During WWII, Audrey Bomse would have been Hitler’s Jewish bitch

Today, Audrey Bomse, a far left wing so-called human rights loiyah, is the kind of self-hating Judenrat that would have survived the Holocaust because of her service to the enemy. Today, she serves a different master, a Muslim one, but with the same goals as Hitler, the extermination of the Jews.

A darling of the anti-Israel movement, not the least because of her Jewish heritage,  Audrey Bomse whines about how Western world leaders ignore increasing human rights condemnations over Israel’s gross mistreatment of Palestinian child prisoners.  She bases her accusations on hearsay from Palestinians, perhaps the biggest, most consistent liars of all the liars in the Muslim world. And then wonders why the world ignores them.

Bomse is the current co-chair of its Free Gaza Working Group and participated in the illegal flotillas to break the legal Israeli blockade of Gaza. She was a civil rights, anti-Vienam war and student rights activist at Columbia University in the 60’s and has continued to be involved in Marxist and Islamofascist causes in the US and abroad.

AUDREY BOMSE has been an activist since her student days in the 1960s. She’s been involved in the Civil Rights Movement, the prisoner rights movement, and the El Salvador and Palestinian solidarity movements. As a human rights lawyer, she worked in Israel and the OPT for much of the past 7 years, most recently as coordinator of the United Against Torture Coalition, comprised of 15 Palestinian NGOs representing the interests of Palestinian detainees and working to prevent and combat torture.Audrey was a passenger on the second voyage of the Free Gaza Movement in October 2008, and has been working on legal issues involving the Israeli naval assaults on the Dignity, as well as on Gaza fisherman and their boats. Audrey has been an active member of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG.)