France’s war on Muslims continues, even after Sarkozy’s presidential defeat

SUCKERS! More than 95% of all Muslims in France voted for the Socialist, Francois Hollande, no doubt in anticipation that the Sarkozy burqa and street prayer bans would be overturned. No such luck. Now, Muslims are out there bitching and boohooing as they realize that not only have the bans not been lifted, but even more are being imposed.

PressTV  Using their usual tactic for garnering undeserved sympathy for Muslims, Iranian-owned Press TV supports the erroneous claim that France’s war on Muslim women’s full-face headbags has led to an increase in the rate of hate crimes against Muslims in the country.


Marwan Muhammad from  Collective Against Islamophobia says that the hate crimes against Muslims increased “because some of the perpetrators feel empowered in last few years.”  

“We have seen a huge increase in hate crimes on these cases. 92 percent of the victims are women,” Muhammad said. (Muslim hate crimes still are about 2o times fewer than Jewish hate crimes and we don’t hear French Jews whining and moaning all the time)

“Whenever a Muslim woman tries to practice her religion and engage with the rest of the society, French ideology is to ban her from doing so.” (Muslims never want to engage, they want to differentiate themselves and be dominant over everyone else)

France has an extremely strict law forbidding displays of religion they deem ostentatious.  At several major cities, airport security officials force Muslim women to publicly remove their hair & neck covering hijab in the name of safety.

Nantes Atlantique Airport has made it obligatory for veiled women to take off their hijab and place it in the X-ray machine along with their other belongings.

Even better, after the International Soccer Association overturned the ban on Muslim headbags, France said it would not abide by the new rule and will continue to ban Muslims from wearing headbags in competition.


49 comments on “France’s war on Muslims continues, even after Sarkozy’s presidential defeat

  1. My daughter was just in the hospital for 10 days, and was assigned a cna who was wearing a hijab. We were told by another nurse that she didn’t used to wear one, but her parents came to visit her, and somehow forced her.
    My daughter asked her to close the door, and told her, “I’m sure you are a lovely person, and I have nothing against you personally, but I am not comfortable having you as my nurse, in this room all day, because you are wearing something that offends me deeply. It is a sign that you believe that I am less than a man, and I don’t want someone stressing me when I am ill, and all that I will think about is that you look down on yourself and me. That will not be condusive to my health, I’m sorry.”
    Later, the Charge nurse for the floor came by, and told my daughter she’s a racist. I was there, and informed her Islam is not a race, it is a theo-political ideology. She then used the example of the black gentleman who invented the refined process of transfusions, and that he died because of hate on the steps of a southern state hospital. I asked what that could possibly have to do with the oppression of women. My daughter told her she is not predjudiced, her dr. is a Sikh, and he has saved her life more than once. But that this woman believes my daughter is worthless, and that makes her uncomfortable.
    She then called the House Supervisor of the hospital, told her she was called a racist, and the charge nurse came back and apologized. My daughter pointed out that in Az it is torturous for this girls parents to demand she wear the hijab, and that sign of oppression, and the girl being demeaned was upsetting, and all seemed to be resolved peacefully, with no other result. My daughter is terminally ill; we should all have the guts to stand up against Islam and sharia.

    • Rissa, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s grave condition but greatly admire her courage for standing up to the muslim plague infesting your country. Are you in France or the UK? We will say a prayer for her. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

      • Actually, in Arizona,lol. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter has been found to have this very rare genetic disorder that shows up in your mid-twenties. IGF (Acromegaly) micro tumors keep growing in your body, and you have to keep having surgeries to remove them, and they attack your organs. So they have had removal of Kidney, Gall Bladder, Theyroid, Ovaries/Uterus, Pituitary,-masses in the armpit, breast, leg. Until apparently, it’s in the heart or brain to the extent that it can’t be removed anymore. My youngest Thyroid, just taken out on Saturday, had also entirely become calcified and cancerous.
        But we fight on….

        • Thanks, BNI, appreciate your kindness…I just re=read my post, and realized I didn’t make it clear that two daughters have this, and the youngest was just diagnosed. I will say, that the silver lining is that we live in the greatest country in the world, with the best hospitals and doctors known to man. So I am blessed that Barry’s ObamaScare has not been implemented.
          God’s grace be with you, as you stand a witness to the horror that is Islam, and share that message no matter the personal cost.
          “All that I need to know about Islam, I learned from BareNaked Islam.”

        • Rissa, hopefully in November, we can put the beast of ObamaCare out of its misery for the last time.

  2. @ Alain – Bonjour! Thankyou for your reply to my comment and your comments on that traitor Hollande and how he is disliked so much except by the Lefty Socialist and Muztards. Its good to hear that the true French Patriots are in large numbers and have a common goal in mind to protect their culture from the evil scum Islam … Good to hear from you on BNI. Best wishes from down under Australia!

