riff raff without papers into your country, you house them, feed them, give them welfare and benefits for all their wives and herds of rugrats, then they stab you in the back. The Royals had all their Crown Jewels stolen by a Somali Muslim whom they welcomed into their own home. Not that anybody should care.

It’s the hardworking citizens of Sweden who are really paying the price for their leftist leaders’ open door policy to these inbred Muslim criminals, rapists, and bottom feeders.

Some readers have expressed doubt about the authenticity of this story. Here is a report from The Local: Swedish royal jewels missing after daring theft


75 comments on “SWEDEN’s Royals get what they deserve for supporting mass Muslim immigration and multiculturalism

  1. The interesting and really nasty thing about Islam is that Muslims don’t like to have their own rules imposed on them YET SEEK TO IMPOSE THEIR RULES ON OTHERS WHEN THEY COME IN AS GUESTS! The Swedish royal family who have the blood lineage of the Gustavus Adolphus line of Swedish Kings and Josephine, wife of Napoleon I should be ashamed of their cowardice in the modern age. Why not force Muslims to experience the full force of Sharia when they commit the crimes as ungrateful guests?
    In Islam, Punishment for rape is execution IF THE WOMAN CAN GET TWO MEN TO SWEAR IT HAPPENED BUT THE SWEDES SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO ALTER THAT REQUIREMENT WHILE GIVING AN ISLAMIC PUNISHMENT! CUTTING OFF THE RIGHT HAND WOULD BE APPROPRIATE FOR STEALING THEIR CROWN JEWELS AND THE SWEDES CAN GET AN ISLAMIC IMMAM TO DO IT PUBLICLY! Watch the Muslims suddenly then start talking about western values and liberal justice which is what they do when presented with the opportunity to save one of their own from nonMuslims whom they have shown their form of protection to which is nothing but brutalization to make you convert to save yourself!
    There was a point when the Swedes were mighty! They ruled the Baltic and nearly beat the Russians! What killed them was a propensity for neutrality at the expense of their self-interest and what was right! In WWI, the Swedes would have been right to ally with their cousin the German monarch and kept the Baltic open for trade and in WWII could have defended their other cousins the British monarchs along with Norwegian King at least against Hitler but didn’t! Sad truth is they made themselves all too useful to Hitler, the original champion of the oppressed Palestinians WHO DECLARED THEIR LOYALTY TO THE KING OF JORDAN IN 1948 AGAINST THE JEWS YET STILL CLAIM TO NOT HAVE A COUNTRY?
    I believe that what we are seeing in the West in general is the effect of Karma for past stupidities and wrongs! We Americans are getting it with the reign of The Obama because we chose short-term profits over principle of loyalty to our WWII allies, the British, the French, the Israelis and the Dutch who were the first to stand up against the forces of Islamic barbarism regrouping in the form of nationalism in alliance with communism at the time in their colonies which proved the final victory of the forces of western civilization over the primitive!
    Sweden is getting Karma for playing with the fire of stupidity organized into political thought that inevitably leads to self-destruction of the host nation where it eats out its national courage and culture! Hopefully, the Swedes will find their way out after the French who need to show the Muslims the door with the one way exit sign sending them back to their host nations where they really need to be contained as the people of barbarian societies!

  2. America lets Somalis in as refugees and they get dumped in our towns, who have no say in the matter.
    There are a number of refugee resettlement groups that get paid, with our tax dollars, to bring them in. They will be eligible for Obamacare.

  3. I got a story to tell you. To make it short and simple, some muslim boy in my cousins neighbor hood pulled out a pellett gun on their neighbors. He was driving his car fast and furious in a threatening way. As like youd think he was running you over. The guy told him to STOP so him and his brother came over with thier gun which was a pellet gun. The guy called the cops on them. Then the boy with the gun denied it then fessed up. His parents freaked out and offered him a lexus or a car like this if hed drop charges. So he did and the boy is off to med school… YAH just imagine all the stories that are dropped.

      • Lol, good answer! people is so ignorant about this subject that is no wonder why we have in islamic problem, all over the world, when people wake up and call like it’s, a cult of darkness that feed on fear and terror and love to commit all vile crimes against freedom and humanity… maybe them we will see a total change in our worlds and people actually start fighting back against this things that has no humanity left inside to be call human and call them animals is insulting the beast,so I call them “it” nothing. God bless you for the work you do trying to inform the ignorant. I been working on the same thing for many years and people start waking up not as fast is we need.

