What’s interesting here isn’t the left wing hit piece on “Islamophobes”

It isn’t that the author of this piece blames Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for inspiring Anders Breivik, the Norwegian behind the July 2011 Oslo bombing and shootings that killed 77. We’ve heard all that before from the usual dhimmi Islamofascist-apologists on the Left. What makes this one so interesting are the comments from a primarily left wing readership, the audience for the NY Daily News.

Here’s a sample of the article. You can read the whole thing here: NY Daily News


Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto offers a clear view of the people and ideas that shaped his actions.

“About Islam, I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer,” Breivik gushed in one of 162 shout-outs to the blogger, whose website is a one-stop shop for everything anti-Muslim. Spencer has waged a populist campaign against “stealth jihad,” “creeping Sharia” and even Campbell’s soup (which offers halal-certified cans of its famous products).

Breivik cited Spencer’s partner, blogger Pamela Geller, 12 times. Geller and Spencer co-founded Stop Islamization of America, the American branch of a European hate franchise, Stop Islamization of Europe, a group whose soccer hooligan members have whipped the populations of Britain and Denmark into nationalistic frenzies. SIOE’s motto states: “Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity but Islamophobia is the height of common sense.” Both Geller and Spencer organized the vitriolic protests against the Park51 Islamic Center in 2010.

Breivik mentioned Frank Gaffney, who runs the Center for Security Policy, seven times. Gaffney provides legal counsel for Spencer and Geller and is famous for decrying the threat of Sharia law and claiming that President Obama is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood. He is also on the board of the Clarion Fund, a group that produced the now-infamous anti-Muslim film “Obsession.” Breivik’s manifesto linked to that movie 10 separate times.


G W16 hours ago
Where ARE your supporters, Mr. Lean?An attack on freedom of speech may go over well in places where it does NOT exist like ISLAMIC countries, Mr. Lean.Here in the USA, we like it very much and are not keen to get shed of it, Mr. Lean.
This is fake posturing on the part of the DN, which hates Arabs and Muslims, and attacks them on behalf of beloved Israel, every chance it gets.
STEPHENGASH22 hours ago
There are no football hooligans in Stop Islamisation Of Europe. Indeed many supporters are over 50 years old and are dismayed at seeing their countries pandering to Muslims with sharia law being introduced. Breivik was not a member or supporter of SIOE, but he may have been a Scottish Rite Freemason and therefore may have shared the same Lodge as senior police, military and even Royalty. This is something that seems to escape most news reports. He also admired Al Qaeda’s methods and many other people he mentions by name. If he was supposedly an anti-Islamist it is remarkable he did not direct at least some of his murderous violence against Norway’s Muslims. As a co-founder of SIOE I can say unequivocally Breivik was not in contact with me or any other senior SIOE figure at any time. This is why I and others have never been questioned by police or security services.. By the way, Norway has banned Saudi funding of mosques until churches, temples and synagogues are built in Saudi Arabia, something SIOE has been demanding for years. 

Are we to believe Norway’s socialist government that Breivik targetted has suddenly become “far right” as the media like to brand SIOE and SIOA? No, it has finally shown a bit of the common sense SIOE’s slogan alludes to.

DURENDAL24 hours ago
First observation: Is there any place in the world where Muslims and non-Muslims meet where there isn’t conflict and social strive and even war between them? Is it really always the non-Muslim that is at fault? Islam has bloody borders.
Second observation: What have Muslims actually proven so far when it comes to holding to Western values of democracy,modernity and human rights? I can’t think of a single majority Muslim state that now or has ever had anything remotely like this.
Third observation: While one can point at the Qu’ran and the hadith (traditions of the prophet Muhammad) and biographies written about him and use those writings to justify attacks and war on non-Muslims.You cannot find any justification for what Breivik did in any of the writings of Robert Spencer or that lady friend of his.There simply is no call to murder any Muslim or person who agrees with them anywhere to be found.Also the attacks targeting Muslims or their “allies" can be counted on one hand in fact I think Breivik is a unique case.Muslims attacks and acts of mass murder against non-Muslims in the name of Islam is however a daily occurrence.
Fourth observation: As long as all these things I wrote about are true, why on earth should anyone not be “islamophobic” ? It seems completely ridiculous to me that someone will not be considering the influence the religion has and has had in the past.There simply is no positive example of Islam that I or anyone living in the Western world should want to emulate or take as an example of how to run a society or behave as a human being towards others.
CNOCBOY121 hours ago
He’s right you know. You may not like it, but there are no lies or distortions in the message. Islam is no more a religion of peace than a steak is a trout. At least tell the truth and deal with it. I’ve often wondered what would happen if Christians and Jews jumped up screaming about being offended every time some imam or other called for a muslim world, or made a remark about sharia law in every land. Let’s try it shall we? Let’s raise hell every time they offend us. It will level the playing field.
G W1 day ago
Mr. Lean is in a relationship with a muslim and of course he will side with muslims as a matter of course. What BOTHERS me the MOST about islam is their treatment of homosexuals as required by the koran and words of their prophet. They are required to kill them. THIS REALLY BOTHERS ME as the parent of a gay person and it bothers me as a HUMAN BEING as well. Why is that they require them to be killed by cruel and vicious ways?? 
Because the koran commands it. They are to be thrown off high places. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, they have hung them after extreme torture. In other islamic countries they are murdered by mobs of raving islamics! I have read on Jihad Watch of other examples of the horrid MURDER of gay men and lesbian women is islamic sharia run countries. 