  3. The whole “good” muslime, “bad” muslime bullshit theory will be irrelevant when muslo-nazi apes are the majority. At which point your representative democracy will be transformed into a muslo-nazi theocracy.

    For France? It’s either French Revolution part 2 or a reversion to a second Dark Ages via musloids.

  4. Seems they don’t understand the difference between a bhurka and hijab either, ignorant muslims, lol. You don’t suppose it’s a deliberate ploy to blur the lines, eh? The very thought…VIVE LA FRANCE LIBRE!!!

  5. I say they should serve fish and pork at public schools every Friday. This dipshit they interviewed really tried to push how hurtful it is when we force them to undergo a security check. The next 911 will whores in trashbags.

  6. I am living in the Netherlands, where SHARIA is also trying
    to integrate. Same as Belgium. As for France a pitty Marie Le Pen did not win. We in the Netherlands have Geert Wilders, who was threatened by spokesman of the SHARIA to be slaughtered like THEO v. GOGH 2004. Fine was 750 euro. RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!

    • rc, if only you can elect Wilders, I think it would change all of Europe for the better. When is the next election for PM?

  7. “Hate” crimes against mussies are increasing??? Good, make them realise they are not wanted in the west and get them back where they belong, in their third world shit holes.

    • Something positive coming from France? They are starting to feel strangled by their Political Correctness. I guess they’re not too happy about becoming Frankenstan.

  8. I hope that Hollande can hold the line on the muslim savages. If not the French still have Le Pen, who will uphold laws that will protect France from the muslim take over.

  9. Sorry about the misspelling of “male” but there is little about Mussies to make you believe they can really be that. I have never seen any group so unsure of their masculinity.

    • Lee: I so agree with you. Only someone who is horribly unsure of his masculinity could want to do to women all that the moozlim “men” want to do with them. How ’bout you moozlims try loving, supporting (as in letting them actually BE persons, ie: drive, vote, go to college, be anything they have the brains to be. Then see if you have to mutilate them to have them be faithful to you. I believe they would be surprised, but they would have to get out of the 7th century to even be able to think of trying that.

  10. Again the quick solution to the problem is to allow a woman to wear any of their ugly Muslim garments in public after all of her mail relatives have been castrated. This is like Muslim objections to insurance. Because of same they are exempted from Obozocare, but they have no such objections to automobile insurance without which they would be unable to drive. So let the women wear their idiot rags in public after the boy’s toys have been removed in private. I think such a program would result in a quick exodus back to Muslim states, but, hey, I just could be mistaken.

    • Oh I am, you have no idea Susan! These muzturds have some serious payback coming their ways and have only themselves to blame for it! Oh so they wine -as usual- but they haven’t seen anything yet. You won’t hear them wine because they get the crap beaten out of them when attempts at insulting/attacking some of us fail and of course, the media which is 98% leftist will never admit we’re under attack as to them, it’s only the muzz and Jewish that are, but WE know better. So let me tell you that for many of us, we make a point of sending a message of our own to the muzturds. I rarely if ever had to thump one of my compatriots but when it comes to these obscurantists retards, they really look for it almost on a daily basis, so let’s just say they learn not all of us are potential victims…

  11. Well I do hope France keeps this up but my concern is the socialist Loonies are in power there now and we all know how much this moron Hollande loooovvvessss Muztards. I am not familiar with the workings of French politics etc so can someone enlighten me on how the ban of the headbag will stay in place as Ive heard the Socialist morons cant overturn that ruling. What a damn shame Marie Le Pen didnt win.

    • Aussie, to put it in most simplistic terms, Hollycrap knows he walks an extremely fine line and has the majority of the country against him: the only ones who voted for him are leftists, collabos, media of course, muzturds, communists and those who still haven’t woken up to what leftists really have become.

      So if he wants -as he has been warned would happen if he harms OUR country in such way- to be responsible of a civil war, then yes he can try to overturn those bans that US TRUE FRENCH demanded.

      As he’s already proven what an incapable, useless, liar, hasn’t got a clue and so on he is, he’s now reached the point where the police itself is on a verge of rebellion. We Patriots don’t recognize him as our president but a traitor and so are working in that direction, same with the muzturds problem. The true implications of what this means will bring nothing good to him and his croonies, and the muzturds.

  12. A message to the muslims of France from the men of Delta House.

    D-Day: Hey, quit your blubberin’. When I get through with this baby you won’t even recognize it.
    Otter: Flounder, you can’t spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes! You fucked up… you trusted us! Hey, make the best of it! Maybe we can help.

    Animal House (1978)

  13. BNI wrote: ‘Muslims never want to engage, they want to differentiate themselves and be dominant over everyone else’

    Mozzies don’t want to assimilate.