        • Thanks enigmatic, I am now going to post my 9/11 Tribute which I do every year. Found a few new things to include that weren’t there last year. The whole Main Page will be dedicated to 9/11 today.

  4. Thats what happens when you invite muslims into your house! They cannot be trusted! If you lie down next to dogs you get flees!

  5. I wouldn’t be surprises of the Somali is the secret lover of the degenerate white leftist P-OF-S.

    This is my read on it: The Elitist Gay “Tord” is into Somali “Salad Tossing” Guaranteed. Look at the Jolly old bag he married.

  6. Just remember we have a Muslim Rat that occupies the White Mosque and continues to bring these same Muslim Somali scum here to this country. We already saw how some of them have been convicted of taking advantage of young white girls in Minnesota. Was not that Somali Gangs that were prosecuted? If you let them in you get what you deserve. Its time for Minnesota to vote out that scumbag Ellison and Muslim Obama.

    • fox, please don’t use PC language here of any kind. Muslims in the UK AND US were arrested and convicted, NOT of taking advantage of young white girls, but of abducting, beating, and gang-raping them, as well as forcing them into prostitution, where they had to turn tricks for several muslim customers a day, for weeks and months at a time.

  7. Fucking disgusting, Sweden is such a beautiful place, why would anybody ever want to allow The Plague into their country to have it soiled and ruined. I say every country including ours that allows these fucks in lynchs every dirty liberal politician from a big ass tree. Whose with me?

  8. theft of the crown jewels is a very serious matter. in times of economic crisis countries often use crown jewels as financial collateral.

  9. They found him guilty of theft but let him stay in the country, free to rape Swedish women, which is what these people do. The Swedes have really turned into a pathetic lot.

    Six million Swedes hid in the weeds as Mohammed went marching by!

  10. Seriousl?
    Seriously, and what do we learn from IT?
    I belileve that we, Ameicans, are tthe most naive people on eartth.
    Afgter 9/11 and all the attacks before and after by Muslims, and what do we do? We open our arms and hearts for them AND much worse, we elelct one of them to be the president.
    “First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Mat 7:5

  11. My guess is that Turd is a homo and wanted some somali to lick on. He forgave his object of desire….to shut him up.

  12. The bad news is that if Europostan does not soon stop pandering and allowing muslim immigration and the deportation of all muslim illegals and muslim criminals then they will lose their culture and their country. All of the infidels, non muslims, will be nothing but second class citizens to be used and abused. The good news is that as long as Europeistan is willing to continue to take in the garbage then hopefully we will get to witness the chaos of muslim immigration and that will give us time to change the way we are now pandering to the rif raft of muslim immigration. The more the muslims go to Europeistan then that is one less savage coming to America. If Europostan wants the muslims, that works for me because we do not want them.

  13. A Swedish blogger wrote:

    “It’s fantastic that the Royal family should get a taste of reality. If they now hear one of the least of the Swedes in the suburbs shouting “out with lot of them”, now they need not to dismiss the frustrating call as mere racist bullshit. Now the Royal family also knows how things are in Sweden.”

    Swedes are getting angry (very angry). Mozzies are not bringing anything valuable. People see it.

  14. To be more precise, the King’s sister Princess Christina and her husband are bleeding hearts who invited an underaged Somali into their home to show tolerance. The young man stole some cufflinks and diadem used by the princess for state banquets, etc.

    Quote from http://www.friatider.se/ensamkommande-flyktingbarn-bestal-prinsessan-christina

    “Princess Christina, the youngest sister of King Carl XVI Gustaf, has been robbed of royal jewelry worth over 800,000 kronor. The thief, a so-called ‘unaccompanied child refugee’, was a friend of the Princess’s husband Tord Magnusson.

    Of this jewelry is notably King Gustaf VI Adolf cuff-links, as well as Princess Sibyllas’ diadem. It is uncertain if this jewelry will be returned.

    According to Aftonbladet, Tord Magnusson stated that he was a very close friend of the child refugee, and Princess Christina says the 19-year-old was to be regarded “as a kid in the House”. For a time, he also lived in their apartment at the Royal Palace.

