‘There Goes the Neighborhood’ or how mosque construction destroys neighborhoods and causes home values to depreciate

In the U.S., we are only starting to see the consequences of massive Muslim immigration that is already devastating the UK and Europe. In just the last three years, thanks to Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim refugee executive orders, facilitated and mostly funded by U.S. taxpayers, (How else would hundreds of thousands of third world, uneducated, illiterate Somali Muslims ever get here?) we are seeing formerly integrated middle class American neighborhoods turned into Muslim ghettos…just like Europe. If you don’t think so, take a look at Dearborn, Michigan.

(BNI) Even in bible belt towns and cities in the South, suddenly we see black-garbage bag-clad Muslim women on the streets and in our stores. Everywhere we go we see bagheaded little Muslim girls in our schools. Muslim employees all around America are demanding special accommodations/prayer rooms/days off/footbaths, etc. from employers for their religious needs. And if US businesses and institutions fail to comply, they nearly always face a lawsuit from the litigation jihadists at terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations).

So it’s no surprise that CAIR got its panties in a wad when Colorado State Senator Kevin Grantham, a Republican, recently said he saw merit in a proposal put forward by Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, that lawmakers should ban any further mosque construction in the state.

Ask yourself why are we seeing mega-sized mosques going up in neighborhoods with hardly any Muslim residents? In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, they are building a 53,000 square foot mosque for just 200 – 300 Muslim families, most of whom don’t even live in the nighborhood.

As BNI readers have seen here on a regular basis, cities and towns are fighting this mosquefication of their neighborhoods as Muslim mosque builders defy zoning laws and architectural conformance, while ignoring traffic and noise pollution concerns of  local residents. I won’t even get into the nefarious foreign funding sources for these mosques that often are fronts for terror-related organizations.

What should be of more concern to Americans, is even when a town successfully rejects a mosque proposal, it must then fight the Eric Holder goons from the Department of Justice, who storm the town with charges of ‘religious discrimination,’ no doubt on orders of the Muslim-in-Chief.

It’s a shame that people have to use reasons like zoning and traffic to fight this proliferation of mosques in non-Muslim areas instead of the real reasons such as lowered property values and disgust at having a religious cult whose holy books call for the oppression of women and the  killing of all ‘unbelievers’ in their neighborhoods.

The way this creeping Islamization works is best seen in the UK, France, and other parts of Europe. Basically, a small group of Muslims buys land (funded by whom, nobody knows) and draws up plans for a mosque that can hold many more worshippers than their population numbers would warrant. The mosque goes up and neighbors start to complain about the eardrum-shattering noise pollution of Islamic Calls to Prayer five times a day.


Because most of the worshippers don’t  live in the immediate neighborhood, traffic congestion and illegal parking increases commensurately, causing great inconvenience for the neighbors. Next? People start selling their houses and soon the only people who will buy the houses near the mosques are Muslims. Home values decline as the potential buyer market shrinks to Muslims only. We used to call this blockbusting in the US, when poor blacks were paid to move into a white neighborhood to integrate it.

But the goal of Muslims is NOT to integrate neighborhoods, but to dominate and eventually control them. By replacing the local population with Muslims, they create not only Muslim neighborhoods, but NO GO neighborhoods where it is not safe for non-Muslims to go. In the UK, this includes Islamic sharia courts, already over one hundred there.


Look at any country that once had a non-Muslim majority – Lebanon, Egypt, many countries in Africa. For Islam to rule, a majority Muslim population is not even needed. Lebanon was once 80% Christian, now it is over 80% Muslim, with Christians leaving everyday. Egypt contributed great things to civilization, inventing the first writing system and building inconceivable architectural wonders of the world…before the Muslim took over. Now that the radical fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood are in charge, watch the 10% Christian population of Egypt go into a sharp decline.

The U.S. is at least ten years behind Europe in its Muslim infiltration, but that number could decrease if Barack Hussein Obama is allowed another term. Let’s take a look at what the Muslim ‘Occupation,’ essentially ethnic cleansing without guns and tanks, has done to Europe:

From:   Occupation without tanks or soldiers

Muslim infiltrators are stepping up the creation of “no-go” areas in European cities, rendering them essentually off-limits to non-Muslims. 

Many of the “no-go” zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.nThe “no-go” areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations.


