ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE demonstration in Bristol goes off well despite counter protests from left wing fascist thugs

It was a tense time as the EDL had received death threats ahead of its Bristol demonstration, right on the heels of the planned Islamic terrorist attack on the EDl rally in Dewsbury that was intercepted and averted by police the week before.

EDL  Sadly, state-enforced multiculturalism, weak immigration controls and political correctness have all contributed to a situation in which politicians are more likely to defend the enemies of the UK rather than the patriots, portraying them as ‘racists’ or assuming that opposition to Islamization is the same as hating all Muslims.

Groups calling themselves anti-fascists are actually left wing fascists who always side with the Islamofascists, just as Hitler  allied himself with Muslims who also had the same goal of extermination of the Jews.

Despite concerns that the fascists of the misnamed UAF (United Against Fascism) might be looking for a confrontation and the shadow cast by the death threats still hanging over the heads of EDL supporters, the police did an excellent job of safeguarding the demonstration. 14 were arrested but only 2 were from the EDL. Most of the media failed to mention this.

 The BBC reported  “Missiles have been thrown and 14 people arrested during two demonstrations in Bristol.” But it wasn’t until after the demonstration that rubbish bins were overturned and set on fire, lumps of concrete were ripped off the wall and thrown at the police  by the left wing fascists.

At the end of this video, the BBC reporter does admit that most of the trouble caused at the demonstration was by “people opposed to the right wing EDL.”

Flyers seen by the EDL Bristol Division suggested that the group responsible, ‘Antifa’, were lining up for a confrontation at Bristol Temple Meads Station. Thankfully this never materialised, although that may well have been down to the efforts of the police, who told us that they were concerned that Antifa, who have been linked to last year’s so-called ‘Battle of Tesco’ in which several police officers were injured, might be planning violence.