LAUREN BOOTH: British Chubby Muslim Convert Girl tweets, “You know what would be hilarious? Abolishing the State Of Israel”

Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of Tony Blair and honorary ‘citizen’ of Gaza, bestowed on her by Hamas leader, Ismail Haniya, has already called on “Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt to liberate Jerusalem, ALL of Jerusalem” from the Israelis. Now, she is envisioning that Barack Hussein Obama wipe Israel off the map. (Definitely, a much more likely possibility)

In a video clip, she stands in front of the White House, pretending to report breaking news that Barack Hussein Obama has called on the U.S, Military to dismantle the state of ‘Israhell’ as she is fond of calling Israel. 

Click on her link to see Booth make an even bigger idiot of herself than she already has.


Lauren Booth incites Muslims to ‘liberate’ Jerusalem

INN The former British prime minister’s family member has previously sailed illegally to Gaza on a flotilla boat. She joined an anti-Israel rally in London Trafalgar’s Square, where another protest today (Sunday) may be the last as the mayor London vows to crack down on the incitement as the date for the next Olympics approaches.

The Trafalgar Square rallies against Israel have featured Hizbullah flags.

During last week’s demonstration, Booth went on another rant against Israel. “We say here today to you, Israel, we see your crimes and we loathe your crimes. And to us your nation does not exist, because it is a criminal injustice against humanity. We want to see Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt go to the borders and stop this now. Liberate Al Quds (Jerusalem)! March to Al Quds!”


73 comments on “LAUREN BOOTH: British Chubby Muslim Convert Girl tweets, “You know what would be hilarious? Abolishing the State Of Israel”

    • @Islamic Caliphate Will Rise in Your State

      Half of it is what she says.
      Half of it is because she’s so damned insufferably smug and superioristic.

      I have to ask about your handle…is it a warning, or are you an islamist making a claim?

  1. I would not want to be her… in Numbers 24:9 God says of Israel “…Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.” I would NOT want to be cursed by God!

  2. One has to wonder if any other parts of her have been mutilated apart from her genitals. Her brain for instance?

    Lauren Booth is a half-sister of Cherie Blair, wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the sixth daughter of the actor Tony Booth; her mother is Pamela Smith (Cohen), who’s father was Jewish. (what a fuck-up)

    Tony Booth shagged most of the BBC’s and ITVs female staff in the 1960/70s most of his offsprings abandoned single mothers knew how to work the benefits system.

    Last thing the British public heard of Tony Booth he had 70% burns and was in hospital from smoking a cigarette while washing paint brushs in white spirit.

    Ho-Hum another exciting day in Britain

  3. You know what would be hillarious? This chubby bitch getting nailed by a 20 Lb block of purple ice (airliner lavatory discharge).

  4. You know what would be hilarious? All those countries attacking Israel and having a repeat of the Six Day War, only this time Israel does not give back the land it takes.

    • I’d only add I’d like to see a repeat in which Israel completely obliterates the infrastructure of the islamonazi states involved, incl. their capacity to make war.

  5. Quote:
    13th century Arab biographer Yakut noted: Mecca is holy to Muslims; Jerusalem is holy to the Jews.

    Now that sounds fair enough.
    I just wish that the Ummah would regard the words of its wise men and distinguish between them and the damned fanatics that shout louder.

    • eib,

      Wise men and women ususally talk with calm voice. People who shout louder usually lack emotional intelligence and do not possess pragmatic rational thinking. This lack of ability is founded upon fixed dogma thinking and intellectual laziness. Those that scream and shout are ususally not good communicators. That is why it is rare that a Muslim wins a ‘Nobel Prize.’ Until Muslims learn how to separate false knowledge and truth they will never grow smarter. And Mohammed just a goat herder has proven by his history that he did not have emotional intelligence and did not have the ability to think pragmatically in a wise way. Mohammed was driven by vanity and obsession for sexual lust, greed and power and had no sense of true decency. Mohammed’s logic was emotionally unstable.