Mr. Lean has tried to paint islamics as victims of the West and of the anti-sharia blogs. Well, Mr. Lean as far as I am concerned, Jihad Watch is doing a great service to the gay, lesbian and transgender groups by TELLING US WHAT KIND OF ISLAMIC BIGOTRY IS TAUGHT AND COMMANDED IN THE KORAN AND ISLAMIC SHARIA LAWS. 

Mr. Lean should be grateful for this educational assisitance to the homosexual community in the USA. Instead he tries to link them with a non-muslim mass murderer in a Nordic country who like the islamics, HATES homosexuals and who LIKES THE COMPULSION OF ISLAM claiming it is to be immulated. 

Mr. Lean your MUSIC education at a backwater college in North Carolina hardly qualifies you as a religion expert. Mr Spencer of Jihad Watch, however has an ACTUAL DEGREE from a major AMERICAN university in a field of religion. 

Mr. Lean good luck with that special relationship with a muslim and be GLAD you do not live in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

CHINTITO8 hours ago
Cite me one (just one) verse from the Quran that commands its followers to put homosexuals to death or that the punishment for homosexuality should be the death penalty?
LOUBATOR1 day ago
This from today’s (7-9-12) NYDN: “Cold-blooded murder!’ Taliban execution of woman accused of adultery caught on video” Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/woman-brutally-executed-taliban-crowd-cheers-video-article-1.1110068. Sorry Mr. Lean, but your attempts at being a legitimate spokesman for anything, never mind mohammedism, is dubious at best. Your collaboration with Reza Aslan denies you of any credibility at all.
DMICHAELE1 day ago
On face value, Mr. Lean’s call for greater tolerance is one I agree with. Fear mongering, however, has become standard fare in our pluralistic society. Our President engages in it all the time when he spuriously claims that the GOP wants dirty air and water, or wants to kill your grandmother or doesn’t really care about your child’s education. Invective of this sort is everywhere, especially in the blogosphere. There are also anti-Chistian blogs, anti-Jewish blogs, anti-GOP blogs—all engaged in fear mongering of the sort Mr. Lean rails against. Freedom of expression carries a moral responsibility in the context of creating a culture of peace. However, Mr. Lean’s call to “systematically push the hear mongers out of the public discourse” is a fool’s errand in a culture based on pluralism and free speech? When anyone proposes “systematically” eliminating free speech they are engaging in another type of intolerance.
Just as a disclaimer with regards to Nathan Lean, the author of this fraudulent piece — the FBI are investigating his recent threats to Robert Spencer which included repeatedly sending Mr. Spencer detailed information about what he thinks are Mr. Spencer’s whereabouts and his relatives. This is being extensively documented on Jihad Watch. Readers of this article should keep in mind the facts with regards to Nathan Lean’s character. More relevant to the piece, they should also recognize by researching for themselves that Breivik explains in his own manifesto that his violence was inspired by Islamic supremacists — “”we have drawn from al-Qaida and militant Islamists."
EPI PHYTE1 day ago
Oh for goodness sakes, many of the founders and most of the influential members among the islamo-realists (NOT the “islamophobic”) are former and even current muslims themselves, including Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq, Sam Solomon, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Irshad Maji, Tawfik Hamid, Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza. Zudhi Jasser, etc., etc. And the ones that aren’t current or former muslims themselves have families from minority faiths that have been severely persecuted and driven out by islamofascist.s in the ME. I would count among that number both Robert Spencer (E. Orthodox from ME) and Raymond Ibrahim (Copt). These people don’t “hate" muslims, they hate the religio-social – political ideology known as islam because it contravenes the most basic of universal freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and equality before the law, AND it has a number of influential adherents committed to quite literally WAGING WAR to impose it on others . . . and btw, if you’re going to accuse people in such a nasty fashion, don’t you have an obligation to identify how and where and when these folks have actually misstated any material fact about their topic? Or is the truth simply not a legitimate defense when it comes to your own “enemies list”?
BZORN221 day ago
Not the religion of peace nonsense. If the actions of the 9/11 murderers is not indicative of Muslims then why should the actions of Brevik be indicative of people pointing out what Muslim groups say and mean. Perhaps the authors real intentions are revealed in this quote from the editorial…“Society has a responsibility to counter these individuals with overwhelming overtures of pluralism — and to systematically push the fearmongers out of public discourse."There it is. Just another advocate against free speech and the Bill of Rights. Now I know who you are sir. 
Maybe if the press and our president spoke the truth about the zealots carrying on the jihad against america and its’ allies there would be no hysteria. The zealots on the islamic side point to our not assimilating to their religion of peace, you are here you assimilaite and get rid of the casper suits and the ancient culture you still carry on!