British school children no longer learn about the Crusades or the Holocaust, but get punished if they refuse to pray to Allah

In an effort to counter ‘Islamophobia’ in British schools, children are being brainwashed about Islam and even punished if they refuse to pray to Allah. If they want to eliminate ‘Islamophobia’ get rid of the cause – Muslims. Ban Muslim immigration and start deporting illegals and non-citizen Muslims.

GATESTONE Institute  In Scotland, 30 non-Muslim children from the Parkview Primary School recently were required to visit the Bait ur Rehman Ahmadiyya mosque in the Yorkhill district of Glasgow. At the mosque, the children were instructed to recite the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith which states: “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” Muslims are also demanding that Islamic preachers be sent to every school in Scotland to teach children about Islam, ostensibly in an effort to end negative attitudes about Muslims.

In an effort to counter “Islamophobia” in British schools, teachers now are required to teach “key Muslim contributions such as Algebra and the number zero” in math and science courses, even though the concept of zero originated in India.

In Cheshire, two students at the Alsager High School were punished by their teacher for refusing to pray to Allah as part of their religious education class.


In the East London district of Tower Hamlets, four Muslims were recently jailed for attacking a local white teacher who gave religious studies lessons to Muslim girls; and 85 out of 90 schools have implemented “no pork” policies.

Schools across Britain are, in fact, increasingly banning pork from lunch menus to avoid offending Muslim students. Hundreds of schools have adopted a “no pork” policy, according to a recent report by the London-based Daily TelegraphThe culinary restrictions join a long list of politically correct changes that gradually are bringing hundreds of British primary and secondary education into conformity with Islamic Sharia law.

The London Borough of Haringey, a heavily Muslim district in North London, is the latest school district to switch to a menu that is fully halal (religiously permissible for Muslims). The Haringey Town Council recently issued “best practice” advice to all schools in its area to “ban all pork products in order to cater for the needs of staff and pupils who are not permitted contact with these for religious reasons.”

Local politicians have criticized the new policy as pandering to Muslims, and local farmers, who have pointed out that all schools in Britain already offer vegetarian options, have accused school administrators of depriving non-Muslim children of a choice. Following an outcry from non-Muslim parents, the town council removed the guidance from its website, although the new policy remains in place.

At the Cypress Junior School, in Croydon, south London, school administrators announced in the school newsletter dated June 1, 2012 that the school has opted for a pork-free menu “as a result of pupil and parental feedback.” In Luton, an industrial city some 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of London where more than 15% of the population is now Muslim, 23 out of 57 schools have banned pork.

In the City of Bradford, a borough of West Yorkshire in Northern England where there are now twice as many practicing Muslims that there are practicing Anglicans, 24 out of 160 schools have eliminated pork from their menus. In Newham (East London), 25 out of 75 schools have banned pork. Other pork-free schools include Cranford Park Primary School in Hayes (Middlesex), and Dog Kennel Hill Primary in East Dulwich (South London).

The Borough of Harrow in northwest London was among the first in Britain to encourage halal menus. In 2010, Harrow Council announced plans to ban pork in the borough’s 52 state primary schools, following a switch by ten secondary schools to offer halal-only menus.

Lunch menus are not the only area in which “cultural sensitivity” is escalating in British schools. In West Yorkshire, the Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery School in Batley has banned stories featuring pigs, including “The Three Little Pigs,” in case they offend Muslim children.

In Nottingham, the Greenwood Primary School cancelled a Christmas nativity play; it interfered with the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. In Scarborough, the Yorkshire Coast College removed the words Christmas and Easter from their calendar not to offend Muslims.

Also in Cheshire, a 14-year-old Roman Catholic girl who attends Ellesmere Port Catholic High School was branded a truant by teachers for refusing to dress like a Muslim and visit a mosque.

In Stoke-on-Trent, schools have been ordered to rearrange exams, cancel swimming lessons and stop sex education during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.In Norwich, the Knowland Grove Community First School has axed the traditional Christmas play to “look at some of the other great cultural festivals of the world.”

Meanwhile, the politically correct ban on pigs in Britain also extends to toys for children. A toy farm set called HappyLand Goosefeather Farm recently removed pigs in order to avoid offending Muslims.

