ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION JIHAD: Muslims take over the California State Capital in Sacramento…AGAIN!

Whenever Muslims infiltrate our government buildings, they get down on their hands and knees, stick their asses in the air, and pray for our destruction…always sponsored by terror-linked CAIR.

It’s time for Christian, Jewish, and other religions to demand the same kind of access to politicians and prayer rooms in the Capital.

KQED  This past weekend it was Muslim students, holding a mock Senate session right inside the Capital Building. In March, it was Muslim adults invading the capital to have one-on-one with representatives.  Dozens of Muslim high school students from around California are gathered in Sacramento this weekend for a series of workshops on leadership and political activism.

The Muslim Youth Leadership Program is sponsored by the the Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations, a nonprofit Muslim liberties and advocacy organization.

Sacramento Valley Chapter Coordinator Mohammed Ali says the highlight of the conference is a mock legislative session, where students draft and debate bills on the floor of the state Senate. 

“In fact,” Ali said, “from the beginning of the program to the end of the program all the students are to be called ‘senators’.” The students are also meeting with intruding on actual members of the Senate and Assembly and learning how to get involved in political campaigns.