ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE demonstration in Bristol goes off well despite counter protests from left wing fascist thugs

It was a tense time as the EDL had received death threats ahead of its Bristol demonstration, right on the heels of the planned Islamic terrorist attack on the EDl rally in Dewsbury that was intercepted and averted by police the week before.

EDL  Sadly, state-enforced multiculturalism, weak immigration controls and political correctness have all contributed to a situation in which politicians are more likely to defend the enemies of the UK rather than the patriots, portraying them as ‘racists’ or assuming that opposition to Islamization is the same as hating all Muslims.

Groups calling themselves anti-fascists are actually left wing fascists who always side with the Islamofascists, just as Hitler  allied himself with Muslims who also had the same goal of extermination of the Jews.

Despite concerns that the fascists of the misnamed UAF (United Against Fascism) might be looking for a confrontation and the shadow cast by the death threats still hanging over the heads of EDL supporters, the police did an excellent job of safeguarding the demonstration. 14 were arrested but only 2 were from the EDL. Most of the media failed to mention this.

 The BBC reported  “Missiles have been thrown and 14 people arrested during two demonstrations in Bristol.” But it wasn’t until after the demonstration that rubbish bins were overturned and set on fire, lumps of concrete were ripped off the wall and thrown at the police  by the left wing fascists.

At the end of this video, the BBC reporter does admit that most of the trouble caused at the demonstration was by “people opposed to the right wing EDL.”

Flyers seen by the EDL Bristol Division suggested that the group responsible, ‘Antifa’, were lining up for a confrontation at Bristol Temple Meads Station. Thankfully this never materialised, although that may well have been down to the efforts of the police, who told us that they were concerned that Antifa, who have been linked to last year’s so-called ‘Battle of Tesco’ in which several police officers were injured, might be planning violence.


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  1. This is sad are those Brits living caves Im across the pond and see what is going on, defend that scum mooSCums. I say Tommy pack your shit come to the US and you will be a hero, we support you.

  2. Thank you to the EDL, the police, Wild Bill and his father. Keep up the fight in England, the US and all free nations.

  3. B.N.I. – if you know the Stories that have come out of the Brittish Police Stations,ther are over the Centuries,no change to the Design to the inside of these places,People who are taken into the Police Station here still manage to “Accidently fall” down these stairs that seem to at every 5 x Steps of their “interview”.

      • Maybe a cultural exchange programme is in order, BNI. Perhaps it could be arranged for good old Mr Smith to visit Saudi Arabia and hang around with the Committee for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue for a week, take part in a stoning and have a crack at visiting Mecca as a swinishly unclean Infidel. In exchange; have a platoon of the Vice and Virtue Police visit Brighton during a gay pride rally, since the UAF draws plenty of membership from the area. They can enjoy a unique experience of “Cultural Diversity” and maybe have a Babysitter Booth opened with taxpayer funds so they can entrust their children to a Muslim while they’re celebrating their delusions of Multicultural Equality.

  4. “Fight a good fight and we will win”!!,..we’re all for the fight Bill,but we have to do it the way we have at our disposal only,and thats by Protesting and Protesting and Protesting,do it till the Polititians are FORCED to stand up and take notice,we need to spread the word better and use different vehicles to do this,Tommy does a great job,but he needs help from People in Higher places,we need People who can take these concerns into Parliment for us and MAKE them understand the threat of this islamic movement that hoodwinks the E.U.and continauly play the Human Right Card,and i can just hear them say..”Why did’nt we listen to them”??? when it’s all too late.

  5. England has a complex history which includes the worst of bad guys and the best of good guys – they were among the top slavers but it was also one of them who started the anti-slavery movement. Their class system added to eternal conflict between haves and have-nots and since they have in recent years elected lefties who really have little clue, the voters must be blamed as much as the politicians who can best be described as just plain dumb. Is this what happens to former empires?

  6. I echo what was said above. You are NOT Bristol. You are traitors, and should be treated as such. It’s good to hear that the BBC actually reported a fact for a change. Maybe now, people will begin to see the UAF for what it is, a fascist organization.