The pig removal came to public attention after a British mother bought the toy as a present for her daughter’s first birthday. Although the set contained a model of a cow, sheep, chicken, horse and dog, there was no pig, despite there being a sty and a button which generated an “oink” sound.

After the mother complained, the Early Learning Centre (ELC), which manufactures the toy, responded: “Previously the pig was part of the Goosefeather Farm. However due to customer feedback and religious reasons this is no longer part of the farm.”

After a public outcry, however, ELC later reversed its decision: “We recognize that pigs are familiar farm animals, especially for our UK customers. We have taken the decision to reinstate the pig and to no longer sell the set in international markets where it might create an issue.”


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  1. i am verry conserrned for the world to day when our leaders nolonger stand up for our countrys. against the devil of islame. mohomed was the devil’s revench against the true GOD!. wy is it they talk of us offending muslims,moslims. or islam,.
    well how about the fact that they come to our country kill blow up people.
    men women.children. then exspect us not to ofend them.
    i whate for the day win our people in all countrys take a stand and fores them out.
    it probobly would mean a wore. after all we are in one now! and islame is whinnig.
    how miney have dide for there country’s freedom and right’s was it for nothing.
    my father stationd in england durring world wore two along with so meny others.
    and so meny never came back .
    if they were here today they would ask was it for nothin.
    they foght for the right to worship freely as you wish.
    dear Qween!
    and those under you pleace take astand and send moslims back to their country.
    not to reaturn!.
    mnay the real GOD! help us!! he will when the country’s get on thier nees and pray.
    and not to a fults god . Moslims look up to a madman who married a 10 year old child how sick is that. get them out of our country’s and distroy thier mosks.
    let them know how offended we are of them.
    CHRISTIANS are killed by them! and they hate GOD’S childeren the jew and will kill them.
    how about the fact they offend eny one who is not moslim.
    pleace if they alow and dont senser this you all can see im a bad speller .
    try not to hold it against me. i love the true GOD who dide on the cross. and wish i could explain myself better.
    and God may hate the sin of moslim’s beleafs he still loves us all so moslim give JESUS THE TRU god a try and repent!!.

  2. If i did NOT knew better i would think sorry for you…BUT NOT ANYMORE!
    The ONLY good news i get 4 all OF YOU FROM HEAVEN IS/…
    Thoes are NOT english or your kinds..I just could protect every one who IS OR WAS ANTI-PISSLAM/ALWAYS DO!The nationality obviously my energi dont care!
    This is the way they wanted 2 take over the world! in 700 years…all witches came 2 this sect…when they found out 1400 years ago pedophilmuhaMAD was the founder of pisslam was a witch and together with 3OTHERS witches put this sect/system of suroundingshit..rules! It may be a trust,4 U? The ORGINALS are gone!!!!

  3. You Americans really are stupid. No wonder the rest of the world think most of yous are not even worth the dirt beneath our shoes. We British students reguarly had schools trips to churches, mosques, synagogues and temples as well as science museums. Do not worry Christians out of America know the American Christian ways are wrong and yous will suffer in Hell just the same amount that you people think Muslims will. At least you will have your Muslim brothers there to talk with :)

    • Another Communist stool-pigeon who also despises non-Europeans!!!!

      Think your culture is so much superior??? Just watch as your beloved Moslem allies DESTROY IT ALL in the name of your totalitarian “god”!!!!

      DEATH TO BOTH ISLAM AND COMMUNISM – and while we’re at it, Nazism, Fascism and ALL other totalitarianism!!!! Also, the LAST people fit to be given ANYTHING from this world of any good are totalitarians!!!

  4. pto,
    And a message to our prime minister mr cameron, When are you going to have the clits removed from your daughters.?

  5. How dare these slaughterers of other faiths and of animals land and people force children from a CHRISTIAN country to bow down to that peadofile of a man they pray to ,
    To the Father , Son , and HOLY Ghost ,
    GOD send down your angels of war against these vermin , JESUS rise again and repay us mortal people against these DEVILS IN DISGUISE,
    To all Muslims that force upon our christian children , I swear to my GOD that I will die with vengance in my heart against those whom do these things to our tribe , The Twelve tribes of ISRAEL, WILL RISE AND YOU muslims will bow down to our God for mercy.
    It makes my heart sad to know that our Goverments are letting our faiths to be torn apart by the one and truly RACIST islam.
    I WILL be a Soldier of Christ and smite you down. AMEN.