  6. She is, apparently, the perfect consequence of thousands of years of island inbreeding. Put her in an institution and lock the door!

  7. Instead fo being an honorary citizen of Gaza, why doesn’t she become an actual citizen of Gaza. The fat worthless slut wants to suck off the welfare tit of liberal England is why.

    • excellant video. please post it everywhere. i would like to put it up on my wall too. yes those who support and aid and abet are even worse than those who do the killings and torture. horrendous to see how they are all in one head to kill,kill, kill and so stupid to think payday is not coming to haunt them one day.

    • Ever Watchful,

      I just watched this video. And subsequently joined youtube. I would like to learn fast-track; how do you copy the picture TV like image across. I can get the location address but I cannot download the on line picture image. Your advice will be appreciated.


  8. Hope this fat assed dhmmi cunt gets pack raped by a bunch of filthy Muztards… But then on the other hand this demented slut will probably love it, dream come true servicing her masters of the evil cult called Shitslam. Long live Israel hope they nuke all of the shithole 57 sandunes and the world will then be finally at peace.

  9. 13th century Arab biographer Yakut noted: Mecca is holy to Muslims; Jerusalem is holy to the Jews.
    Just how many Jews do you want murdered, ANTI-human rights, Lauren Booth? You ask to be shown the straight path? God has shown you the straight path: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER. You are a disgrace to womanhood.

    Lauren, you VOLUNTEERED to convert to Islam. Many abused victims of Islam have not. When you pray 5 times a day, do you pray for all of the non-Muslim girls to be rescued, who have been kidnapped by Muslims, raped and FORCIBLY and VIOLENTLY converted to Islam?

  10. Booth isn’t a ‘useful idiot’ for Islam. She is a useful opportunist. Failed journalist, deadbest. She and her deadbeat hubby, now divored I believed, were bankrupted. Islam is a ‘rising star’, a ‘winner’ in her eyes, so she embraced it for the opportunity. I guess you could call her a hackhag, in that she goes around hacking for Islam. So phony.

      • So if she had been a nobody she wouldn’t be making the big bucks? This is kinda reminiscent of Scientology’s strategy in recruiting big name celebs.

        Do any of you think the guy who runs Little Green Jihadi Footballs might have been paid off to change his tune about pisslam?

        • Iphobe, I didn’t think of that but why wouldn’t he have gone that way right from the beginning? The way he talks since his outing as a leftie POS, sounds as if he’s been talking this way for a long time, and didn’t just have a revelation after getting paid off by CAIR. They never make much headway with true conservatives, only with leftists and moderate leftists, or as in LGF’s case, a phony conservative.

  11. This bitch is a prime example of a birth control experiment gone wrong. I think a more hilarious scenario would be her being gang raped by a bunch of bearded filthy Muslimes….but she’s a liberal retard …she’d probaly like it !

  12. what a sorry sap sucking daushter of a bitch. Did she convert to show off? or is she really that stupid?

  13. Hopefully this mentally sick anti-semite will lead this march to Jerusalem in person then she can be shot dead.

    This wannabe daughter of Himmler needs a holiday in a girls refuge where the poor things try coming to terms with their abuse at the hands of Islam.

  14. She had better repent of becoming a Moslem – and extremely QUICKLY!!!! – before she discovers that she has blasphemed the Holy Ghost!!! Once she does that, it will be too late for her to hope for forgiveness; and her wishing the death of the only tribe of Ancient Israel that always remembered their God means that she’s running a MONSTROUSLY-HUGE risk of doing just that!!!!

    [If she hasn’t already yet called for the death of the entire Jewish race, she’s in mortal danger of doing so because of her ideology; furthermore, that’s an extremely small step from her already calling for the destruction of the modern state of Israel.]

    God, via St. Paul, made it very clear that He NEVER Rejected his Ancient People forever. To the contrary: He Will ALWAYS LOVE and preserve them; consequently, for ANYBODY (no matter how exalted, intelligent {in which Lauren Booth was NOT particularly gifted to begin with}, &c.) to blaspheme them is risking the wrath of God!!!!