‘No-go’ zones are for everyone that is not Muslim are rising all over Europe at alarming rates. Many neighborhoods in London are now unsafe for non-Muslims to inhabit. These areas have been formed with ‘ethnic cleansing’ harassment tactics; forcing existing residents out of their homes by Muslim harassment.  Many neighborhoods in London hang signs that say “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced.”

In Britain, for example, a Muslim group called Muslims Against the Crusades has launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it calls “Londonistan” – into independent Islamic states. The so-called Islamic Emirates would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence. The Islamic Emirates Projectnames the British cities of Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in northeast London and Tower Hamlets in East London as territories to be targeted for blanket Sharia rule.

In the Tower Hamlets area of East London (also known as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets), for example, extremist Muslim preachers, called the Tower Hamlets Taliban, regularly issue death threats to women who refuse to wear Islamic veils. Neighborhood streets have been plastered with posters declaring “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced.” And street advertising deemed offensive to Muslims is regularly vandalized or blacked out with spray paint.

In the Bury Park area of Luton, Muslims have been accused of “ethnic cleansing” by harassing non-Muslims to the point that many of them move out of Muslim neighborhoods. In the West Midlands, two Christian preachers have been accused of “hate crimes” for handing out gospel leaflets in a predominantly Muslim areaof Birmingham. In Leytonstone in east London, the Muslim extremist Abu Izzadeen heckled the former Home Secretary John Reid by saying: “How dare you come to a Muslim area.”


In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police.  At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones  as they are euphemistically called. A complete list of the ZUS can be found on a French government website, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated 5 million Muslims live in the ZUS, parts of France over which the French state has lost control.

Muslim immigrants are taking control of other parts of France too. In Paris and other French cities with high Muslim populations, such as Lyons, Marseilles and Toulouse, thousands of Muslims are closing off streets and sidewalks (and by extension, are closing down local businesses and trapping non-Muslim residents in their homes and offices) to accommodate overflowing crowds for Friday prayers. Some mosques have also begun broadcasting sermons and chants of “Allahu Akbar” via loudspeakers into the streets.

The weekly spectacles, which have been documented by dozens of videos posted on Youtube.com (here,here,herehereherehereherehere and here), and which have been denounced as an “occupation without tanks or soldiers,” have provoked anger and disbelief. But despite many public complaints, local authorities have declined to intervene because they are afraid of sparking riots.



Belgian police have been targets for aggression and are afraid to go on regular patrols. 

In Brussels, which is 20% Muslim, several immigrant neighborhoods have become “no-go” zones for police officers, who frequently are pelted with rocks by Muslim youth. In the Kuregem district of Brussels, which often resembles an urban war zone, police are forced to patrol the area with two police cars: one car to carry out the patrols and another car to prevent the first car from being attacked. In the Molenbeek district of Brussels, police have been ordered not to drink coffee or eat a sandwich in public during the Islamic month of Ramadan.



In Germany, Police are also afraid to patrol in many neighborhoods in pairs, because of the violence they face. Dude to this, they are timid to act as police officers curbing crime, therefore many neighborhoods are left to their own rule, which is their goal.

German Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut, in an August 1 interview with the newspaperDer Westen, revealed that Muslim immigrants are imposing “no-go” zones in cities across Germanyat an alarming rate.

The interviewer asked Witthaut: “Are there urban areas – for example in the Ruhr – districts and housing blocks that are “no-go areas,” meaning that they can no longer be secured by the police?” Witthaut replied: “Every police commissioner and interior minister will deny it. But of course we know where we can go with the police car and where, even initially, only with the personnel carrier. The reason is that our colleagues can no longer feel safe there in twos, and have to fear becoming the victim of a crime themselves. We know that these areas exist. Even worse: in these areas crimes no longer result in charges. They are left ‘to themselves.’ Only in the worst cases do we in the police learn anything about it. The power of the state is completely out of the picture.”



In Italy, Muslims have been commandeering the Piazza Venezia in Rome for public prayers.

In Bologna, Muslims repeatedly have threatened to bomb the San Petronio cathedral because it contains a 600-year-old fresco inspired by Dante’s Inferno which depicts Mohammed being tormented in hell.



In the Netherlands, a Dutch court ordered the government to release to the public a politically incorrect list of 40 “no-go” zones in Holland.

The top five Muslim problem neighborhoods are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The Kolenkit area in Amsterdam is the number one Muslim “problem district” in the country. The next three districts are in Rotterdam – Pendrecht, het Oude Noorden and Bloemhof. The Ondiep district in Utrecht is in the fifth position, followed by Rivierenwijk (Deventer), Spangen (Rotterdam), Oude Westen (Rotterdam), Heechterp/ Schieringen (Leeuwarden) and Noord-Oost (Maastricht).


