Far Left Swedish Government evicting citizens from public housing and replacing them with Arab & African Muslim parasites

Even the elderly and infirm are being kicked out. Will the 103-year-old woman who was evicted from her care home be replaced by one of the convicted Muslim terrorists just approved for free housing?













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  1. This is why in America we have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to BEAR ARMS. That right is what keep this kind of abuse from happening. If this would be taking place in the USA we will engage the so called refugees and the political crooks with everything (including the use of our fire power) to put an stop to it..

  2. How can any people be so self destructive. It is mind boggling to watch what Europe is doing to itself. Can you really blame the savages?

  3. Same muzz troller managed to completely fill the thread at Eeyore’s post of this SAME vid. Obviously hit a nerve.

  4. Well poor Americans been kicked out of pubic housing and either live in shelters or on the streets. Proof Obama family live in pubic housing.

    Were is the law that was on books you have to be a citizen to live there.

    • I used to have a friend. A Vietnam vet. who was dying of brain cancer in LA. When he applied for welfare benefits he was told, literally, he was the wrong race. His doctor at the VA had to threaten legal action to get the MF’ers at the LA welfare office to give a dying vet welfare benefits. He was white.

  5. pakistan could send their 400,000 refuse to swedenistan since they have a wide open immigration plan. That would save them coming to America. ahmed is so full of crap about islam. ahmed needs to find out the truth of islam’s evil intent. My advice to ahmed is to read and listen and be quiet until you get the truth, that islam is evil and the exact opposite to what you think it is.

    • These days, how do we really know that the people ARE getting what they voted for? If the zero wins in November who’s to say he really was re-elected at all?

  6. Swedes are finished I think. I hope I am wrong but the sheer numbers of muslims may swamp them finally and they deserve it. The muslim writer on this blog is a good example of muzzie bullshit. No matter what they do it is not their fault and we cannot read the koran. Muslims just keep on and on with their bullshit because if you know them that is how they deal with each other as well, they lie, and they do not care. I have said it many times the only answer is to repatriate, kickout, all muslims. It does not matter how long they have been here, It is very sad that their constant belly aching, bombs, rapeing has led many people to simply draw a line in this discussion and say that they must go. The liberals too who support them must go too. We know who they are the traitors selling democracy and freedom to the muzzies are in positions of political power. They are worse than muzzies in my book for they are willing to sell us to muzzies for their commie views. Tragic,

    • No, we shouldn’t repatriate them. When they return in their homelands, they will be plotting again. Islam should be destroyed worldwide, especially in the Middle-East. Saudi-Arabia and Iran will destroy each other in Jihad, unless they convert to a new religion. Iran has the additional problem of a skewed demography, that can only be corrected by euthanizing the elderly, which is of course impossible under Islam.

    • Except the liberals and the progressives think they are going to be favored by the mohommedist and that the conservatives are going down first. Talk about miscalculations.

  7. If Obama is re elected; here’s what I think he’s got in mind. Kick whites out of their houses, give them to blacks and black refugees and muslims. Kick whites out of the jobs; and bring in some who can barely write their names. Kick all us grandmas out of our homes, and refuse us medical. Seriously, I can see him doing this. He’s in office for one reason and one reason only……..racial revenge.

      • We should force Arabs and other Muslims to pay reparations to Black Africans. If there is only one side making its enemies pay reparations, it isn’t surprising many Black people take that side.

        • I don’t know if you can make the generalization “many Black people that that side.” I used to know a Christian guy from Eritrea and he told me (WRT African-Americans) “don’t confuse their culture with mine.” He suffered islamic persecution in Eritrea. He told me it is illegal to own a bible there.

      • I agree w/the both of you. What the brain-deal lieberals don’t realize it’s THEIR assets and properties that will be taken away from them to pay for these reparations. To alter a platitude a government that can give you everything will most likely do the opposite.

