Saudi man killed and his family seriously injured in fatal car crash while being chased by Saudi religious police

‘Morality’ police accused the driver of the car of listening to children’s songs with his family in a park in Baha province. The driver, Abdulrahman al Ghamdi, drove off and was pursued by the police at high speed before losing control of the car and dying in the crash.

BBC  (H/T Susan K) The officers involved have been detained and are being questioned.  The Emir of the Baha region is reported to have said he was appalled at how the religious police behaved.

But supporters of the religious police say they have been unfairly blamed. Part of their role is to patrol the streets to stop what they see as infringements of the country’s strict Muslim code.

American Bedu  The car sped off with the religious police in pursuit, and  fell down a bank and crashed at an overpass that was still under construction., killing Ghamdi. His nine year-old son is in a coma and his five months pregnant wife may have to have her arm amputated as a result of the accident. His younger daughter, 4, is in stable condition in hospital with several broken bones. Nasser al-Zahrani, a spokesman for the CPVPV in al-Baha confirmed the report. “There is a committee set up and an investigation ongoing to look into the incident,” he said.