In Sweden, which has some of the most liberal immigration laws in Europe, large swaths of the southern city of Malmö – which is more than 25% Muslim – are “no-go” zones for non-Muslims.

Fire and emergency workers, for example, refuse to enter Malmö’s mostly Muslim Rosengaard district without police escorts. The male unemployment rate in Rosengaard is estimated to be above 80%. When fire fighters attempted to put out a fire at Malmö’s main mosque, they were attacked by stone throwers.

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Muslim youth have been hurling petrol bombs at police cars. In the city’s Angered district, where more than 15 police cars have been destroyed, teenagers have also been pointing green lasers at the eyes of police officers, some of whom have been temporarily blinded.

In Gothenburg’s Backa district, youth have been throwing stones at patrolling officers. Gothenburg police have also been struggling to deal with the problem of Muslim teenagers burning cars and attacking emergency services in several areas of the city.

According to the Malmö-based Imam Adly Abu Hajar: “Sweden is the best Islamic state.”



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  1. and they might just succeed because they know how to live together and stand up for there beliefs. I would love to live in one of those neighborhoods where they throw rocks at the real terrorists, the police

  2. About that map up there. The US is perhaps unique in the world in one respect. H bomb DC and Colorado Springs and their are still 53 State and Territorial governments with their seperate armed forces (the Guard and Air Guard). I doubt those black robes police would survive long in California. 21% of Californians own personal firearms, second in the country just behind Texas. An Armed People is a Free People.

    • A double-edged sword. You don’t think muzzies are stockpiling armaments? You don’t think that maybe their mosques here in the US might not be more like the ones in the Gaza strip (i.e. armories)? I remember reading a stat that there were an incredible number of islamofascist terrorist training camps all over the US, right now.

  3. The mentality of the mohommedists are exactly the same as the Nazi’s during the war. Set a fortress in the middle of your enemy and declare no surrender or retreat.
    This got them where?

    • At Stalingrad (Formerly Tsaritsin pre-1927; now Volgograd since 1965) it got the German 6th Army annihilated, surrendered, and marched off to a captivity from which only 5k out of 91k ever returned. At Falaise in Normandy it got most of Germany’s occupation army in France slaughtered. At Kursk, it got the cream of German armoured forces severely damaged. In Tunisia it got the Afrika Korps destroyed and captured. In the Ardennes in 1944 it basically wasted Germany’s last reserves in Western Europe.

      Shall I continue?

      • The salient difference being is that the scuzzlums are infiltrating just about every aspect of your society. From legitimate businesses, law enforcement entities, armed forces and judiciary to your legislature. Imagine a battalion or division of the US Army consisting mostly of scuzzlums being led by scuzzlums. Where are their loyalties going to lie?

  4. THERE’S MORE: In most of these no-go zones, even ambulances have problems. It is the muslims themselves that decide who goes in the ambulance and which injured people do not.

  5. Every mosque construction site will soon be surrounded by a muslim ghetto type cesspool of raghead homes and apartments.
    The older residents will see the value of their homes reduced drastically, if for no other reason than the abominable yodeling the inbred thugs try to do five times a day, amplified to the threshold of pain.Younger families with children will not move into these neighborhoods unless they too, are muslims. Many properties will turn into rentals with lax maintenence
    — rented by muslims. Many will become properties owned by slumlords like the one in New York owned by the muslim promoting the Ground Zero mosque.
    There you will have your stagnant pond full of muslims and covered with the scum usually found on stagnant ponds.
    All surrounding their Terrorist Training Center they call a mosque.

    • No, they don’t.
      They just need to stop supplying them with utilities: Soc.Sec payments, water, gas, electricity etc.
      Once an area is declared shariah compliant and ‘no-go’, it should no longer have access to the amenities supplied by their more civilized neighbours.
      At the moment – in Europe ant least – more than 30% of the people in he shariah zones are actually living on government handouts – in other words – the government is supplying them with everything they need at the cost of the working, tax-paying public.
      Those living in these zones consider it their due, as jizah (?) from the kuffir.

      • The Hessien State Police (our Highway Patrol were so equiped. This is what they deployed to secure an El Al airliner at Frankfurt International from PLO attack when I went on a Service Club/American Express trip to Israel.