    • Well, you didn’t think his wrenching transformation would be good for whitey, now did you? That’s why the mostly white and mostly middle class TEA party has been called terrorists for the last few years, setting the stage for making them refuseniks in America. It’s also why Hillary called Afghanistan a major ally of the U.S., there will be many thousands of Afghan ‘refugees’ when we leave that benighted country and they will come here to their new home. Of course they will need homes and it just so happens that huge mosques are being built all over America ready for the influx of human inbred and baghead debris from Afghanistan and the other backward Muslim countries. Between the black subsociety and illegal Mexicans and infidel hating Muslims, all agitated and organized by the left, I’m afraid peaceful suburban and small town white Americans won’t know what hit them, and that’s the idea.

      • We should not make this into a racial matter. The best way to defuse the racialism is to point out that “Islamophobes” accept converts from Islam, and have children with them. Think of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Nonie Darwish.

        • You’re right, especially because islam is an ideology of hate, NOT a race. I don’t like white muslimes any better than any other race of muslimes. I’ve read that the hadeeths of pisslam have verses clearly indicating that MuhamMAD was a white man! A white man who owned black slaves!

        • I agree. I like your concept of islamophobes accepting converts from islam. None of this is about race anyway. Islam isn’t a race, it’s a political ideology leavened with a small bit of religion, bad religion mind you.

  8. The enemy (muzzies)of my friend The JOOOOOOOOOOOOS, is also my enemy. So I don’t care about ahamd’s muzzie propaganda. If you hate the Jews, I hate YOU!!!!

  9. Why, other than money, from who-knows-where, do you suppose the scandahoovian governments are willing to let their lands be over run by muslim hoards? and the englander government is doing the same thing! Why?

    • Yes, you’re right: Moslem money (especially Arab-Moslem money) + many of those same people being secret COMMUNISTS who in that way hope to take over those countries and destroy our whole Western civilisation!!!! The Moslems want to conquer the whole world for Islam and destroy everything + everybody else; the Commies in the vision of their “perfect Marxism”!!!!

      • I find myself wondering if the top politicians in some countries haven’t already converted to pisslam — after getting paid millions of dollars, kronars, deutschmarks or francs to do so. After all, if you’re amoral and apathetic why not convert a for hard cash? Especially when you’re only rule is the Golden Rule (i.e. he who has the gold makes the rules). The Clintonistas and Peanut-boy made millions off of business deals w/islamofascist petrostates and I sincerely doubt these millions were made w/o strings being attached.

        • In fact, Ken Livingstone indeed has done as much; while Barack Hussein Obama has ALWAYS been a Moslem.

          It also seems to me that the Clintons are the same, and it wouldn’t surprise me if one or more of the Bushes were. Most certainly, what George W. Bush DARED TO SAY right after the atrocity of 2001/09/11 about Islam being a “religion of ‘peace'” is as foul and VILE a piece of BETRAYAL as anything dumped upon the United States of America!!!

          [Had Bush Junior been a genuine man and warrior, he would have nuked Saudi Arabia and Iran in addition to both Afghanistan and Pakistan, followed by sending Western technicians to take over the oil installations. In that way, the Moslem problem would have been solved. Instead, he proved to be both Cassius and Judas Iscariot!!!!!]

  10. Scandinavians, for the most part, are incredible snobs when it comes to minorities and race relations. In other words, their “lort” doesn’t stink. They think Americans, even now, are horrible ogres because of slavery (long in the past) and Jim Crow laws (more recently in the past). They think they are more intellectual and have evolved above the temptation of racism. Therefore, they have to deny and keep hidden that they have problems with Muslim immigrants. All the ’68ers have the rest of the people convinced that Muslims not integrating into society is the complete fault of the society. America has had a history of immigration for hundreds of years that it has had to deal with. The know-it-all Scandinavians have only had significant immigration since maybe the 70’s and have always assumed that because their culture is so virtuous, all the immigrants would automatically and immediately integrate without any sort of active incentive….WRONG. Chickens, meet roost.

  11. It only shows the total contempt and disregard politicians have for their own people. But the people are waking up.The only thing keeping the parasitic bed bugs in Government is the media misinformation and propaganda.
    The good news is their days are numbered, the clock is ticking. We are on our way, not today not tomorrow. But we are coming.

