What a surprise! Finding Muslim terrorists within the ranks of Muslim police officers

MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps.

UK Telegraph  (H/T Martin) The policemen lost their jobs when their security clearance was revoked by senior officers after checks were carried out because of fears of “sleepers” in the ranks. The Sunday Telegraph can also disclose today the identity of one of the policemen suspected of being at a terror camp in 2001.

Abdul Rahman had been a constable for almost three years when MI5 warned that he might have visited a training camp in Pakistan when he travelled there.


He resigned rather than be dismissed from the force and is now suing Scotland Yard for compensation. He says he is entirely innocent and has never been to a terrorist training camp.

Scotland Yard submitted in legal documents that it acted against Mr Rahman “for the purpose of safeguarding national and public security”. A source familiar with the case said there were either one or two other officers who had also lost their jobs because of MI5’s suspicion that they might have trained as terrorists.

“There was concern that these people had come into the force under false pretences,” the senior Metropolitan Police source said. “There were two or three cases at the same time that were of a similar nature, where there were concerns about potential terrorist links.”

The development raises concerns about the ease with which potential terrorists might infiltrate the police and compromise national security.

Mr Rahman, a Muslim who was born in Bangladesh before being raised in London and becoming a British citizen, does not dispute that he went to Pakistan in 2001. However, his lawyers say he has been “tangled up” in national security legislation.

As part of his recruitment Mr Rahman underwent a process of security vetting known as a counter-terrorist check (CTC). However, his security clearance was revoked in Nov., 2006.  { — }

Scotland Yard’s vetting unit is regarded as one of the best in Britain, mainly because the force has countrywide responsibilities in counter-terrorism. However, it is understood that there are difficulties carrying out full checks on applicants born abroad or who have spent a long time living outside Britain.  { — }

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “Mr Rahman, a former police constable, is bringing two employment tribunal claims against the Metropolitan Police Service alleging race discrimination and employment equality. The Government introduced new laws making it a criminal offence to attend a terrorist training camp as part of the Terrorism Act 2006. The offence carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.

Europe News  For those not aware of the political nature of Islam, it might come across as just a cultural amusement to see Islam still deeper entrenched in the British police force. 

On September 24th 2011, the Mayor of London sponsored an Eid festival at Trafalgar Square. One of the exhibitions was of how Islam is being integrated into the British police force, a banner presenting key elements of this. Since the police (by definition) is a security force for all British citizens, formally having the objective of upholding British law equally for all citizens, it is meaningful to put the mission statement of the Association of Muslim Police (AMP) under some scrutiny:

First the classical band used on police uniforms, now laced with classical Islamic green. A symbolic way of saying that the intention of AMP is to change the police force. This is corroborated by the first line of the banner, which reads: “Muslims making a difference to policing”


That’s clear enough, and anyone able to parse a straight English sentence will get the meaning of this. The intention is to change policing as such, not merely to protect the rights of police officers who happen to be Muslims. The mission statement on the banner reads on: The Association of Muslim Police (AMP) aims to:

 Assist Muslims in the police force to observe their faith and to promote the understanding of Islam within the police force and the wider community.

 The want police officers who are Muslims to be more observant of their faith, to promote Islam within the force – as well as outside. This is also known as ‘enforcing’ and ‘proselytizing’. This is not about furthering the self-determination of the individual officers, it is about making them more observant of Islam and follow Islamic practices while on duty.

Further: Provide a forum for Muslims in the police and support their religious and welfare needs, with a view to improving their immediate working environment and retaining them in service.

Put more bluntly, this is a pressure group working to introduce Islamic rules into the police force, promoting the strange concept of “religious needs”, changing the working environment to be in line with Islamic demands, with an implicit threat that Muslims should not work as police officers unless these demands are met by the force.

Before writing this off as ‘speculative’, it is instructive to see this conflict of interest play out in practice. The National Association of Muslim Police in 2010 rejected the claim that Islam can be blamed for terror attacks. This statement not only constitutes a mockery of available documentation, the stated motivation of the terrorists, and the plight of the victims of Islamic terrorism. It also casts doubt over the ability or willingness of the Muslim police to honestly investigate cases of Islamic terrorism.

Since the police is an important force in society, having a strong Muslim presence there is an enabler of Islamic codes of conduct, also known as Islamic law, within the force and in the community. How to better implement and protect Islamic law in society than through the very organization that is created to enforce the law? Islamist infiltration of the British police force would be a serious matter indeed. Hopefully the force and the politicians have enforced suitable measures to make sure that this can under no circumstances be the case. (Apparently, they have not)

Other hypothetical problems, such as the conflicts of interest between Shariah and secular British law, or the risk that the Muslim police might later turn into an actual Islamic police force, don’t seem so hypothetical anymore.