      • Interesting idea. I’d like to see it tried out. I’ll bet the vast majority of muslime scum coming from islamic states in the US makes their first stop to any government agency the welfare office.

  6. BNI is right, do not hire muslims, do not go to stores that have hired muslims, do not use services that hire muslims and so on. We can win with our financial choices because money talks. Next, do not vote for a muslim and make every effort to get the vote out to defeat obama in November. Keep telling and communicating the terrorist plans of muslims to your family and friends. Scientia est Vita. Knowledge is life and power. There is nothing more powerful than the truth told. Thanks and God bless all of the people who pass on the truth so that one day, all of America will know the truth of the evil goals of isalm.

  7. The whole point is todevalue home prices so that Muslims can move in. this must be stopped but people are to afraid of being called racist.

    • What need to take on human form when they have burkas. You have no idea what species is under that bag let alone gender.

  8. The Western World is screwed. Our own laws are being used against us. We are screwed.:(

    We can’t just deport them, its illegal.
    We can’t just kill them,& not go to prison.
    We can’t live with them, they’l kill us.
    We can’t convert them, their souls are dead.
    We can’t stop them from coming here.

    We are screwed.

    • If our politicians and MSM weren’t so corrupt I’d say we have a chance. The muslimes are good people PC paradigm really says it all. If you can’t identify your enemy, then you can’t hope to defeat them. Maybe Western Civilisation deserves to die.

    • Oh yea of little faith. I’d like to convey to you, as a former military man, this is all part of a phys-op’s being lead by the likes of CAIR and their little ikeman’s, it like giving you, and many others the impression of their strenghts, hardly enough yet to realize they are full of shit right up to and including that ugly pie-hole of theirs. It’s working, according to you. You bought it, called it, and are concerned with it, if not, why would you comment in a negative light. I purpose to you, PREPARE, Prepare some more, and when you think you’ve prepared enough, do some more, for you and your family, friends, neighbors and Country. No one ever said FREEDOM was FREE, exception of the liberals of course. Try not to get too far down onto the phys-ops end of their equasion, it’s all inteneded to do as you wrote, never surrender, never convert to save your ass only to lose your soul. I was taught as a youngster, believe only about 90% of what one see’s, and only 10% of what you hear, all else is just one’s opinion, uneducated at that, of their preceived views. Have a heavy heart, try pray’n, it works for me, might work for you as well. Never underestimate the will of a oppressed peoples, they will likely make you think twice of how precious life really is, when forced to do something about what ailes it. Good luck, stay positive and learn to trust in the Patriots and their plans. It’s always worked for the better.
      Semper Fi


    40,000 Iran agents in Western Hemisphere
    Now hidden in Latin America, awaiting ‘operations’ against U.S.
    “We must get ready for global operation. … Our fellow fighters are present in all five continents of the world. … An international jihad must be provoked; we must fear no one.”

    The Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence division runs operations out of mosques.

    Those operations include recruitment, reconnaissance and transfer of arms and cash.

    This source also verified then that all Imam Ali Mosques are controlled by regime intelligence operatives and that the cells are well placed in Europe and America for terrorist acts…

    • You, and many others must distinquish the difference between, the shiite, sunni, and the wahab’s. Iran, shiite, the house of saud whabb’s, and other gulf Nations make up the majority of sunni, but, all have been for many years slowly infiltrating the Southern America’s region for a purpose. Now, ever wonder why the obama’s bin ly’n fool refused to acknowledge the iranian uprising?, in a way he acknowledges their efforts in the southern regions and approves of this strategic motion.
      Ever wonder why he bowed to the king of saudi arabia, when he did?, again he acknowledges and approves of the strategic moves they are making in this Country by allowing them the opportunity to set-up-barracks, i.e. their war headquarters of islam, mosques complete with all of these items you posted, and for what again? Yeah you probably have the answer to that question too but if not it’s to manditory infiltration of muslims for the world domination of all societies. This is by far being ignored by his propaganda arm, the so called news media of the alphabet order, all being coordinated, by and through the Black house, our so called Nations Capitol. Now ask yourself a question, are you prepared to do what is necessary for the preservation of our liberties, our way of life, are you prepared to be occupied by these barbaric heathens and their cult of personalities, obam the man included? I have to ask this of you because we all hear and read of these things, but, has we ever heard of any pol talk about blocking this monster in it’s tracks and how is it to be accomplished, no we don’t. That alone speaks volumn’s so don’t get caught with your pants down, so to speak. Prepare yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors of this reality because like it or not it is being coordinated by some very powerful players without this Nations Patriots approval. God Bless you and yours. It’s fast becoming “praise the lord and pass the ammo time”.
      Semper FI

  10. After listening to the audio clip about rising Islamophobia in America it has finally occurred to me that I am now officially a bigot. When I was a kid I never dreamed about growing up to be a bigot.