    The ‘unaccompanied child refugee’ is said to be devasted at having been caught.”

  15. Just proves you can take the shit out of the country but the country is still in the shit. Peace to all non-moslems who are happy because they got what they deserved.

  16. Robbing Kafirs is not a sin, but a ‘good deed’ called JIHAD.

    Humiliating the Kafirs is also ‘good’ because Islam is a supremacist Death Cult. All means of jihad are ‘good’.

    Islam brings nothing desirable to a country. Islam only brings negativity: braindeath, misogyny, entitlement, supremacism, violence.

    Islam is inherently criminal and violent…that’s why jailbirds love Islam.

  17. YaaHaa ! Sorry to insult any Swedes that still have the sense God gave a pissant, but their picture looks like a real life
    Ole and Lena joke.

  18. HOLD the PRESSES. BARENAKED ISLAM may at times be MORE RACIST than the RADICAL ELEMENT they seek to expose. It’s not that hard to research and learn the truth of RELIGIONS and HISTORY. But to place “blame” without WISDOM is folly.

    I know plenty of loving and peaceful Muslims whose Family-centered spiritual beliefs cause them to be wonderful friends and neighbors. WHICH ISLAM do YOU DERIDE.

    Human Nature proves that MANKIND can not be entrusted with purity and truth without affecting both. The CAUSE is NOT RELIGION, anymore than the inquisitions for the Catholics, the wars of Saul, David, and Joshua.

    It’s not their RELIGION…not their RACE…not their DIET, not their WARDROBE. SO WHAT’s LEFT?

    It’s MAN’s VERY NATURE…or MAN’s NATURE under the influence of POWERS and PRINCIPALITIES. Aggravating the situation by nurturing and instigating anger, hate, jealousy, and mistrust duplicates the VERY NATURE that you seek to EXPOSE.

    TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA…EDUCATE….don’t INSTIGATE. Expose in Humility and Love and remember that WE ARE the NATURE that seek to EXPOSE

    • Scott, I find it impossible to believe that you are in any way connected to the Patriots for Israel website you listed under your name. Anyone associated with that website would understand that Islam is not a race and that it’s holy books are among the most violent and hateful texts ever written.

      I therefore conclude that you are a typical repugnant leftie Muslim apologist (probably Jewish) who is using someone else’s website as a cover for your Islamofascist-sympathizing propaganda.

      • He is a deceiver, a shark in a minnow’s skin. Filled with vile misconceptions and lies, not, misplaced loyalties but absolute intent of deception for ulterior motives. Do not trust, make them verify each off fact statement.

  19. Instead of taking this piece of trash in, they should have lived in a area for a while they helped create with mass immigration,this would let them see what the rest of the population is going through due to there failed “Multicultural Policy”.
    They could any probably would have lost more than there “Jewels” it could have been ther lives, ya just can’t fix stupid or a Liberal !

  20. I’ve been to Sweden and Norway numerous times. They are the most PC, multi-culti moronic countries I’ve ever been in. They won’t be around in fifty years, because they will have legislated themselves out of existence.

    And living in the UK, that’s saying something…

    • I read that in Sweden they did away with gender words like he/she lest they be sexist….that won’t go very
      well with the Muslims…Crazy and ridiculous decision

  21. All of Europe’s so called “Royals” are descendants of vicious warlords who murdered any and all who didn’t bow to them. Time for the roysls to get real

    • Quote:
      All of Europe’s so called “Royals” are descendants of vicious warlords …

      I don’t think so.
      Early Modern kingship was not arbitrary; even medieval kingship was not arbitrary.
      Europe has nothing in its history with the exception of fascism, that can compare with the arbitrary rule of Oriental despots.

  22. I have absolutely no sympathy. What a pair of idiots. Now maybe they might get their government to do something about the muslim scumbags! Luckily, this coupld of dimwits escaped with their lives!! Will this teach them, I seriously doubt it.

  23. I just can´t stop laughing.
    I feel pain in my face because the muscles are so stressed for too much laughing.

    These assholes got what they deserve.
    Sweet, sweet irony.
    I feel no empathy with their ´problem´.
    IMO, the somali infra-human should have taken their lives after raping them.

    ALL European ´royal´ scum NEVER worked in their lives, they know NOTHING about sacrifices. They are parasites and they represent the liberal-left scum way of thinking.