    • Better to die in a revolution, fighting against the forces of islamofascism, than to end up their unarmed slave down the line.

  12. NO! NO! NO! They are NOT refugees! That is a LIE from the pit of hell! THEY ARE MUSLIM INVADERS!

    They are an invading Muslim army obeying the commands of the Koran to conquer all nations. Conquest by demographics. Sweden, Europe and Britain are aiding and abetting the Muslim invasion by taking in massive numbers of Muslims and DESTROYING the lives and SAFETY of Europeans and British.

    What Sweden is doing to their own people who worked hard all their lives and paid taxes is a crime against humanity. Swedes are evicted so Muslim invaders can live for FREE in the homes of Swedes, and get free EVERYTHING, all paid for by Swedes.


  13. Hello,
    Let me first appreciate your good website with updated news. You’ve done hard efforts to make it a success. I trust you are also fair enough to understand that not all Muslims are the same. I’ve some points to discuss with you:

    1-How did you know that the rapping/murderer men in your posts were Mulisms? There are other religions in the Arab countries. Some people try to embed Islam in any thing wrong , only because they hate Islam.

    2-Also one important point is that there are many categories of Muslims (different believes like the category 12-Shiaa Muslims who are the majority in Iran and a lot of them in Iraq and Syria who like to harm even other Muslims of other categories) although there’s only one Islam. The 12-Shiaa Muslims kill the Syrian people, even the baby Muslims as you see in the news. They are the most ones we are speaking about in this website. The origin of this group is date back to about 30 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Their leader was a wicked Jewish person who claimed to be a Muslim. He led them to kill other Muslims. Their belief is to kill as much people, even other Muslim categories, as they can.

    I respect your fears from such a category. In our belief as original Muslims, We and the people of Europe (and Americans who originally came from Europe), will one day cooperate in a union against a common enemy. This was told to us by Prophet Muhammad. A lot of people think that the common enemy could by the 12-Shiaa group whose majority live in Iran and Iraq (but not all the people of these countries are from this category).

    3-Could you please mention, as a fair man, in your site that there are categories of Muslims and in every post tell that you are speaking about this bad category? It’s for the sake of peace, fairness and justice.

    4-For any clarification, feel free to contact me.

    One more point: can we be friends?

    Best wishes

    • Ahmad, you had me going there for a minute until I got to the part about the “wicked Jewish person” pretending to be a Muslim in order to kill Muslims. You guys can’t get thru a day unless you blame Jews for your misery.

      YOu are very polite but ill-informed. Shias and Sunnies are two sides of the same evil coin because Islam is inherently evil as exposed by the quran (Medina abrogated version) you are required to follow.

      Don’t waste your time here, you are way out of your league and my sharks will eat you for dinner.

      And NO, we can never be friends. I don’t make friends with people who want to kill me.

      • When I sent you this by email, You read it and asked me to post it here without any comment. But no problem.

        I didn’t say that he is wicked because of being Jewish. It’s just an information. The same for Muslims. I suggest that you go to an Islamic center at your city and tell them to teach you Islam for 2 weeks. If you learn something about killing innocent people or raping girls and ladies, you’re right in your opinion. Just do it. Break down your fear.

        • will anyone EVER quit blaming the JOOOOOOOS for everything? or is that just wishful thinking?

        • Achmed,

          We go to the source texts of Islam to learn about Islam.

          I learned about original Islam from Mohammed words and actions in the Sira and Hadiths.

          Original Islam is jihad…the ‘struggle’ to remove the human rights and civil liberties of women and Kafirs both of whom are ‘dirty’.

          Orginal Islam is totalitarian and barbarous.

          Original Islam is killing, rape and robbery.

          I can’t learn anything about Islam from professional TAQIYYA-ARTISTS.

          You cannot create your own personal, private version of Islam…that is ‘bida’.

          Islam is jihad.

