The most notorious Muslim hate preachers in England are also the biggest entitlement whores in England

What’s more, 31% of able-bodied Muslim men DO NOT WORK. 68% of able-bodied Muslim women DO NOT WORK. The government doesn’t pay for these parasites’ generous welfare benefits and free council houses, hardworking English citizens do.

BAN Muslim immigration and kick all the Muslim bottom feeders out.


65 comments on “The most notorious Muslim hate preachers in England are also the biggest entitlement whores in England

  1. I believe that Europe will rise up and build a 4th Reich to rid our White lands of these filthy animal Savages. May the spirit of Adolph Hitler be restored to our people and the English and German people who are of the same blood join together to fight to secure a future for the White child. Only a complete and total rebirth of Nazi pride and self love of our race, and our Superior culture will restore the honor of our people and remove this cancer from our mist. 14/88

    • Tony Nazi, sorry bub, you Nazis were in bed with the IslamoNazis during WWII and it didn’t work out so good for you, then. Why would you want to wipe out a people you have so much in common with – hatred for Jews and Blacks?

      • BNI,

        I love your sign. And I agree he thinks like an idiot; we don’t need another evil Nazi madman like Hitler. We can defeat Islam without the creation of another despot.

      • Bare naked Liar…What a complete moron you are. Many jews willingly served Germany in WW2 as well…So why single out only the muslims. Any 2 year old can see that a return to Nazism will be the ONLY force strong enough to counter the fall of Eurabia to Islam. Democracy only makes the situation worse…it is the rope that the west will hang its self with. Go ahead genius tell us how democracy will save us at this stage when Mohammad is already the #1 baby name in Britainstan? Well? Go ahead. The fact is Hitler would have protected England better than democracy did now wouldn’t he have you smug moron? There wouldnt be NO GO ZONES for whites in Britain if he was in charge now would there?

        • IDIOT “Tony”!!!!

          The Jews simply COULDN’T EVER SERVE Germany during Hitler’s time because they first were being driven out, then EXTERMINATED!!!!

          Furthermore, Hitler LOVED Moslems and Islam!!!

    • Yeah let’s substitute lung cancer for brain cancer, that’ll make everything better.

      You should follow the example your leader set in the fuhrer-bunker.

      I’ll bet you like those tight black leather trousers the male Nazis used to wear don’t you? Goering the fat pig certainly did!

  2. I’m pretty sure I saw much higher figures for muslim unemployment on Vlad Tepes blog about a week ago. Backed up by an official source

  3. Even the working mosquerats claim every benefit under the sun. Most of the self employed ones are in cash businesses, pay no tax, and merrily claim away. Even the illiterate ones somehow manage to fill in the claim forms. I suspect each mosque has some “expert” to help.

  4. the video seems to be encouraging muslims to get a job. this is wrong. even if they got a job, they would still be muslims, and they would still be working to overthrow the governments of western countries, install shariah, and genocide the non-muslim population. we dont want them to get a job. we want them to get gone. we should ask them nicely to go to some nice islamic hellonearth, and then when they decline, we should round them up and send them to the nearest islamic eden.

  5. They have nothing to offer humanity, or any country. If Islam doesn’t go into the dustbin of history by way of enlightened thinking, we are destined to civil wars in every country they gain a foothold in, unless we submit.

  6. Muslime job interview.

    Q: so what job skills do you have Ahmed Al Abdul ?

    A: I’ve memorize the holy quran, the hadeeths
    and the sira!

    Q: Those aren’t really job skills Mr. Abdul.

    A: Die kafir dog, I keeel you!

  7. BNI where do you get your figures on Muslim unemployment in Britain from? The Equality and Human Rights Commission, a government quango, says they’re much higher at 51% of males and a bit higher at 76% of females – the worst in any segment of society in the UK, no matter how you slice it.

  8. But wait. They don’t have time to get a job. After all, they’re too busy making signs and protesting on how they’re going to take over, flipping the bird, planning their next terrorist attack, and waiting for a handout. Dregs of society who are biting the hand that feeds them.

    • That’s exactly how I feel these days. Why the F am I paying taxes to support a bunch of jihadi apes? No one asked me if I wanted to.
      Maybe we should all remember the phrase of the Revolution: No taxation without representation. If the corrupt shitbags who run our congress want to represent islamofascism let them do so WITHOUT my hard-earned cash!

  9. Another 30 years and Australia will be like Britain; our politicians are bringing Muzzies in by the boatloads. They have already taken some parts of Sydney suburbs. I won’t be alive to see it- but my grandchildren and their children will. Only about 10% of Aussies are opposing the Islamic invasion. The rest are asleep. My generation the ‘Baby Boomers’ and their children let these Muslim creeps come in. I am disgusted and ashamed of the apathetic nature of so many Australians. We need to revive the spirit of the ANZACS head-on against Islam. Our fathers and grandfathers were not afraid to fight invasion. The baby-boomers have become spoilt and intellectually lazy. This reality proves that every generation of men and women should serve a mandatory three years in the military between their 21st & 24th year to strengthen the character of a nation. China’s not backward about military training including martial arts. It is time we dumped psychology, stopped thinking soft and started thinking iron-souled calmly tough.