    Mozzies want APARTHEID based on religious discrimination against Kafirs.

    The purpose of the veil is to ‘IDENTIFY’ Moz women so they will not be accidentally RAPED by inbred, braindead, killer zombie jihadists.

    The veil is the flag of RAPE.

  14. The Islamic veil does not liberate!

    The veil makes women isolated, insignificant domestic animals and prisoners.

    The veil’s purpose to protect Moz slavegirls from rape…Kafir women may be raped by killer zombie jihadists (Koran 33.59) (don’t be lazy…look it up.)

    • perceptor1

      The verse you mention is this:

      33:59. O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.

      Yes, it could be suggested that those who do not cast their outer garments over their persons should be molested, not that infidel women don’t. I’ve never seen a bare naked woman in public, wearing a bikini maybe; but at least she’s covering her modesty.

      I happened to notice these while I was venturing into the qur’ap:

      33:60. Truly, if the Hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and those who stir up sedition in the City, desist not, We shall certainly stir thee up against them: Then will they not be able to stay in it as thy neighbours for any length of time:

      33:61. They shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain (without mercy).

      Now, correct me if I’m wrong, this surely means that when a muslim family set up an isolated ‘community’ from those already present within an (infidel) neighbourhood, and then an infidel disagrees with the lifestyle (faith & culture) of the unwanted guests.. then 33:61 will be adhered to by the followers? It makes sense to me, as it certainly does happen here in some existing neighbourhoods.


      My sincere apologies for poisoning your thread with these verses, but in order to make a point.. needs must.

  15. If Muslims don’t like it, all they have to do is go back to their Muslim countries and EVERYBODY will be happy!

  16. Those banners held up by the 3rd worlders are simply funny:




    Oh.. and why aren’t those banners in French? Those muslims are abusing my beloved language.

    Does anybody use PalTalk? If so you’ll find me in the “Social Issues and Politics > Human Rights” section in one of the rooms, usually the top one with the most members online, live text and live chat about muslim issues. My nic is Ever_Watchful. See and hear you there.

    • EW I could be wrong, but I think those banners where actually from muzturds in London protesting the bans in front of the consulate: had a friend living there at the time who had to go to the consulate and told me of the foaming at the mouth protesting he witnessed there. As for those banners, well let’s counteract:

      Hijab ban symbolizes having some sense and national pride.

      Good on France for preserving its identity and banning obscurantists rags.

      As Hijab suffocates and oppresses, France totally rejects.

  17. They are such a caring”cult”,see how(all of a sudden)they care about the muzzie women,sticking up for the women’s rights,while back in the’re own countries they have NONE,!!…..HYPOCRITES.!!!!!

  18. Well, hit me with a Rhythm stick!

    The third photo – better this way:


    Much better!

  19. To be Muslim is to pledge allegiance to a foreign state, even if that state is considered to cover the entire universe. Become Muslim, emigrate to an Sharia compliant country. Simple as pie.

    Why try to micro manage all the crap associated with pretending that the unicorn of Westernized-Muslim exists? It makes no sense. There are apostates and non-apostates, but a label of Westernized-Apostate would be superfluous and just as absurd as Muslim-American or Muslim-Frenchman.

    Deportation is not needed for those who voluntarily choose to emigrate by declaring themselves Muslim (hostile members of the worldwide Ummah). To choose to wear the headbag or to force others to wear the headbag is to choose to emigrate — and this can be accommodated with ease.

  20. “because some of the perpetrators feel empowered in last few years.”


    Your right! Its either going to be FREEDOM OR ISLAM, you cant have both in the same nation! And your in OUR PHUKIN COUNTRY! WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS WAR AND FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY WILL PREVAIL!

  21. WAR ON ISLAM!?

    How does it feel you phukin savages! You have been at war with FREEDOM for the past 15 mutha phukin CENTURIES And we are SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!


  22. left wing liberal media are at it again.
    Poor persecuted Islam.The religion of peace, that did no harm to anybody is being attacked once more by those terrible Islamphobics.
    The more the media plays this card the more counterproductive it is.
    People who go through their streets,their suburbs,their cities and see the truth.
    Are fully aware of the propaganda being feed to them by the media.

    • Gary, Mr. BNI told me there is an article in the Sunday NY Times about how wonderful Somali Muslim immigrants in the US are. I can’t bring myself to look at it.

      • It’s wonderful if you’re a libtarded journalist who doesn’t have to live in the Little Mogadishu that is located in Minneapolis – St. Paul. PIsslam is always wonderful to NIMBY libtards.

    • Sorry, you say: the religion of peace: REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11 ?????????????????????????????????????Kuta, Indonesie, Londen, Madrid.

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