  6. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.
    The whole world hates Islam and Muslims and that hatred is manifesting itself in all aspects of life. The hatred will grow and manifest exponentially and there will be no sympathy because the Muslims brought it on themselves. So chill everybody or if you want to make a contribution don’t buy anthing from a Muslim shop, don’t employ a muslim and only vote for politicians who want to take all the benefits of the countries and culture, they hate so much, away from them.

  7. I live in Michigansistan, home to Dearbornistan. They have largest population of Muslims in the country. Another city that has a Muslim problem is Hamtramack. It used to be an older, Polish/Catholic/Lithuanian neighborhood. Now they are not allowed to play their church bells on Sunday because it OFFENDS the Muslims. We now have foot baths in 2 of our colleges.

    To Abdul, IF you are truly a moderatge Muslim, then you are apostate and had better be watching your back or you might just end up with your head in a basket. Where the “good” Muslims go, the bad soon follow. There are not enough good Muslims to go around. And even if they were, they won’t say anything because their head would end up in a basket as well. If Islam is such a “peaceful” religion, than stop cutting off heads, stop trying to impose YOUR rules in OUR country. There are many legislators here in America trying to pass rules saying American law for American courts. Our nation was founded on JUDEO-CHRISTIAN values, not the values of a pedophile prophet.

    When the police in Dearbornistan can make the Christians leave the Arab Festival and lets the Muslims stone the Christians, then something needs to be done. The chief of police in Dearbornistan is Muslim and half the force are Muslims. Given the teachings of Islan, whose side doyou think they were on? The Christians got escorted off the property. Property I might add that they pay for with taxes.

    Islam is NOT a religion of peace, and there is no such thing as a good Muslim. Wake up and care for your childern before they put YOUR head in a basket.

    • Mi Patriot,

      Sad to say but it sounds like a circle needs to be drawn around this USA Islamic terrority; and now needs a civil war action in this fixed region to send a loud clear and danger message to the rest of the nation. If this circle keeps expanding joining other circles, key links shall evolve and Islam will take control of that territory. You guys are lucky you have the right to bare arms; here in Australia we are unarmed. I hate the thought of civil war action but sadly it is coming and there does not seem to be any way of stopping it. Submission to Islam is not acceptable- in the words of past American & French Patriots give me liberty or give me death. Australians will be forced to fight like in the French revolution with only knives, pitchforks, hoes and axes.

  8. It will happen soon enough in the USA if we don’t fight back now! This is DISGUSTING to say the least and we need to take back OUR countries!

  9. I have read every post and have come to the conclusion that you all have relevant points but none of you have the full picture of all your up against and what and how it’s being done to you. I would like to suggest that instead of speeding your dwindling time complaining no matter how justified it may be, instead get a better education about what you’ve brought into your countries,the rate at which they multiply and how long you have left to get united and start cleaning house before the tenant becomes the landlord and you find yourselves evicted. You can start with Bill Warner on YouTube. Leave a comment if you wish further study material
    and I will endeavor to assist.

    • Zoolik,

      I have been studying Islam since 1984 when I read the Koran; and since then I have been spreading the word against Islam but apathy is high and many people have refused to believe my warnings. I have handed out highlighted photocopies of pages in the Koran to open peoples eyes. For the last 12 months I have been forwarding key BNI reports to friends and family some support me other’s have accused my call for banning of Islam as being offensive. Some claim they believe in equality and therefore accept Islam as equals; and will not listen. That includes one of my own step-daughters. And one of my step-sons against my criticism, married a Muslim girl, now lives in Singapore changed his name to Islamic, and has not contacted his mother in over 18 months. We are fighting stupidity and ignorance. Most of us that are educated are not whining we are opposing. And we share understanding on BNI. I have learned a lot about overseas problems simply by regularly reading of the comments on BNI and other websites against Islam. Our fight is first to defeat our enemy… apathy & ignorance; we need more numbers in opposition to Islam in order to stop Islam’s expansion. That’s our first major hurdle.

  10. Someone needs to acquaint Pope Benedict with that Catholic School making the kids say muslim prayers. I am sure multiple Canon laws are being violated. When he was Cardinal Ratzinger and head of The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith he would have never let this stand.