  7. You can always tell the true Fascist like BAF,Antifa,Black Blc, etc at a rally because they cover their faces so not to be ID when they commit crimes which is what they are there for..Most are spoiled rich kids that think it cool to cause trouble. I have been up against them many times at their Anti-American protest and they are REAL WIMPS and their mom and dad’s still think the are at the mall while the are pulling this shit..Real LOOSERS..
    Good Job EDL and to the Police Dept..
    Jim Diehl “Gathering Of Eagles” Washington,NC USA

    • Indeed, you are correct!

      Masked terrorists!

      A mask is always a THREAT…

      …the Islamic veil is a rape threat aimed at ‘slutty’ Kafir women.

  8. “At the end of this video, the BBC reporter does admit that most of the trouble caused at the demonstration was by ‘people opposed to the right wing EDL.'”

    Ofcourse. Readers here understand that reactive, violent behavior is the MO of the totalitarians (leftists) and ignorants (those who NEVER consider any views but their own, and try to criminalize any opposition), and that is exactly what islamofascists, i.e, the mohammidasses and their dhimmi dupes, are. It’s becoming increasingly clear to the islamist nazi thugs that muslim hegemony (stealth jihad) isn’t going to bring about submisson of, and victory over, civilized societies, and that the sword will now have to be put to use. The EDL, the Golden Dawn, and the growing number of others of and they’re not going to take any more of it, and are going to take the fight to the enemy.

    We’re in the early stages of the beginning of what is probably going to turn into a full-out war against the dark side.

  9. Poor Brits. They had shitty leaders before ww2 and they have them now. At the beginning of ww2 the germans were shooting buzzbombs at London and the brit government was sending bombers to Germany with leaflets saying that England had no problem with Nazis…..Why do the British people let such shitty leadership remain in office?

    • Actually, the “Buzz-bombs” (V-1s) didn’t start flying until after the Normandy Landings in 1944. Then in August of that year the first V-2s were launched, and continued to be launched at Britain until the Allies pushed the Germans back across their own borders.

      That said, I agree that Britain has some rather shoddy leadership, as do we Americans, alas.

  10. I am fed up with the fools, cowards, and dhimmis in America who are not waking up and taking decisive action against the Islamic invasion.

    I was really inspired by Wild Bill’s video. Islam should be classified with Naziism and Communism. We should also prosecute seditious behavior under the RICO statute because racketeering is advancing under the masquerade of “religion”.

  11. I am absolutely shocked that the Left-wing, pro-Muslim Baghdad Broadcasting Channel actually said that Leftist fascists were the ones causing most the trouble.

    Or maybe the reporter had too much of a conscience to follow the usual BBC protocol.

    • Gondor, I wasn’t going to post that report til I heard the last line. And I had to play it twice to make sure I heard it right.

  12. EDL HEROES, I am so proud of you! Standing up for the protection and human rights of every non-Muslim on earth!

    Different skin colors; different races; Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists. We are all brother and sister infidels. We are one.

    Long live FREEDOM!

  13. Thank you, UK police, for protecting patriotic, courageous human rights activists, EDL, from the hateful, VIOLENT, anti-freedom protestors – TRAITORS and allies of the Islamo-Fascists who seek Muslim conquest of Britain.

    How dare these filthy Nazi TRAITORS call themselves “We are Bristol”. You are NOT Bristol! You are filthy TRAITORS.

  14. THe BBC announcer who says at the end of the video: “I think that most of the trouble was caused by people opposed to the EDL”

    I’ll take a bet that is the end of his career with the BBC.

  15. Are the anti-human rights, anti-EDL, anti-freedom, anti-humanity demonstrators paid by Saudi Arabia or do they volunteer their services for free?

    Since 9/11, Muslims have carried out more than 19,217 deadly terror attacks.

    Take a quick look at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

    You will see the god that they follow and it will make you sick.

    Why have many millions of Islam’s foot soldiers been imported into our countries to wage jihad against us, in accordance with their war book, the Koran?

  16. good bless EDL…Again we must fight the fascism, because and again the leftist, the war and millions of inocent people will dye as cause of cowardy of left parties…

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