    The odds are all too good that He’ll Punish her in this life as well as the life of the world to come…

    • As to Obama wiping the State of Israel off the map: he can – and almost certainly will – try all he wants; however, that won’t succeed no matter how much he or anybody (and everybody) else tries!!!! Too many people – both Westerners and others – know who Israel really is, and they’ll NEVER go against God in doing so!!! They know that to do so would be such a mortal sin as to risk it being THE unforgivable blasphemy!!!!

      Besides, Israel HAS armed herself – and is continuing to arm herself – to the teeth!!! Yes, she may come close to being annihilated, but Biblical Prophecy makes it very clear in BOTH Testaments that it all will fail, as it already has plenty of times!!!!

  15. I swear! Every time I see or hear these Mohammedan bastages talk about how decadent, evil, and ungodly the West is, I want to send them pictures and videos of their supposedly “good” Mohammedan women doing all sorts of un-“Muslima”-ly things with men other than their husbands or cousins *probably one and the same, actually*.

    Of course, that would be wrong of me to fight dirty like that. *beatific smile*

  16. I can’t wait to see her screaming as she is forced to have her genitals mutilated, or being beaten because she upsets her husband. Oh the wonders of Islam!

    • Jerry, What about her poor brainwashed daughters Alex and Holly? Seen here Children intifada

      and their private parts???? When will she cover these poor girls in full length bin bags? Or is it just lefty ‘islam lite’ she is after?

      What kind of future awaits them with a muzzie loving lunatic like this for a Mum? To use your children in this way is just plain wrong, wicked, selfish, damaging and irresponsible. On par for the course really.

  17. You know what would be really Hilarious ? Is that this Pig/Dog be arrested for advocating Violence and Sedition and thrown in jail for 25 to life as the law states…

  18. Anti-Semitism is ‘good’ because Mohammed asksed for the slaughter of all Jews.

    If Lauren Booth had been alive in 1938, she would surely have been an enthusiastic NAZI.

    Lauren Booth could easily have worked in a death camp.

  19. What would be hilarious is her fat ass pulling a donkey cart with a whole family of muzzies sitting in it and a big fat muzzie whipping her along.

  20. Surely, she’ll get tired being a traitor to England and making a living from a hostile foreign country and cashing in on notoriety.

  21. Lets face it, the only reason the muslims want Jerusalem is because, at the moment and forever more it will be in Jewish hands.
    God gave Jerusalem to HIS people and no one
    second guesses “The True God”.

    allah & his buddy muhammed do not even have the right to clean the streets.

  22. This rabid Anti-Zionism is a worse threat to the Jewish people than the National-Socialists ever were. The National-Socialists were, we must always remember, Leftists.

  23. shalom from jerusalem

    frankly my dear we dont give a damn. what a total idiot she is making of herself. i would prefer to let her continue shooting herself in the head as she does such a splendid job

    we here are not going anywhere and will survive all our enemies as we have all through history. unlike our enemies who are fast going down in real trouble

    where is tony blair these days, why does he not say something. like shut up you fool

    • Ruth, you’re back? Where the hell have you been? I was worried one of your Arab neighbors had shut you up for good.

      We have missed your regular reports on the state of the state of Israel.

      You are not allowed to go AWOL from here. Understand?

      Really, though, I am happy to know you are still kicking.

      • shalom, that was really cute. thanks. still here in holy jerusalem

        reading the commments wow i must say that its great to see how many are supporting israel. thanks to all.

    • ruth cohen,

      Well said, I don’t care about such idiots. The more stupid things they say the easier it is to smash their credibility. I shall never comprehend the thinking of women that convert to Islam- they are truly bat-brained, nothing between the ears but darkness.

      Us ‘True Aussies’ support Israel and condemn all persons that reject Israel.

      Go Israel Go – take out the phony state of Palestine.

      Aussie Aussie Aussie supports Israel!