    They live in a fantasy world.
    They´ve lived their entire lives on welfare, so they take walfare for granted, not knowing that SOMEONE MUST PAY for their welfare way of life.

    They embrace somali-muslim infra-human scum, but they let their own people be raped, assaulted and murdered by this somali-muslim infra-human scum.

    While unemployment is soaring in Spain, the ´king´ of Spain was killing elephants in Africa and fornicating with his mistress, ´princess´ Corinna zu Sayn Wittgenstein, another ´royal´ whore sucking the welfare teat.

    Thank you Bonni for this post.
    I just can´t stop laughing. If I never comment another post here at BNI, I´ve died laughing.

  24. You can not be nice to muslims, they’ll stab you in the back!!!

    They’ll fuck their own mother to save a nickel!!!

  25. maybe if they had SHARIA law they could amputate the left hand but if it was a mussie robbing a non mussie that would
    ok in the quran and then they would be
    honoured for their good work and given
    100 6 year old girls or the keys to the
    mortuary for some cold sex….lock and
    load time is fast approaching im ready

  26. Yep, that’s how Muslims view hospitality; as a sign of gullibility and weakness.

    No wonder no Muslim country is eager to accept the Muslims leaving Myanmar.

  27. It’s not often one actually sees karma in action but this is a very good example……Unfortunately I think they’re too stupid to learn anything from it.

    • They are too stupid, not because they’re inbred royals, but damn near anybody with money, old or new, and some degree of political influence becomes very much a slave to short-term thinking. They also feel they can buy their way into security. Post-modern society is trapped in a type of mental malaisse, much of which is informed by several decades of socialist thought hammered into their minds through the education system of Western nations (think Frankfurt School of Weimar era Germany).

      The end result? A whole lotta stupid!

      “Stupid is as stupid does.”
      -Forrest Gump’s Mama

  28. Out of all the nations facing this threat, Sweden is one were I feel there is no hope. The men have become so immasculated and the atmosphere so liberal they don’t seem to have a chance. I heard the Swedish democrats shot themselves in the foot by trying to become more mainstream and watered down their policies. Along with Norway having incredibly small populations, the changes they will see will be much more rapid than say Germany, Spain or uk

  29. Canada and the US are importing Muslims at an alarming rate. We are watching our future…it’s only a matter of time/immigration level before we get what we deserve.

    If I were a politician I would mass deport all Muslims. Call it Canadian ‘jihad’ or common sense. They don’t deserve to be here.

  30. Kick out the royal family. They’re a total waste of money. They are not just naive, they are stupid fools to boot. I suspect that the Somali’s pretty boy looks were what got him
    “adopted.” Note the rhinestone in his ear.

    • In fact, MANY royal families ARE heavily inbred!!! Perhaps the most notorious example, far beyond the point of incest, was the Habsburg family; another one was the Portuguese Aviz family.

      Either way, no sympathy for the Swedish royal family; and the Dutch queen Beatrix deserves to have the same thing happen to her and her family!!! Likewise to British royalty and ANYBODY who’s pro-Moslem… In fact, given how they’ve all gone “liberal”, their losing some more things would truly serve them right!!!!

  31. Ah the irony, couldn’t happen to a nicer,naive, more stupid bunch of twats!
    You get what you pay for, now when this muzzie criminal is caught, will he be deported?
    Will he be forgiven by these royal dimwits & invited to live there again because of being so ‘underprivileged’?
    Wouldn’t it be racist to charge this scumbag with a crime?
    Isn’t it so poetic that these purveyors of Political Correctness to the Nth degree have it turned around a bite them in the arse?

  32. I strongly disagree strongly. Politicians are all sleeping in the same bad and feasting at the same trough. Just gotta get your head around it.

  33. Dumb & Dumber is right! What idiot’s; gee sounds like the idiots in the White House and elsewhere that welcome All these PsOS into their countries

  34. if the muslim immigrants killed and/or raped all the swedes in sweden and took possession of all swedes’ wealth, would it even be a crime?

    not under sharia law, and apparently, not under swedish law.

  35. Well – As Nelson Muntz would say, HA HA!
    Great shame these self loathing fools cannot see the world as it is, some young Swedish girl will be raped by this muz rat or his mates, she will be the victim and pay the price of these fools self loathing and misplaced compassion.

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