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  1. If you have a police officer and that officer is a mohommedist, of course you have a terrorist amongst your police force. mohommedist cannot swear allegiance to anything other than allah their moon god or mohommed there false prophet. So any one that thinks they can teach mohommedists the western way of life, always remember the DARK AGES this was the period of time that Muslims took over Southern Europe and spread their poison throughout. It took the people like Vlad the Impaler to rid the European continent of their false beliefs and poisoned quran. So don’t wring your hands and say this could not be! Believe it it’s the way it is. Get out of the EU and kick the mohommedist out of the UK.

  2. To allow ANY Muslim into ANY government authority is beyond comprehension. Fort Hood should have sent a clear message to every Western Government, military and police entity. It is impossible for Muslims to expidite their authority in a sane, civil, unbised fasion with the intended unmitigated loyalty to the respective constitutions and constituancies. Make them sign a pact demanding they do just that. Will they lie? Of course! But now they may be removed and prosecuted for fraud.
    Yes, Crusader Gary it is TREASON. It is also TREASON by those that allowed such placements in the first place. No less dereliction of duty than sleeping on Watch.

  3. How the hell did these terrorist bastard muzzie maggots even get into Scotland Yard, FBI, and damn near every “law enforcement” agency including DHS in the U.S.?! Much less, PC catering and “diversity” awareness training for non-muzzturd officers?!! They are TREASONOUS sh–balls, and they should be handled as such, NOT catered to by a bunch of leftist PC a–holes!!….BTW, those PC a–holes should be kicked the hell out of law enforcement or ANY position that is legislative or judicial!! And they can ALL stick bombs up their butts and blow themselves to HELL, just DON’T take any non-muzzturds with them!!

  4. Jeez, you’ve got no idea how this absolutely enrages me, leaves me seething.
    There have been many posts by BNI that I just CAN’T comment on that leave me frothing at the mouth.
    My poor ol’ dad would be turning in his grave if he knew the shithole that England has become.
    He fought bravely in WW11 & received the George Medal & Bar & was gonged by none other than Sir Winston Churchill & HRH Princess Elizabeth.
    For those who don’t know the significance, the George Medal is the 3rd highest Military decoration after the Victoria Cross & George Cross, so I think you see my point.
    He fought Nazis & fascists (including Arabs who allied with the Nazis).
    And now look at the place, filled with scum sucking bottom feeders & traitors of the worst possible kind.
    There WILL be Breivik like incidents occurring & THEN the streets will flow with blood – literally.
    DO NOT betray the British people with injustice, because once aroused they are a deadly force that will not be placated until their enemies are under their feet.
    There will be severe repercussions for those who aided & abetted in the Islamic & multicultural Social Engineering to get rid of White Society.

    • MWP, I understand how you feel. But we need to get millions more people enraged, which is why I post these stories….and why muslims keep trying to take me down.

      • BNI, It is because you keep posting, regardless of the Muslim Threat, that i would be first in line to vote you a national hero and see that your likeness is erected in Washington DC once this struggle has been won.

  5. Britain is ruined all thanks to those Indians. These fucking Indians are good when it comes to ruining the country with their multicultural bullshits. Take a look at their 3rd world shithole India, its all the result of multiculturalism. They are the main perpetrators of multiculturalism. Most of them are liberal and pro-Islamic, even though they don’t know the fact that 80 million Hindus and Buddhist were killed during the Mogul reign. They even revere Hitler, claiming that they need a “leader” like him (Sure, why not, after all they are useful idiots). They are the ones that brings these parasitic Moslem in to Britain. The Indian characteristics fits perfectly with the stereotypical views of the Anti-Semites. They worship money. Sure, they “behave” like your good ol’, law abiding perfect citizen, but take a look at how they behave in their own country. And these Indian parasites comes in millions, every year, to the West to take our Jobs. These scums don’t have respect for people of all professions. They are even more discriminatory than Moslems. If you think Islam is pure evil( which I completely agree, no doubt about it), take a look at Hinduism. Sure, unlike Islam, Hinduism don’t command its followers to wage war against non-Hindus, but like Islam, its the worlds most misogynistic religion of the world. No wonder India is the 4th most dangerous place for women to live. No wonder there’s a high scale female foeticide in India. These Indian Hindus hate having a baby girl. THEY TRY TO FIND A WAY TO KILL THESE INNOCENT GIRLS. HOW’S THAT DIFFERENT FROM ISLAM ??? Its a bad luck for a Girl to be born in India. Like Islam, Hinduism also sanctify a supreme form of racism, “Caste System”. Its like a Superman of Racism. The “lower caste” people are treated like shits by the “upper caste”, to the point that the latter don’t even touch the shadow of the former. If you folks think that “Caste System” of India is a thing of the past, think again, its still in practice. After independence, the far Left came to power and India became the first multicultural country of the world. There, citizens were being brainwashed with leftist propaganda such as those thats being fed here, right from their Independence. That’s the reason why there’s 15% muslim population in India. There’s too much of political correctness in India. All the media and the politicians there are communist and socialist. The Right wing parties are no good at all, they are as fanatics as the Muslim Brotherhood. Most of their wingers are admirers of people like Hitler and Stalin. You see folks, India is already doomed. There’s no hope for its salvation. It is the reason why many Indians flee their country and settle in West. Its the Indians fault that there country is in such a mess. Just as they ruined their country, they would do the same with our countries. We need to deport/disenfranchised the citizenship of Muslims, Africans and Indians out of the west or else we would soon end up like their home countries.