  24. I really wish that the 1.2 Billion Muslims on this planet would stop trying to get everyone else to do what they will not do and go and try to get rid of Israel themselves. But of course after getting their arses kicked a couple of times, they know better. They should be glad that Israel is really NOT an expansionist state cause seeing them get beat another time would be fun. Muslim == Mouthy Coward. Go home and beat your wife.

  25. Unless incitement againast a friendly nation also made a crime this kind of liberal loonism will continue.

    Israel should demand that such ppl be asrreted and complete a xcourse in history and tolerance lectured by jew from israel
    who knows the facts.

    Why is it that she is not thrown in jail
    for incitement and anti-semitism and put through a session in tolerance and true history of israel with a israeli jew teaching the course ?

    when they can make brits go through tolerance course when they righfully or even unintentionaslly make any negatrive often correct remarks against muslims ?

  26. Needless to say this fine upstanding woman has undergone a voluntary clitorectmy, no longer drives, and always walks two strides behind her man. The double standards of these vile pigs is legion.

  27. Another traitorous bitch – but hey, it runs in the family – her brother-inlaw is responsible for opening the floodgates of uncapped immigration from 3rd world islamic shit-holes & other anti-British countries.
    Hang them.

  28. You know what would be hilarious? Exiling this waste of skin to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic hellhole.

  29. I did not know that tweet was live. She’s crazy. Electroshock and Insulin Shock until she regains sanity.

  30. Lauren Booth is an ignorant fool who only gets the oxygen of publicity because of her family association to another fool and traitor. She really doesn’t know that mohammed married a 6 yr old girl and says: ‘Educated women are converting because in islam we are elevated to a place we don’t have in our society’ Warning: This video may make you very mad and want to scream at your pc !!!

    • Just watched the revolting video. Wow. Raising her children to DESPISE God and despise the eternal Word of God. God stated repeatedly in the Bible that He gave Israel to Jews as an everlasting possession. This woman should be trembling in fear for what she is doing.

  31. Anyone here have any doubt, ” the Lord will send them many delusions so that they may believe a lie” is not applicable here, just saying? Another one who will visit and reside within the hell fires of damnation for an eternity. Good riddence to this demon in the flesh, may her days be short.
    Semper Fi

  32. Look at it this way (cynical/hopeful approach): Namely, she’s finally found her calling! Shouldn’t we all just be THRILLED for her? After all, to date (from what little I’ve read about her earlier life), she was pretty much a big fat nobody – that is, until her Christian (Catholic) brother-in-law became PM of Great Britain.

    My guess is that she’s still working out multiple “issues” and that, in time (since, apparently, this has been a pattern of her life), disillusionment will slowly sink into her very thick cranium and she may just lose a little “enthusiasm.” IOW, now that she’s relatively useless to the terrorist network (her brother-in-law is no longer in command, so to speak), she may be sidelined for the “next great Western convert…”

    Meantime, a pox on this misguided and hate-filled beeyatch! And may I suggest a little vacation travel for her – namely to Tahrir Square, where we can arrange to have some undercover mad muzturds rip off her nijab/hijab and any other “modesty” covering. Then, when the Egyptian muzzie savages see that she’s really the “other white meat,” they’ll give her the Lara Logan treatment…

    • Amen Lord K; it most certainly does need cleaning with indusrial strengh whoopass; time for us infidels to roll out some 55 gallon drums of indutrial strength whoopass and pour it all over these ignorant pukes, especially the traitorous pieces of sh– like the one in the above video!! If there were EVER cause for disownment, this b—- is it!!

    • I’ve got a couple of girlbuddies who’d be more than happy to ‘help’ her drink it.
      I’ve checked her out, I’ve watched the vids, then I went digging like a busy little badger…
      …I resent the fact that she stains the feminine gender with her existence. She is an offense to all females across all species.

  33. What a sick, twisted, f*cking c*nt.

    Too bad she didn’t drink herself into a permanent coma before joining the cult of lies, racism, hatred, violence, and misogyny.

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