  11. It’s rather unfortunate Hitler didn’t kill the Muslims instead of the jews.Imagine if you would a world without muslims! Imagine how many scientific discoveries and peace obtainable with such a world.
    The only solution I see is militant action against the Muslims. Not through peace but war.If you want to lose your culture to the Muslims keep talking and doing nothing. First you all need your guns back. Good luck.

  12. Dear Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters of the UK, i urge you all to resist the islamic terrorist doctorate in all its forms, do not submit under the threat of terror or being labelled a racist, fight for your freedom to believe in what you want, resistance needs to be brought to stop the islamifacation of England.

    This has been seen for over 15 centuries islam moves into a highly evolved and far superior technologically advanced race and Destroys it from the inside.

    I urge you all to Fight,Speak out and resist islam in all its forms.

    • I would like to point out that Islam is not a race nor is it a religion per say. If all nazis prayed to hitler would that too be called a religion. It has it’s similarities I must admit but they are purely superficial. Islam is the fundamental indoctrination of a political ideology based on the same ideals of the Nazi superior race(did you really think hitler was so brilliant that he came up with the master race idea on his own?) would you be a racist if you disagreed with nazism? Would that mean that all Germans were bad? Brain washed maybe, in denial perhaps but not all bad. I’ll get to the point, not tolerating Islam can not and will not make anyone a racist.

  13. Dave writes”…fuck off Abdul, go live in a Muslim country…” True enough, but we need to remember something IMPORTANT: The Muslims are taught all people are Muslim at birth and all lands are Muslim by divine providence, therefore, in their minds, they see us as squatters and all our possesions as rightfully theirs. This is how they can act the way they do and feel OK about it.
    Pretty pathologic isn’t it? I post this as it is important to “know thy enemy”.

    • But that just it, the whole world is being Islamized, some countries faster than others, they see our homes as soon to be their homes and if you ask where we will live, well when they finish the take over we won’t live unless we become enslaved by Islam. History dose tend to repeat itself and if you read Exodus you will know what I mean.

  14. As noted in the article, flagrantly disloyal British ruling elites and schools, are eager to brainwash non-Muslim British children for the totalitarian, political-religious system of global Islam.

    From a survey on Muslims:
    Many British Muslims Put Islam First
    Almost one in four British Muslims believe that last year’s 7/7 attacks on London were justified.
    When asked, “Is Britain my country or their country?” only one in four say it is. Thirty percent of British Muslims would prefer to live under Sharia (Islamic religious) law than under British law.

    Twenty-eight percent hope for the U.K. one day to become a fundamentalist Islamic state. This comports with last year’s Daily Telegraph newspaper survey that found one-third of British Muslims believe that Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to end it.

    The news is no less alarming on the question of freedom of speech. Seventy-eight percent support punishment for the people who earlier this year published cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed. Sixty-eight percent support the arrest and prosecution of those British people who “insult Islam.” When asked if free speech should be protected, even if it offends religious groups, 62 percent of British Muslims say No, it should not.

    The scary reality is that only three percent of British Muslims “took a consistently pro-freedom of speech line on these questions.” The Muslim threat to British security is so severe that the assistant London police commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur, has called for an inquiry into the radicalization of young Muslims. Ghaffur sadly describes “a generation of angry young people vulnerable to exploitation.”

    The shocking response of UK leaders to this alarming situation is to increase Muslim immigration as much as they possibly can; Islamize Britain against the will of the British people, and do their utmost to craftily convert British schoolchildren to Islam.

  15. Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, supports Sharia. He is evil. He is anti-Britain, anti-woman, anti-human rights, anti-freedom, anti-God, anti-Bible and opposed to the Laws given by God in the Bible. And of course, opposed to Britain’s laws.

    The most evil people have infiltrated the church. When they become leaders, they are then able to do far more damage in the church than they could ever do outside of the church.

  16. ‘Political correctness’ sounds so mild, so INOFFENSIVE. Rabid HATE hides behind the deceptive mask of political correctness. Possessed with an all-consuming HATE for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our Glorious, Awesome, Wonderful Creator, UK leaders and schools, bow down to the dark god of Islam. The death god, who, in the Koran war book, commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims and in the Koran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslim infidels.

