Muslim U.S. Congressman who says American schools should be more like madrassas, foresees Muslim woman president in headbag

This is what happens when you put two radical Muslims into Congress. Hamas-supporter Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Andre Carson (D-IN) are both trying to ease sharia law into our country. Don’t let it happen again. Never vote for another Muslim for anything.

The Blaze  The video below depicts Muslim Congressman Andre Carson, of the 7th District of Indiana, voicing his belief that America’s school system would be improved if schools were modeled after “madrasas.” For those that don’t know, madrasas are Islamic religious schools – schools that, according to at least one State Department report, have been accused of fostering anti-American, terrorist sympathies. Specifically, the report singled out the Pakistani educational system, where madrasas are common:

No need to read the State Department report, see for yourself in this video. In just the first minute, students are physically beaten by teachers at a UK madrassa and filled with hatred for all things non-Islamic.

Now, we have Andre Carson dreaming of the first Muslim woman president of the United States, all decked out in her hijab, or maybe even her burqa.

Rep. Andre Carson and hijab woman

The Blaze Congressman Andre Carson, one of two Muslims serving in congress, encouraged fellow followers of Islam to strive to train up the next  generation of Muslim leaders in America. “[Muslims] have to groom the next city councilor, the next governor  the future president, the first Muslim president,” he said in May at the Icna Mosque in Hartford, CT.

Carson went on to proclaim: “It starts with us becoming motivated.  It starts with us being proud to be Muslim.”(But not proud to be American)

Then Congressman Carson went into detail over his “visionary” image of a Muslim President of the United States:

“Now brothers, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but that may be a sister. … Can you imagine a sister in the White House with Secret Service, with a hijab on? I don‘t know if you’re ready for that, that’s visionary right there.”

See Video of Carson at The Blaze