Why are the media refusing to report that seven more men arrested on terrorism charges are MUSLIMS…just like all the others?

The UK and US media only mention that one of the six terrorists arrested a few days ago was a ‘white Muslim convert,’ but leave out the part of his statement where he said that “all five of the other terrorists are Muslims, too” as was reported by the AP. So, I will be the first to go on record, based on nothing but common sense, that these seven newly arrested suspects are Muslims, as well.

ORIGINAL STORY: surprise-surprise-all-6-men-arrested-in-london-terror-plot-are-muslims    

If I am wrong and have to eat my words, I will. This is the report from the UK Daily Mail and virtually all the other English language media.

Seven men have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences after firearms and other weapons were found ‘hidden’ in a car.

One man from West Yorkshire and six from the West Midlands are being questioned on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism following a series of arrests this week, police said today.

News of the arrests comes a day after six people, including a white Muslim convert, were detained over an alleged plan to carry out a major terrorist attack, possibly during the Olympics.

(Below is ‘white Muslim convert’ Richard Dart, who spent two years working for the Met Police. But while planning a terrorist plot against the UK, he has been unemployed and living off welfare)

Police insist the 13 arrests in the last two days do not involve threats to the Games, set to begin in three weeks, and that there is nothing to suggest that two sets of arrests are linked to each other.

A West Midlands police spokesman said that officers found material including firearms following a routine stop on the M1 in South Yorkshire last weekend. He said: ‘The arrests followed a routine stop of a vehicle by police between J33 and 34 on the southbound side of the M1 motorway in South Yorkshire on Saturday. The car was impounded on suspicion of having no insurance.

‘Firearms, offensive weapons and other material were later found hidden inside, prompting police to take action to trace and arrest the driver, passenger and others suspected of being involved.

Police said three men aged 23, 26 and 27 from Sparkhill, Birmingham, were arrested on Tuesday morning. Three more suspects, a 22-year-old from Alum Rock, Birmingham, a 24-year-old from the Moseley area of the city, and a 22-year-old from Smethwick, West Midlands, were arrested on Wednesday evening.  A 43-year old man from Kirklees, West Yorkshire, was detained yesterday in Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury. (Perhaps some BNI readers from the UK can tell us if these are Muslim areas?)

Detective Chief Superintendent Kenny Bell, head of the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, said: ‘As soon as the items were discovered in the impounded vehicle, our priority was to protect the public by pursuing and arresting those we believed to be involved.’

Police said the contents of the car were undergoing forensic analysis and the suspects’ homes had been searched.

This ABC Report at least calls the earlier arrests an ‘Islamic Terrorist Plot.’