        • You can learn from Mohammed the ‘prophet’, Islam is a serpent:

          ‘Postface: Provided they can be objective, members of a civilization are often best placed to critique that civilization. Accordingly, this article, which recently made the rounds on various Arabic websites, can be seen as a piece of honest criticism of the Islamic world, by one of its own. Written by the late Dr. Ahmad al-Baghdadi (died 2010)—one of Kuwait’s best known liberal activists and scholars (he held a PhD in the philosophy of Islamic thought and taught political science)—it recounts how Islamic civilization is the eighth, and greatest, wonder of the world. We quickly discover this is not a compliment: the article highlights some singularly troubling aspects of the Islamic world, from a liberal point of view. For what it is worth, Ahmad al-Baghdadi is not the first Muslim to portray Islamic civilization as a fantastic anachronism that has outstayed its welcome; the prophet of Islam himself, Muhammad, made a similar prophesy in a canonical hadith: “Verily, Islam started as something strange, and it will again revert to being strange just as it started, and it will recede between the two mosques [Mecca and Medina] just as the serpent slithers back into its hole.”‘


          There. You can now justify your Islamophobia.

        • Ahmad aka “Fair Man,” Why don’t you just STFU, take all your twelver shi’a bugaboo, and shove it up your boy-buggered ass! Then, “GET THEE TO A PIGGERY! NOW!!”

          OINK! Bow down to the power of PORK! Pork, Ahmad, Pork! OINKOINKOINKOINKOINKOINK!!

        • ahmad you have made my day, your deception and lies are what I expect out of every muslim.Glad to see you havent disapointed me.Remember pig shit however you disguise it is still pig shit.

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        Just let me add a few Qu’rânic references as to why we can NEVER, EVER trust Moslems to be the “friends” of Christians and Jews – this way, “Ahmad” won’t be able to claim we’re being unreasonable:

        – 5:51: “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.” [This one I quote in full as being so utterly explicit!!]

        – 5:80; 3:28; 3:118; 9:23 (part of the most filthy part 9:5 – 9:29, which totally exhorts extermination of ALL non-Moslems!!); 3:10.

        More information can be found on http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/009-friends-with-christians-jews.htm.

        • Oh, You are using such bad websites to get your knowledge of Islam? When I was at school, I used to choose my best knowledge resources from books and correct web sites, not fake and bad ones.

          If you learn Islam correctly, You’ll never hate it.

        • ARE YOU KIDDING????

          Know now that my father’s ancestors suffered for several CENTURIES from Islamic rule, especially for their being “infidels”!!! The Ottoman Turks did their EVIL not in the name of the Turkish Empire but in the name of Islam itself!!! Turkish policy was to take male children between ages 3 and 8 by force from people like my ancestors to Islamic schools and educate them to forget every last memory of parents, siblings, friends and community and to maintain a fanatical loyalty to Islam and the Turkish Sultan!!!! That was nothing short of a form of GENOCIDE – precisely the sort of stuff the Qu’rân propagates!!! [And before the Turks, the Arab Caliphs’ régimes were not much better…]

          My mother’s ancestors suffered the same way and fought back too: one of those people was accoladed on a battlefield for his courage and tenacity by being renamed from “Winter” to “Blizzard” by no less than Catherine the Great’s Field-Marshal Suvoróv!!

          Next, as to your calling the source I’ve picked on “bad”: you didn’t notice that this same EXCELLENT Website links up to the University of Southern California’s “Centre for Jewish-Muslim Engagement”, where no less than THREE authoritative Qu’rân-translations by Moslems (Pickthal, Shakir, Yusuf-‘Ali) are available for immediate and COMPLETE reading on-line!!!! I can attest to its being accurate and true because over 30 years ago I actually STUDIED Islamic history and civilisation in high-school, so there!!!!

          http://www.thereligionofpeace.com and http://www.answering-islam.org are NOT fake or bad Websites – to the contrary, I KNOW enough of the Qu’rân as having read it those decades ago!!!!

          Too bad, “Ahmad”, your taqiyya won’t deceive either me or any other regular on this website!!! Furthermore, we DON’T believe in ANY “political correctness” the way you so obviously do (the very expression “correct web sites” is the give-away!!!!!).

        • Ah, good ole’ USC. The campus where the muslime apes in the MSU had, at one point, on their homepage, the text of the hadeeth calling for the worldwide extermination of Jews.

