Mubarak is gone, and with him, so is the history of Egypt, shovelful by shovelful

Fifty seven hundred incidents is a far higher figure than has been emerging from Egypt where the lack of news tends to create the impression that with the re-creation of the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs and re-establishment of site guards, the crisis is over. It seems from that, we were seeing only the beginning.

Art of Counting  Deep pits have been dug under numerous homes near temples, allowing looters to remove artifacts at their leisure.  This boldness is immensely costly in a country so thoroughly saturated with antiquities that any stroll in the desert can bring ancient material to light.

Gangs of armed Muslim treasure hunters took advantage of the chaos and began plundering ancient tombs and antiquities storerooms throughout Egypt. The illegal diggings and lootings are ongoing and thought to exceed 5,700 incidents so far, with at least 130 known smuggling attempts out of the country.

Illegal digs near ancient temples and in isolated desert sites have swelled a staggering 100-fold over the past 16 months since a popular uprising toppled Hosni Mubarak’s 29-year regime and security fell apart in many areas as police simply stopped doing their jobs.

“Criminals became so bold they are digging in landmark areas.” including near the Great Pyramids in Giza, other nearby pyramids and the grand temples of the southern city of Luxor, said Maj.-Gen. Abdel-Rahim Hassan, commander of the Tourism and Antiquities Police Department. “It is no longer a crime motivated by poverty, it’s naked greed and it involves educated people,” he said.

But in the security void, the treasure hunting has mushroomed, with 5,697 cases of illegal digs since the start of the anti-Mubarak uprising in early 2011— 100 times more than the previous year, according to figures obtained by The Associated Press from the Interior Ministry, which is in charge of police.

Related crimes have risen as well — 1,467 cases of illicit trading in antiquities and 130 attempts to smuggle antiquities abroad. At least 35 people have been killed in incidents connected to illegal digs, including 10 buried alive in the southern city of Naga Hamadi in March when the hole they dug in the ground caved in.

Thieves are no longer simply scouring the far edges of often-unvisited sites. Instead, they dig directly into archaeological mounds close to (or actually in) active excavations and high-traffic landmarks.

There is a simple, understandable reason for this increase–an almost utter lack of security.  Anyone who travelled in Egypt pre-2011 could tell you how many security personnel there used to be throughout the country.  Dozens were perched at every road stop and they often blanketed excavations and tourist sites.  With the disintegration of the infrastructure, however, those security forces simply blew apart like so much dust.

MNBC  After the Egyptian ‘Arab Spring,’ the lack of protection for many archaeological sites throughout the country has caused an increase in the looting and robbery of Egypt’s most ancient and treasured artifacts. 

U.C. Berkeley archaeologist Carol Redmount, who has been excavating and studying ancient sites in Egypt for over 20 years, showed NBC News’ Richard Engel the scope of the problem.  She works 180 miles south of Cairo in a town called Al-Heba.  Her site was completely destroyed by looters in the year and a half since the revolution. 







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  1. Just like the inbred, sand flea loving products of cousins coupling.
    Take all the evidence of art and treasures that proclaim the greatness of civilization (and slave labor) that once was and destroy it.
    Thereby proving to the world that they are truly the uncivilized, moronic, inbred savages that everyone thinks they are.

  2. Egypt was so much better when it was a Greco-Roman Province and the population was Coptic Orthodox Christian and Jewish. Heck, it was better when the Egyptians believed in the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods. I’ll take “Ra”, “Amun” and “Isis” over “Allah” any day.

  3. I’ve expected that. Actually,I am waiting for news that the pyramids and Sphinx are destroyed, unless the International community wakes up.

    • The salafists will take care of it. And then, Egypt goes down the drain. No more tourism… these are brainless creatures.

  4. WGARA! Good it suits them all. Now thanks to the Islamic Spring they will never make a dime on Tourism or Archeology. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

    Anyways, these sites were excavated mostly Leftist Western Archeologist that praise and slobber over the Egyptian culture as something “Extraordinarie” while those same intellectuals suppress the Greatness of Western Culture.