    • Not all Aussies are asleep. I agree with everything you said. All I can do is to warn my four grand daughters of the dangers of Islam…..thankfully my son and daugher already know how deadly Islam is.
      I despair for the future of Australia. That once great nation, Great Britain, is finished and so is half of Europe. I can see the same thing happening here. The spirit of ANZAC is dying and we are being invaded while our politicians stand around and do nothing to prevent it. At least Abbott wants to turn the boats around and send them back.

      • Thank you Lady Moonlight,

        It is encouraging when more Aussies stand up against Islam. I am unpopular with members of my own family for constantly promoting opposition against Islam. I circulate e-mails every week telling the ‘Dark Truth’ about Islam. I have no doubt that most who receive these e-mails do delete them-refusing to read. But I do have some friends more than family members that do make the effort to read and communicate back to the writer with support comments. The problem is half of that enthusiastic response comes from the USA; and only 5% of the e-mails I circulate go outside Australia; in other words friends and family I know are the most disinterested. I shall continue to keep promoting anti-Islam even if that makes me unpopular.

        • I don’t know if it is acceptable to give other website addresses here, but here goes. I would hazard a guess that most people who read and post here, know of this site, so perhaps you are a regular visitor….however, just in case you are not, I am posting the site for you. I read it everyday and you might want to send it to your family members and friends to study.

          I am the only person at my work who has a clue about the dangers of Islam, but, due to political correctness and the fact that I want to keep my job, I often leave well enough alone…….kinda lonely being the only one at work who gets it!!

        • LM, you are preaching to the choir here and we all know that website. It is also in my list of recommended sites. But please feel free to post sites we may not have heard about. Check out the Categories in the side bar. There are nearly 10,000 stories/videos there.

        • Lady Moonlight,

          Thank you for the website information; I have it on my favourites list. At the risk of duplication it is best that we keep exchanging information to ensure that all of us grow wiser in knowledge about Islam together. I have been a regular for the last 12 months; though I only enter into conversation on some selected blogs. I read all of BNI’s excellent blogs and watch the video’s; though I gave up on bat-brain ‘Chubby.’
          Yes I know the feeling of loneliness when everyone around me is not interested in learning about the dangers of Islam. It can be discouraging when members of your own family are apathetic. But I am a persistent tough old bird I keep talking about dark Islam; I give them peace for a few days then at least once per week I speak about a different issue. I figure some of it must sink into their lazy minds.
          Yes it wise not to discuss it at work; but I did selectly comment about Islam in the 1980’s & 1990’s and until I retired in 2010. Trust is earned not given so I was careful unto whom I trusted. I only had to work with a Muzzie two weeks in the early 90’s. I sacked him shortly after I started my new job as ‘Materials Manager.’

        • No thank you for the information, I shall check it out.

          Best Wishes,

    • Hi Alan… my sentiments exactly… I live in Britain and its an absolutel nightmare with violence and hate crimes — usually perpetrated by muslims. Worse, Britain is supposed to be a Christian nation and yet, when Christians speak out against this, we are silenced with the ‘you’re racist tag’. Its about time that people did wake up and realised that trying to shut down our freedom of speech, in OUR OWN country is wrong, particularly when they think pulling the racist card will actually work! We’re the ones being marginalised in our own country for goodness sake. Bring back Johnny Howard, he was a proper politician for Australia. That stupid red headed rat rooted called Julia Goddard is an idiot.

  10. Put those lazy Muslime Bastards to work ! Hook em up in a chain gang, and make em pick up trash, and sweep the streets. Make em clean up plants where pigs are killed. If they say no ….deportation or worse !

  11. Geez…when will the Government learn, muslims DO NOT fit into main stream society, THEY WILL NOT change, they will not work, this is why they flee their own muslim countries, as they can’t get benefits over there for doing SWEET F.A !!! And no-one would want to hire them anyway, as they are sneaky, dirty trouble making scum…so why bring them to or allow them on our lands? The damn korap means more to them than working in a western country or living like civil human beings..Screaming, abusing, demanding,nasty oppressed alians..thats what they are, and we don’t WANT THEM!!…

  12. Look Bro I love your Idea I hate those sorry No good Moslems,but how in the hell would they go about that kicking those Bottom feeders out what ever it is I’m for it!

    • Easy, give them a one way ticket to their country of choice, with no possibility of return, and if they refuse to leave, put them in chains and load them on cattle ships headed to any one of 57 muslim countries. Kick them off at the nearest port of entry.

      • Seize their property (leeched from us) and use some of the funds to transport them back.
        Put the obamas on the first boat.

        • Excellent idea!!!