        • One of your ancestors fought under Suvorov? That man was legendary! His sucessful tactical redeployment over the Alps was one of the most remarkable achievements in all of military history.

        • Yes, the fact of an ancestor of mine fighting under Suvórov (please note that the accent should be on the SECOND, NOT the third syllable, as I erroneously thought earlier, alas…) is something my maternal grandfather took great pride in.

          You inspired me by what you wrote to look up Aljeksándr Vasíljevich Suvórov on Wikipedia: YES, the man obviously was quite a character, never being defeated!!!!…

        • ADHD, I have heard that the USC website has been whitewashing the more objectionable (e.g. antisemitic) translations from their site — from a member of my ACT for America chapter.

        • Islamophobe, could you please a) find out specific instances of such censorship there, b) give us other on-line Qu’râns that are NOT censored or whitewashed?

          Many thanks in advance!!!

        • In fact, so far I’ve not as of yet met such whitewashing of those verses; however, thanks for the alert!!!

        • ADHD, I don’t think the contact in my ACT
          for America was referring to the
          substitution of pagan for Jew and/or
          Christian. He did specifically mention
          the hadiths that call for the
          extermination of Jews.

          I’ll try to get a hold of him and see
          if he can elaborate on which verses and
          books are being whitewashed at the USC

        • Sira, Hadiths and Koran are the only source texts.

          They are appalling litanies of murder, plunder, torture, misogyny, xenophobia and paranoia.

        • Don’t leave out the rabid antisemitism. A recent speaker at my ACT for America chapter did a comparison on the number of antisemitic verses found in the islamic trilogy vis-a-vis Mein Kampf. The islamic trilogy actually had more antisemitic verses and more genocidal antisemitic passages than Mein Kampf.

        • The guy’s name is Dr. Bill Warner, he’s
          very active in the counter-jihad movement in Tennessee, he’s met w/Eric Allen Bell.

        • Koran 48:29 :

          “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
          Those with him are VIOLENT (ashiddaa’) against unbelievers
          Compassionate amongst themselves.

          This is the morality of the Mob, Achmed.

        • Ah… knowledge of Islam? Can you do better than your own ‘prophet’?

          ‘… the prophet of Islam himself, Muhammad, made a similar prophesy in a canonical hadith: “Verily, Islam started as something strange, and it will again revert to being strange just as it started, and it will recede between the two mosques [Mecca and Medina] just as the serpent slithers back into its hole.”‘

          Maybe you could slither away too.

        • You are an islamofascist.

          As an islamofascist, you are, above all else, a craven coward.

          You are afraid to compete with others as equals because you know you can not measure up.

          You are afraid of your own inadequacy, so you want to murder your betters.

          You are afraid of the truth, so you want to murder those who would tell it.

          You are afraid of history, so you want to murder the past, to wipe out any knowledge of the degeneracy, misogyny, xenophobia antisemitism and genocidal hatred of islam.

          Finally, you are afraid of the power of educated, informed adults. Freedom of choice terrifies you… which is why you marry women and pre-pubescent girls against their will while persecuting and murdering people of other faiths. You can not interact with competent adults in a consensually sexual way so you persecute women.

          That is what you are, an islamofascist, and there is nothing polite or
          honest about it.

          (with apologies to Bill Levinson)

        • Yeah, because if you hate islam, publicly, in any mulime shitocracy you’re likely to end up DEAD.

      • That was a cut and paste job. The fool posted the same word for word comment to Eeyore an hour or so ago.

        • If both sites are moderated in the same way by the same thinking, why not to give the same replies to 2 different sides, as long as you’re honest?

          Many of the visitors of this site also go the other one. But why?

          Any way, I understand your fears. Also some Muslims have a lot of fear from some other Religions and what’s written in their book including killing and murder. But the well-Islam educated Muslims, understand and respect others.

        • ahmad, I have no idea what other site you are referring to. This is my only website.

        • yo Muslim! Even though I am not a “Christian” I know enough to find NOT ONE verse in the NEW TESTAMENT that orders the killing of None-Christians. Not ONE!

