SALAFISM, the most radical sect of Islam, is also the world’s fastest-growing sect of Islam

Salafism, based on radical Saudi wahabism, is being funded by Saudi Arabia, which is also behind the explosive growth in new mosques going up in the West. Salafists have been an integral element of the Arab Spring, who, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, are now entrenched in the new political ruling class of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

Germany has cracked down on the Salafists, placing a ban on this ultra-radical group. France has banned Muslim praying in the streets and both France and Belgium have banned full face veils. Switzerland has banned minarets on mosques and Norway has prohibited the building of Saudi-funded mosques. England has does nothing to protect its citizens from fast-spreading Islamization. The U.S. has done even less, in fact, under the Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, has opened the floodgates to massive Muslim immigration, while empowering the Department of Justice to fight every state that is trying to legislate for anti-sharia laws, and every town that is trying to stop a mosque from being built.