    • Uncle, you’d only be a bigot if Islam were a real religion. Being against Islam does not make you a bigot, it makes you smarter than most.

    • Is anyone called a bigot for despising Nazism? Why should anyone be called a bigot for despising pisslam? It’s a religion up to its armpits in the blood of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bahais, Buddhists and Sikhs.

  11. BNI going forward this article to my friends who are waking up to Shitslam (with my help). They need to see articles like this that the dumb ass media are too shit frightened to print. Too many dhimmis are asleep at the wheel and they will be the first ones screaming to Governments “help” when its too late. Dhimmis scoff at us ones whom have eoken up calling us racists etc … The time will come and they will all pay for their naitivity. But at least us ones whom are aware, will be prepared. I just hope and pray that Obummer is booted out come November. I have my fingers crossed for you all here down under!

    • Thanks Aussie, it’s because of readers like you that these stories get into the hands of a lot more people than I could ever reach.

    • Aussie, BNI’s response to your post here encourages me as well. I constantly attempt to warn everyone I contact about the threat we are facing.I get weary from people not taking the war seriously but I know that as a faithful watchman their blood is not on my hands.

      I am thankful for the great work that BNI is doing so we have a powerful message to share.

  12. I’m about to declare war on CAIR, and that piece of shit Ibrahim Pooper. CAIR is nothing but the Muslim Info ministry , just like Hitlers Nazi Propaganda Arm during WW2 . Been photoshopping a bunch of pictures of Pooper and will post em soon.

  13. “No Go Zone”…..It should be exactly that!!!
    No firemen, no police, no ambulance, No hospital service, no teachers, no electricity, no water, and most important of all, no mail. (no mail equals no welfare checks)

  14. What astounds and frustrates me is the fact that the GOP and Romney are not dealing with this issue. If the majority of Americans woke up to this disastrous issue, aided and abetted by Obama for which he should be impeached, he would lose two thirds of the potential votes he has now.

    • A.T., Unfortunately most Americans view everything through a partisan political lens and their thought processes have been completely manipulated by the media. Most people are wrapped up in their selfish little world and are oblivious to the Islamic invasion taking place.

      What most Americans do not understand is that if we succumb to Islam, NOTHING else matters. Our culture will be in the sewer.

      With regard to political campaigning I believe that if the Republicans had the guts to create and run an American version of “I am Denmark” TV ad they could take NY, and possibly CA.

  15. I know a veteran who served in WW2, Korea and Vietnam (in the latter case as a major). His mobile home park in California was bought up by a muzzie, who proceeded to triple the rents. The new muzzie landlord gave them the mandatory 30 days. Now, while mobile homes are called mobile, in actuality they aren’t so mobile and trying to find a new mobile home park to setup shop in within 30 days practically impossible.

    • Iphobe, there’s no way he could have anticipated that. But we can avoid doing business with muslim-owned stores and refuse to be waited on by muslim help. It goes without saying that we never hire muslims and if we can’t find out they are muslims until after they are hired, we find a valid excuse to fire them. Incompetence usually covers it.

  16. That map image is from Robert Ferrigno’s Assasin series, which takes place in a near future balkanized America, split between the Islamic Republic (where halftime shows at football games have been replaced with muslim prayers), Christian held territories, and Atzlan.

  17. When the West finally does wake up they will level all these barracks, these blights of islamic supremacism that mark their territory in our lands. I await the day.

  18. If they want their NO GO ZONES, don’t let them come out of them for any reason what so ever. make them stay in them, wall them in and don’t let them become any larger. Let them ROT in their HELL ON EARTH.

  19. When will America wake up? Stop all Muslime immigration! Get the Muslime lover out of Washington. How can we be so stupid and reckless? Gun powder and lead let one of those barbarians threaten me.

    • They won’t until it’s too late. People do not understand it only takes a few to take over a town. Just look at old westerns, just a few outlaws were able to take over a whole town where all of the residents had guns. Most people will just roll over instead of fighting.

    • It’s only after getting burned that a child understands how dangerous fire is. The west will understand how dangerous Islam is only after “getting burned” by it. So stupid the majority of people are.