          As to the “Old Testament” and some of the “violence” in it. Weep and learn: it is your “stoned-gawd” allah speaking trough the “lice-ridden” MuahamMAD claiming that the OLD Testament is his words given to the earlier people. Each and every Old Testament prophet was send by allah, well nearly 25.000 messengers in all were send to mankind, strange one can not find any traces of their teachings.

          The question now is, if allah is the source of the Old Testament, why did he sent Jesus with a complete different message (a non-violent one) and then returned with his profeet to the violence he ordered in the Old Testament…

    • Ahmad,

      The only good muslims are the ones trying their best to rewrite the qur’an by deleting all verses of violence. Naturally, they’re won’t be much left of the book… but at least, some are trying.

      A citizen in Spain (he could be muslim) has presented a motion to his government to have the qur’an banned in the country.

      I suggest you read the New Testament and compare both books, if you dare. Make sure nobody sees you. Surely, you don’t want to die for reading a religious Christian book.

      • Reforming pisslam at this point in time is as ridiculous a concept as reforming nazism. ONE THOUSAND years of endless terrorism, genocide bloodshed, antisemitism and misogyny isn’t going to go away because you wave your magic wand and say pisslam is now reformed. The whole concept of re-inventing such an ideology that is held by a billion nutjobs is LUDICROUS.

      • If they deleted all the cruelty and violence out of that evil book, it would probably be nothing more than a leaflet!

    • Typical ranting, raving, lying islamofascist ape trying, as usual, to play a game of pin the blame on the Jews.

  14. I’ll just say that it’s a helluva lot worse than I had thought. I have a very libturd friend living there and I’m SO tempted to forward this story; but when I emailed her earlier (a year or so ago) about the anti-Semitic demonstrations in Malmo, she hedged and refused to acknowledge what was happening in her adopted homeland (she’s an American who married a Swede). References to “far right” political parties and complaints told me all I needed to know about where HER head was stuck BIG TIME!! Unless it happens to the “privileged” libturds, they are in total denial.

    Wonder what they’d say if a daughter or granddaughter were among the growing statistics of Swedish & Norwegian rape victims?

    • Not surprised but DISGUSTED to the absolute CORE of my being!!!!

      Barring Christ’s Return, this will most certainly become the fashion throughout the West!! Once either one of these things happen: 1) the writer faces eviction from where he’s currently living, 2) he can no longer look after himself – then it’s time for him to literally kill himself…

      • now that Obamacare is the law of the land you will see that happening here.
        What if Christ doesn’t return? he’s not the first to have promised to return you know.

        • Since my reply to you has gone twice into Spam, the short answer is simple: ALL life will then simply be exterminated on this earth. Christ Himself Told us so in St. Matthew 24:22. No more, no less…

        • Not to debate Matthew 24, but to say that government’s behaviour is a sign of the end times is clear only if ALL governments are doing this. Just because the leftists in Sweden are allowing this to occur does not mean the Swiss are allowing this, or the French, or the Spaniards….

          It may however, be the first instance of many…..”watch therefore, because you know not when your Lord cometh…”

          We MUST be vigilant!!!!!!!!!!

          Gird your loins, you brave souls! WAR IS COMING!

          God bless you each and every one.

        • Thank you, “Muslimania”, and may God Be With you no less!!!!

          As to the Swedish leftists being guilty of such things: please see “peter”‘s posting in this same column where apparently the Swiss are indeed guilty of the very same things as their Swedish brethren (even on YouTube)!!!

    • Not at all; Asslifters rule!! They are “Allah’s Chosen”, so we “infidels” just need to get used to it…..Well, as for this infidel, I say “When there is an icestorm in Hell, then I’ll let you filthy stinking leeching muzzturds move in and take over my neighborhood, or worse, my whole damn city”!!..And if anyone should think we Americans are far off from this kind of sh–, just take a look toward DC and you will see differently!!

      • HF, there actually was a Charles Bronson type vigilante against Muslims in Sweden a few years ago. I reported it in an objective, non-critical way, and for that, Robert Spencer dropped me from his Blogroll.

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