          ALL Moslem-owned property and possessions in the West should be NATIONALISED, with ZERO compensation to any and all Moslems!!!

      • While I wouldn’t say that I hate Islam or Muslims I do agree this whole situation has gotten out of hand. I have met a lot of kind and compassionate Muslims but some others I have found to be annoying when they try to denounce my religion and claim the superiority of their own. The Muslims chanting jihad in the streets and claiming America is corrupt and is horrible, I say we send them back to their shithole countries if they dislike our American paradise. If they are going to harm us and destroy what we have worked so hard to create then exile them from our great nation.
        America and Israel forever muthafuckers

  13. Good video I love the way the EDL speaks the truth about those scumbags. I will say the photos in the video of the mooSKums are friggin great they ALL look fuckin krazy. Inbread fucks I wish a few would comment on this site.

  14. In 2007 i had cause to visit the famous Great Ormand Street hospital for sick children in London, when in march the Burka brigade, who hate our guts and cannot get enough of our medicine, paid for in part by show girls kicking their bare legs in the air – HOW shocking, HOW un islamic.

    In 2000, the whole family were involved at Guys Hospital London in helping to find the reasons for Autisum. Full of muslims with daughters in head bags destined no doubt, for the snip when dad gets them indoors.
    They take everything free going and give nothing back, unless you count bombs and rapes.

  15. love the song and the EDL. believe it or notthis message also needs to be applied to the good ole USA. if we don’t have strict austerity measures we will soon go down the drain. i’m not talking about those who are really disabled and can’t work i have a friend who has a brain injury who can’t work i talking about those who refuse to work.

    • dragon, Obama has tripled the number of parasites on Food stamps and who knows how much the welfare rolls have increased thanks to his job killing policies and nigger-rich (sincere apologies to my black readers but in this case I think the word is appropriate) spending habits.

        • I don’t have to be cool or politically correct. Facts are facts. I loathe the expression “Jewing down the cost.” But when the ‘Jew’ fits….

        • I think there are times when good people use poor judgment and say things they eally don’t mean. An example that comes to mind is the Michael Richards meltdown. I don’t for a minute believe he is racist but if you look up his bio you’ll read mostly about how his career ended that night in the club not so much about him as an actor. In the world of ideas if you are becoming known for your words I would hope you choose them wisely as often as possible. I believe you are in advertising or some similar professional field so you must understand that impact. I am Native American but when I hear someone I tend to listen to use below the belt expressions I wonder what it is they say about me.

        • jfp, I acknowledged and apologized in advance to black readers and have not caught any flak from them for it. This is not your call.

      • BNI: Although those who know me well would choke at the idea that I was even a trifle Pee Cee, I usually call Da Mooch and her hubby guilty of spending like “Ghetto Lottery Winners”. But Nigger Rich fits as well and is a more universally understood term.

  16. To be or to declare oneself a Muslim is to renounce citizenship in any free country. To be Muslim is to be a citizen of a world wide Ummah. Think of it like someone becoming French. Insist on immediate emigration.

    The whole point of capital punishment for apostasy, for treason, can make sense if Islam is viewed as a membership organization like a nation-state in a time of war.

    • Spain used to have an open door policy WRT immigrants from hispanic/latino countries — it might still have one, I’m not sure. No one here should need to ask why either.

      The thing about muslimes is, we’re not only supporting the uneducated, shiftless jihadi scumbags on welfare here in the USA, but supporting their jihadi shitocracies as well — to the tune of billions of dollars.

        • Let’s not call it “jihad” – let’s avoid ALL Moslem terms and shun anything from Moslem languages if possible!!!

          [It’s enough what I see to even start hating Arabic, Urdu, Pashtun and other Moslem languages…]

          Otherwise, you’re completely right – and the mosques should be the #1 target, followed immediately by the madrassas (Islamic schools) and other “Islamic centres”. Then, the remainder until they’ve ALL been removed – and all minarets must be DESTROYED!!!

        • And to “Osama”: since you think of all non-Moslems as “pig-heads” (and don’t try to weasel your way out with taqiyya and/or kitman!!!), we ought to take the term as a COMPLIMENT because pigs are INFINITELY SMARTER, WISER, NOBLER and WORTHIER than ALL the Moslems of the world COMBINED!!!!! The same holds for dogs!!!!

          Otherwise, f— that super-MONSTER Mohammed the genocide, murderer, liar (such that even his best “friends” couldn’t trust him!!!), rapist, pædophile (child-abuser) and thief!!!! A baser and more evil man has NEVER existed!!! Furthermore, “allah” is SATAN HIMSELF!!!!!

          The One TRUE God is Yahweh (YHWH) who chose Israel as His Chosen #1 People: Father, Son and Holy Ghost!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • PS., I prefer the term “Crusade” – especially since it automatically gets Moslems angry!!!! The more enraged they are, the better – after all, this will be a war most absolutely without quarter!!!

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