“Take my gay son. PLEEEEEASE!”

Kuwaiti father of a gay teenage son who was arrested tells police to “Keep him. I never want to see him again.”

Emirates  Kuwait police called a man and asked him to come to the station to receive his teen age gay son who was arrested within a security drive in the capital. But they were shocked when the father told them to keep him with him.
“Keep my son with you…I don’t want him and I will not come to get him,” the man told the police, according to Alanba newspaper.
It said the 19-year-old boy wore women’s dress and had make up on his face, adding that police would keep him until relatives come and claim him.


21 comments on ““Take my gay son. PLEEEEEASE!”

  1. Aside from the stupidity of automatically assuming that every gay Muslim dresses/looks like that or that gays choose to convert to homosexuality the way a minor child would choose convert to Islam as the first seems to think, Ill say this.

    BNI, rather than pretty much sh*tting all over this kid who is not only probably dead by now or is going to be living a life of hell, why didn’t you spin this article in a way that shows how barbaric Islam really is, and in comparison show how in a civilized society, this sort of behavior is not accepted?

    You seemed to either not realize or completely ignored the TERRIBLE situation this poor kid is in. You showed not even the smallest amount of sympathy for him, and neither did any of your readers. Disgusting.

  2. That guy in the picture. He’s from L.A. isn’t he? He looks like the nut who used to hang around the Beverly Center all the time, for some twenty years. If it’s the same guy some of my friends even knew his name.

  3. How strange! A man wearing a dress does not become automatically homosexual, nor do all homosexuals want to wear dresses. The art of travesty has got nothing to do with same sex erotics. If I only think about the wonderful female impersonator Dame Edna, well mannered and elegant. And from whom I do not have the impression that he is gay. And besides that, most moslem men wear dresses and nobody expects them to be homosexual, it would be wrong anyway, most of them are bisexual. Never came forward either, they’re all still in the closet.

    Stupid Kuwaiti Father, stupid Police too. It is normal for a boy to wear his mothers dress, for a short period of time that is. It’s a part of growing up.

  4. Mozzies learn early how to be a hypocrite.

    Do whatever dirty deed you want… just wash before you pray and it’s fixed.

    The way we treat those who are different from us is the measure of civilization.

    • The way you teat those who are different from you is a measure of how civilized you are. You and others on this post called Muslims mozzies, smelly scuzlims and amongst other things.
      In your own logic what does that make you?

  5. Hey, at least the guy is following muzzie tradition he has a smelly muzzie beard! Also muslim clothing, even if some what redesigned…LOL

  6. I’m surprised Osama bin Mincin didn’t find his head beside himself wrapped up in his little sun dress. This is a very liberal, dare I say apostate, Muslim family.

  7. This guy looks like he could be the new lead singer of the Sex Pistols.

    This is about a kid who was in prison in kuwait, I thought you guys might find this interesting.

  8. Sort o’ reminds me of the old “Good-News / Bad-News” Jokes,…”hey,!!..Mr”Bonnie”Scotland,Good News,Good News!! we’ve found your long lost Son at last,erm…are you sitting down Mr.”Bonnie”Scotland,??….lol

  9. Kuwait is pretty liberal… I have been to discos that serve ALCOHOL in them… although getting in is like going to a speak easy! lol.. I am amazed that I didn’t end up on al Jazzera holding a newspaper and surrounded by smelly scuzlims… I and my blonde girlfriend went on a date with two Kuwaitis!! WOW How dumb am I!!! We would have been two prized possessions – two American military gals! Sheesh… my angels were working double time!!

    • You’re lucky you weren’t kidnapped and sold in the sex slave business, which doesn’t have an easy retirement program.

  10. To all the gays and activists whom defend Shitslam and the Muztards – take note … Look how accepting Shitslam really is about YOU. This poor guy will probably get publicly hung fpr being who he truely is so wake up and see the future ahead for you all IF you keep defending this evil cult.

  11. I can understand the guys angst. Sort of like having a minor child tell you they have converted to islam.

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