IRAQ refuses to take back Iraqi asylum seekers from Denmark who have been denied asylum

Denmark has to keep Iraqi criminals denied asylum in Denmark because Iraq won’t take them

Denmark doesn’t want them and Iraq won’t take them back. So now Denmark is stuck feeding and housing Muslim infiltrators who do not qualify for asylum. Here’s an idea, send them to any Muslim country with a one-way ticket.

Copenhagen Post (H/T Henry P)  A new policy in Iraq has forced Denmark to stop its practice of repatriating Iraqi refugees against their will. Not to mention repatriating Iraqi criminals

Thousands of Iraqis fled their country to Europe after the US-led invasion in 2003. Since 2009, the numbers of Iraqi asylum seekers in Danish refugee centres has fallen drastically because many of them have been repatriated.

But the government in Iraq is refusing let European countries force back thousands of Iraqis against their will after their requests for asylum have been denied. Baghdad has even threatened to fine airlines that participate in the return efforts.

Iraq’s embassy in Copenhagen has also begun refusing to grant travel permits to Iraqis that don’t want to return home, much to the consternation of the Danish immigration authorities.

Earlier, Iraqi invaders who were denied asylum are removed by force by Danish police after seeking sanctuary in Brorsons Church in Copenhagen. Hundreds of Copenhagen’s bleeding heart lefties formed ranks to fight off the police from sending the refugees home, very likely to their deaths. The attempt to save them failed, and the refugees were immediately taken to a plane back to Iraq, as ordered by the Ministry of Immigration.

al-Arabiya  (Now, they can’t even send back Iraqi criminals convicted of serious crimes, because the Leftist scum of Amnesty International’s Danish section) says, “These expulsions are unacceptable and against international conventions that forbid sending anyone back to a country where their safety is threatened,” Lars Normann Joergensen, the head of Amnesty Denmark, told AFP.

The government recently decided to expel 11 Iraqi refugees convicted of serious offences including drug dealing, assault, arson and even murder.  Some of those facing expulsion risked being killed or tortured on their return, he added. (Sooo, what’s your point?)

One of those expelled was immediately imprisoned in Iraq on his return, as he should have been

Meanwhile, another 400 Iraqi infiltrators whose asylum requests have been rejected are currently staying at centers in Denmark. They are refusing to leave Denmark voluntarily despite being offered incentives by the Danish authorities.