France’s war on Muslims continues, even after Sarkozy’s presidential defeat

SUCKERS! More than 95% of all Muslims in France voted for the Socialist, Francois Hollande, no doubt in anticipation that the Sarkozy burqa and street prayer bans would be overturned. No such luck. Now, Muslims are out there bitching and boohooing as they realize that not only have the bans not been lifted, but even more are being imposed.

PressTV  Using their usual tactic for garnering undeserved sympathy for Muslims, Iranian-owned Press TV supports the erroneous claim that France’s war on Muslim women’s full-face headbags has led to an increase in the rate of hate crimes against Muslims in the country.


Marwan Muhammad from  Collective Against Islamophobia says that the hate crimes against Muslims increased “because some of the perpetrators feel empowered in last few years.”  

“We have seen a huge increase in hate crimes on these cases. 92 percent of the victims are women,” Muhammad said. (Muslim hate crimes still are about 2o times fewer than Jewish hate crimes and we don’t hear French Jews whining and moaning all the time)

“Whenever a Muslim woman tries to practice her religion and engage with the rest of the society, French ideology is to ban her from doing so.” (Muslims never want to engage, they want to differentiate themselves and be dominant over everyone else)

France has an extremely strict law forbidding displays of religion they deem ostentatious.  At several major cities, airport security officials force Muslim women to publicly remove their hair & neck covering hijab in the name of safety.

Nantes Atlantique Airport has made it obligatory for veiled women to take off their hijab and place it in the X-ray machine along with their other belongings.

Even better, after the International Soccer Association overturned the ban on Muslim headbags, France said it would not abide by the new rule and will continue to ban Muslims from wearing headbags in competition.