    • One of the appeals of islam to lower class hindus (in addition to not being slaughtered) was the supposed equality of islam. However, pakistani muslims of Indian origin retain a memory of what caste their hindu forbearers were. The movers and shakers in pakistan are mostly from the top two “white” castes.

    • I just now read your disgusting HATE Hindus, Hate India comment. It is true that India’s government are anti-Hindu, rabidly pro-Islam, leftist traitors to India. Don’t blame Hindus for that! Look at what our Western leaders are doing to our countries. They have wickedly betrayed us by importing many millions of Islam’s foot soldiers to wage jihad against us as commanded by the Koran.

      Hindus and Sikhs integrate into the countries they go to and are hard-working, loyal citizens of those countries. Hindus and Sikhs have good characters. They are my brother and sister infidels.

      Hindus started HRCARI in NYC. Hindus are big supporters of Israel and fought against a 9/11 victory mosque. A HRCARI Hindu speaker stood in solidarity with persecuted Egyptian Christians at a huge Egyptian Copt rally in NYC.

      Stop with your TAKIYYA! Stop insulting my good and decent Hindu brothers and sisters!

    • Anon, You sound exactly like a Muslim to me. I know how much Muslims lie and DECEIVE. I am familiar with the Muslim war strategy of DIVIDE and CONQUER.

      In comments, Muslims often pretend to be Jews, Christians, Hindus or Sikhs. And also pretend with non-Muslim girls to be a non-Muslim.

      LIES and DECEPTION all taught by the HUGE slave trader, founder or Islam, Mohammad, who declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

  6. So this is why Tommy’s address is always known to the muzzies every time he moves. As he said in his speech, the police are providing his address and here is proof positive. I know this probably belongs in the other post but this story makes it plain and clear that the police are working against him and the EDL.

  7. If you are looking for a word for all of this.
    You can find it in the dictionary and in the hearts of our political masters, who cower down and pass the laws that betray us.The word is TREASON. There is no other word to describe the willing act of betraying your own people and culture,but TREASON.

  8. Britons have abandoned their traditional faith and NOW believe in EVERYTHING. They are void of understanding about the deeper implications of their behavior.

    These idiotic police officers have NO IDEA what the veil means: it is a licence for Mozmen to rape unveiled women.

    Submitting to Islamic customs does not SATISFY Moslems, it increases their appetite for MORE AND MORE.

    Jihad until victory. Death to Britain, chaps. Death to America.

  9. Ragheads in the police – and WHICH master will they serve? Serve islam and they break every UK and European law on the regulation of human affairs, or serve the British people
    under existing laws and betray islams supremmisists agenda.

    There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that before too long, British boys and girls, fathers and mothers are going to loose their lives fighting the nightmare socialists and wet liberals are imposing on us against our will, then the world will gasp in disbelief at the violence British police will employ against the people of Britain at the behest of British traitors hiding away in Parliament, behind the cover of downright lies, media selective reporting and the tazers of the army of occupation in police blue. The Labour and Liberal parties wet dream of bringing the Syrian situation to Britain will have come true.

  10. “want police officers who are Muslims to be more observant of their faith, to promote Islam within the force” End of quote.

    Please, God, help and PROTECT Britain! What a living nightmare! Muslim policemen to be more observant of their faith? The Koran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims.

    It is a massive BETRAYAL of the British, Europeans, Americans and others that many millions of Islam’s devout foot soldiers have been imported into our countries.

    It is frightening that significant numbers of devout Muslims have been deliberately planted inside the police force. WHO WILL PROTECT NON-MUSLIMS?

    • England is nothing but a terrorist, imperialistic filthy country, and its soldiers are the lowest form of scum on the planet. You can not wish for peace, when you enslaved so many others

  11. Sadly it appears the UK has fully submitted to Islam. The EDL has a hard nut to crack and will need the people of their country to stand with them and not against them.

    • And I believe people will support them, working class at least will do there part. Most middle class are still in denial.

    • So, you’re an EDL follower, and you’re attacked by a moslem nutter (excuse the tautology), and a “British’ bobby comes to the rescue; turns out to be a muzzie…

      What do you do?

      Has this never happened? Have the EDL never charged the police for wrongful arrest? Why not?

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