UK judge approves placing anti-Islamic terrorism rooftop missiles in residential neighborhoods for London Olympic games

And if the Lefties don’t like it, they should complain to their Muslim pals about the reason for the intensive militarization of their city – Muslim terrorists – the ONLY reason London 2012 will look like London 1944 for the duration of the Games.

ABC News  The security operation includes 7,500 soldiers, thousands of police and 13,200 private security guards, as well as RAF fighter jets on standby at nearby air bases, a warship and a helicopter carrier moored on the River Thames.

The missiles will be installed within days on the 17-story tower, one of six sites around London where surface-to-air missiles will be stationed as part of a vast security operation for games that run through Aug. 12. Rapier or smaller high-velocity missiles also will be located atop another apartment building, at a reservoir and on farmland in east London, and along hillsides in the south of the city. It’s all part of a ring of steel protecting the games, which officials acknowledge are a tempting target for MUSLIM terrorists.

The British Defense Ministry says the battery of high-velocity  missiles, capable of shooting down a hijacked aircraft, are a key piece in the elaborate jigsaw of security for the London Olympics, which start July 27. But many residents of the east London public housing project were dismayed to find themselves suddenly on the counterterrorism front line.

A High Court judge rejected that argument Tuesday, quashing a challenge by locals. Judge Charles Haddon-Cave said the missiles presented “no real threat” to residents and were a necessary part of Olympic security.

Intelligence officials say there has been an expected increase in chatter among MUSLIM extremist groups ahead of the Olympics but they have uncovered no specific or credible threats to the games.

Residents, many of whom have young children, are upset that they were not consulted on the decision to install the missiles.  David Forsdick, a lawyer for the Ministry of Defense, said the government is not obliged to consult residents on issues involving national security.

Local lawmaker John Cryer has suggested the residents — many of them recent MUSLIM immigrants who speak English as a second language — are being pushed around because they live in government paid-for housing. He said he wondered whether a similar deployment would take place in “a leafy, middle-class area.”