Land of the free, home of the beret?

The USA Olympic Team was ordered to lose the (macho) Cowboy hats in favor of a pansyassed, metrosexual-looking beret. Our Olympic athletes will be headed off to London this month, looking as if they’re decked out for a Hamptons lawn party.


NY POST  Ralph Lauren yesterday unveiled the preppy parade uniforms that Team USA members will wear at the July 27 opening ceremony, stirring an uproar over pricey ($1,000 per outfit) duds fit for a regatta. The outfits include blue blazers, cream-colored trousers, white skirts — and berets.

“2012 US Olympic team is wearing berets. Really? America?” tweeted John Lee Rudnicki, a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer. “How many people in the US have you ever seen wear a beret? Five?”

“What the France?” tweeted Greg “Hollea” Rachal, a political activist and former Jacksonville, Fla., City Council candidate.

The company said the outfits embody “the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship.”

The double-breasted men’s blazers and the women’s blazers feature both the official Olympic and Paralympic Team patches as well as an embroidered Big Pony, the Lauren logo, on the chest. Despite the critics, the outfits won the gold with some fans.


US soccer cutie Heather Mitts, who modeled the caps on the “Today” show yesterday, thought her beret partner, medal-hopeful fencer Tim Morehouse, looked really sharp.

On “Today,” Morehouse, a two-time Olympian who grew up in The Bronx, declared his outfit “really cool.” 

Ryan Lochte, the 27-year-old upstate New Yorker who is looking to add to his six Olympic swimming medals, told USA Today he liked the “very clean-cut” look.


David Lauren, the company’s executive vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, said the retro look of the uniforms was inspired by photos from the US Olympic Committee’s archives. 

These included photographs from the 1948 London Summer Games.

“Knowing that we were going back to England, there was a feeling of ‘Chariots of Fire,’ ” Lauren said of the design team. 

He said the outfits represented “an updated take on Old World elegance.” And the berets? He called them “really fun.” (For the annual Gay Pride parade maybe)

UPDATE! Here’s what Sen. Harry Reid had to say about the Olympic uniforms after finding out they were made in China:


The Senate majority leader said Thursday the U.S. Olympic Committee should be “ashamed” for providing uniforms to its athletes that were made overseas and suggested they be destroyed.

“They should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them,” the Nevada Democrat told reporters. Politico