Muslim says, “Sperm donation is a major sin, not allowed by Islam”

Donating sperm is a sin because it is like fornication without intercourse which is ‘haram’ – prohibited, because it would cause genes to be mixed up with a lot of other people’s genes.

But sex with donkeys, goats, and little kids is just hunky dory.


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  1. I am muslim but i am not here to argue but just want to tell u that every muslim is not osama n our holy prophet was not an extremist. Taliban and other terrorist spreading hatred are not muslims infact they dont know any think about islam they are just paid pigs protrating a wrong picture of islam. I have a example jehad which is holy fight does not mean war but islam preaches us that war must be the last step. Even if a muslim is studying or helping his parent he is doing JEHAD (jehad does not means fighting at all). But due to these bloody extremist islam is suffering. Believe me islam or our beloved prophet never tought us to RAPE,KILL inoccents but due thesemullahs muslims are being considered as ill people.

    • Uhuh, and you’re not a “jehadist” yet instead of going onto the “extremist not muslims'” sites and telling them they “got it all wrong” you’re spouting your bullshit on a board that catalogues the atrocities committed by those “extremist muslims.”

      In other words, you’re scolding rape victims rather than the rapists.

      Too bad for you your mein kuranmpf is available, in many languages, and *it* disagrees with your “peaceful” interpretation of “jehad.” Of the clear instances of jehad in mein kuranmpf 164 are about violent, murderous jehad. 41 are about that “inner struggle” bullshit you’re rambling on about.

      So, muslim supremacist, asshole, *YOU* are “extremist not muslim.”

      The ones murdering kaffir are right, according to your unholy book, 164 times.

      You are right only 41 times.

      Moreover, your repulsive “prophet” was fond of speaking of jihad. Violent jihad.

      “I have been made victorious through terror.” – mohammad bin humpin’aisha. Bukhari

      FYI: The isnad is sahih.

      We kaffir *HAVE* been “educating” ourselves about your foul creed.

      You supremacist assholes don’t clearly think through that ad hominem…

    • So says the muslim supremacist who wouldn’t dare scold her/his/its fellow supremacists for spouting such absurd nonsense without thinking first.

      You are a black, black comedy.

  2. This is really idiotic of them. “Confusing the lineage” is how you STRENGTHEN a species! Apparently, basic genetics escapes them.

  3. Yes believe this is true. Do you want sperm being used from people who think like they are in the 4th century no.

    Plus do you want sperm being used from people having sex with members of their own family that brings on lots of illnesses no.

    Lastly if they donate sperm their camel, Donkey, and sheep population will drop. Their economy will go to hell. No am for them to keep their sperm to themselves.

  4. How odd! I can’t remember even having read anything about sperm, I think they call it different. A man can pump his sperm into almost everything on earth, if a glass rube would existed in the time of the holy prophet, it would have been allowed as well.

    By the way, since the holy prophet of Allah never used a mobile telephone, making a call through this is absolutely forbidden, just like the use of penicillin (not halal because it is made with the help of unclean fungi) .

    It is better if no moslem sperm is collected at all! If by accident a child would evolve, there would be a chance that it would be a hairy ape, lying stealing and raping. No woman would like to have a child like that!

  5. Q: What do muslimes have in common w/sperm?

    Q: They both have a one in a million chance of becoming a human being…

  6. So tell me WHAT IS GOAT/CAMEL/SHEEP FU*KING? OR for that matter what is ANAL sex as practiced by the Afghanis and their BACHA Boys?

  7. Just depends on what they think they can get away with, like Rape, Beastiality, Fratricide, Pedophilia, and on and on oh I did forget the theft. I have watched mohommedist steal everything including the kitchen sink to get something for nothing. THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST LOW LIFE AND EVIL. The MSM needs to meet the same end as the mohommedists are going to meet in just a few years.

  8. But, I would guess that sperm donation would be OK if your sister is the recipient. That would keep from confusing the “lineage”. We should laugh at these imbeciles if they weren’t so pathetic. What to expect after 50 some generations of inbreeding? They are pathetic.

  9. Thank God! At least they can’t reproduce through sperm donations or make money out of it. Helps keep the gene pool clean for westerners.

    Any sperm donor should be required to state their origin, culture and religion as to avoid genetic deceptions.

  10. sex, witth camels, donkeys, sheaps, chickens…and young boys is something that profet did, and offcourse is allow by islam…

  11. Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to donate sperm because they’re so inbred. I know if I were trying to get pregnant using donated sperm, I would insist that it come from a non-Arabic, non-Pakistani, non-afghan, non-Indonesian, non-north African donor…in other words, a non-Muslim donor.

  12. And on further thought: If they donated it, who the hell would want it. It’s bound to hold the many branches of the same limb of whatever single family tree it came from.

  13. What a HOOT ! The posturimg Imams and mullahs who are propably spraying sperm over every feeder lot and goat farm they can get to are telling the faithful to hold all their carnal desires toword little boys, various animals, and Rosie Palm to use it only to procreate other ragheaded muslims who can either be trained as jihadists or sold for many goats if they are female.
    What a yock ! They just can’t help following their little head when giving advice. It goes to show where their brains are located.
    It seems like there is always some bearded holy man telling of the wanton desires of females and their ways of tempting poor men into sin. So they must be covered completely and only accompanied by males of close family who probably know how ugly they are under the curtains. Muslims are just like the old Hill Billy joke of “Iffen she ain’t good enuff fer her own kinfold, she aint good enuff fer mine.”, refering to virgins, of course.
    I expect it’s pretty hard to determine the virginity of a young female who has been mutiliated by some old Crone.
    anybody wanna make bets on that ?

  14. These people are sicker than sick. All this hoopla about sex and sperm donation. But not one iota about respecting life. They have sex with what ever is around at the time, and kill people for looking at someone. They have no morals or ethics and should remain together as to not infect the rest of the world with this vile attitude.

  15. Muslims are The King of Hippocrites! You cant eat ham becsuse its not clean but its fine to have sex with camels!

    • i don’t think any wildlife wants muslim sperm. domestic animals certainly don’t want it, but they have no choice in the matter.

      sharia is perverse and evil.

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