MISSOURI: CAIR demands a ‘hate crime’ investigation by the FBI for a teeny weenie shingle fire at Joplin mosque

Dr. Iftikhar Ali, president of Joplin Islamic Community, says  “I think if we’re not educated and stay ignorant, then this is what’s going to happen. People (dirty kuffar) don’t know how Muslim people are. We are very peaceful, you know. Our message is peace.

Joplin Globe  Capt. Kelly Stephens of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department said the FBI has been called in to join the investigation, and that tapes from security cameras on the property are being reviewed by authorities. Carl Junction fire Chief Bill Dunn said, “There was a fire on the edge of the roof,” Dunn said. “It burned some shingles, probably an area there 4 feet by 6 feet. The fire did not burn through the roof,” he said.

This is the second suspicious fire at the mosque since it opened in 2007. In 2008, the FBI took over an investigation into the torching of the sign for the mosque. That crime was never solved (as usual, because they never look at the most obvious suspects – Muslim mosque members).

An official with the Islamic Society of Joplin told CAIR that the mosque’s sign was burned and shot in the past and that passengers in cars cruising by the mosque periodically shout anti-Muslim slurs at worshippers.