    Make no mistake, these Izlamicparasites need to be engulfed in a tsunami of violence and misery so that they can keep busy killing each other like rats.

    O ur first priority (Once Obeyme is out of office) should be to rescue the Coptic Christians from Egypt and place them in Dearborn Michigan so that they can settle matters with the PISSLAMIC SCUM that has been allowed to run amok and take over. ‘Nuff Said

      • If you mean the destruction of the Aswan Dam, first get the Coptic Christians out of Egypt and THEN nuke the dam!!!!

        Those Moslem virii don’t CARE about ANY profit from tourism and/or archæology relative to their faith, so let them starve when all investments, holiday-makers, &c. shun them all!!!! The same should be done for the ENTIRE Islamic world: NOBODY should travel for ANY reason (be it sports, entertainment, culture or anything else!!!) to ANY Moslem countries!!! Let places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain and ALL the rest choke on their oil, cocoa, coconuts, dates and everything else!!!!!

      • I think I like where you are going with this… Someone (Israel;) should eventually blow up the Awsan Dam from the map to cause a flood of biblical proportions and allow this throwbacks to meet with ALLAH ASAP in the blink of an eye. GOOD Riddance

      • Good thinking. Israel should of thought of this in the ’73’ war.

        I’ve heard that Taiwan has similar destructive designs on the Three Gorges Dam in the PRC. Of course if the Three Gorges Dam were to be destroyed the level of devastation would be incalculably greater than that of the destruction of Aswan Dam.

        • Destroying the Three Gorges Dam would be a disaster to China incalculably worse than the Mongol invasion and conquest. Best believe the U.S. Air Force (and probably the Navy’s SSBNs, as well) has that dam on its targets list in the event of war with China…

  5. muslims want to and will try to destroy everything before the 7th century because the savages have been told that anything that was before the cult of islam was spawned has no value. That includes all religious relics of every religion and all archictectual buildings and so on. Eventually, if we allow muslim immigration to go on in Europeistan and America, all of our pre muslim and non muslim architecture, will be desroyed. We saw the looting from the savages in iraq and now we see it in eygpt. The cult of islam respects nothing except their own cult of islam and their evil coran which tells them to destroy and cause chaos to the world.

    • And they’ll also destroy EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY “un-Islamic” since the 6th century AD every bit as much as what was before then: don’t forget how they destroyed the library of Alexandria in AD 640, mutilated Hagia Sophia, smashed the Bamiyan Buddhas, &c FAR BEYOND the point of nausea!!!!!

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  6. I love Egypt! Watching that video made me cry!! So sad what is happening in Egypt! So much corruption! These looters should be hanged for steeling these beautiful antiquites! Islam has killed anchient Egypt! Now with The Muslim Brotherhood it will be worse!!

  7. Why dont we hear anything about this in our media? Surely when they start destroying the pyramids the media wont keep that a secret.This is a criminal act the whole world should be angry about.


      Moslems have been boasting about how they wish to destroy – or at least “purify” – our museums, galleries, churches and cathedrals for CENTURIES!!!!

      Al-Qaeda planned for MANY years to destroy an Italian fresco in a Bologna basilica that purports to show Mohammed and ‘Ali rotting in Hell; the Turkish Sultans like Mehmet II and Suleiman I (“the Magnificent”) promised to stable their horses in Rome’s “Basilica di San Pietro di Vaticano” (“St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican”); we ALL know how those same Ottoman Turks destroyed or at least covered up the freschi (frescoes) of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul – and many Turks STILL want to re-“consecrate” the present museum ex-cathedral back into the mosque they made it when they conquered the city in 1453)!!!

      Need I say more???

  8. This is actually a good thing. The archaeological treasures will make their way to the black market where they will be removed to the West where they will be safe from destruction by Islamists. In a few hundred years they will say we should return them. (See story of Elgin Marbles)

  9. The MB will destroy tourism, historic sites, businesses and anything worthwhile in Egypt. Life will become intolerable and there will be another revolution.

  10. With the Muslim Brotherhood in power it is inevitable that Egypt will slide into the abyss. I accepted this months ago.

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