    Schools are using their very significant power to forcibly convert British children to Islam: “In Cheshire, two students at the Alsager High School were punished for refusing to pray to Allah. In Scotland, 30 non-Muslim children from the Parkview Primary School were instructed to recite the shahada”.

    Islam is the only “religion” on earth that blows up people, buildings, planes, trains, buses, restaurants, markets, etc. And attacks and murders little children as at Beslan.

    UK schools are seeking to steal British children’s souls for Islam! The entire nation should be in an uproar, protesting in every village, town and city!

    Paul Weston of British Freedom, Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll, of EDL and British Freedom, have all spoken out about the tremendous importance of DEFENDING Christianity!

    Kevin Carroll: The government is facilitating the Islamification of this country! It’s got to stop! You’ve got to defend Christianity at all costs! At all costs. Defend Christianity at every turn! At every possible chance, defend Christianity!
    EDL Dewsbury 30/06/12 – Kevin Carroll Speech

    • Linda, if you have friends or relatives in the UK, you should send them this story. I would be a lot of them will be shocked to see it.

  17. “In an effort to counter “Islamophobia” in British schools, teachers now are required to teach “key Muslim contributions such as Algebra and the number zero” in math and science courses, even though the concept of zero originated in India.” End of quote.

    UK leaders and schools are VERY zealous for the god of Islam and LIE and DECEIVE for Islam, to despised infidel children. In their vile lies, they emulate huge slave trader, and mass murderer, Mohammad, founder of Islam, who declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    “In Nottingham, the Greenwood Primary School cancelled a Christmas nativity play; it interfered with the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. Yorkshire Coast College removed the words Christmas and Easter from their calendar not to offend Muslims.”

    Britain’s schools and colleges DESPISE and HATE God, the Bible, Jesus Christ and Christianity. The Christ Child who was born at Christmas; gave His life at Easter, and rose again on the third day. Britain’s schools and colleges much prefer to bow down to the death god of Islam.

  18. What Happened to the Marxists? They used to be Atheists, and claimed Religion was a Capitalist tool. Well I guess ISLAM is really NOT a RELIGION, but a whacky CULT founded by a Polygamist who married a 6 year old girl child!

  19. I’m British-American and I’m deeply distressed, disgusted and angry about this horrible betrayal of Brits.

    Will UK leaders next declare they want to re-name London, Londonistan, and re-name Britain, Britanistan?
    And ask Muslims if Britain can join the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) the 56 Islamic states promoting Muslim solidarity in economic, social, and political affairs?

    Avoiding offending the massive numbers of Muslim immigrants who have been imported by UK leaders, is regarded as one of Britain’s top priorities. When was the exact date that Islam conquered Britain? British leaders behave as if Islam has conquered Britain, yet Muslim conquest was achieved without violence and mass slaughters of hundreds of thousands, and UK leaders IMPORTED the Muslims!

    World-famous Winston Churchill, declared: We will fight in the hills. We will fight in the streets, but we will NEVER SURRENDER!

    UK leaders spit on the graves of our many World War Two brave heroes who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom and safety, and surrender willingly to totalitarian, colonizing Islam, and even FORCE over-burdened British taxpayers to finance the Muslim conquest.

    In all of history, nations never changed their culture for immigrants! Neither did nations allow immigrants to break their laws and REWARD immigrants for breaking their laws because the immigrants worshiped a different god! Polygamy is against the law in Britain, but Muslims are allowed to break the law and given free housing and benefits for Muslim males’ multiple wives, and large numbers of children. Islamic paradise is paid for by exhausted, hard-working Brits.

    In all of history, nations never allowed immigrants to violently attack the indigenous people of a nation and allow the violent attackers to walk free in court, because the cruel attackers worshiped another god.

    Brits! Fight for your freedom, safety and human rights! Every day, everywhere, pass out the British Freedom 20 Point Plan!

  20. Are they teaching the kids arabic too? What next how to slaughter an animal hellal style! A bur a f bur!! Cooking classes in how to make arab food! Hello! Its all part of Muslim Domination!! Aint it lovely! Anyone for a beheading!

    • VC, I don’t know about there, but in NYC, Mayor Dhimmi Bloomberg just made Arabic mandatory in some elementary schools. Soon to be in all schools.

  21. Where’s Braveheart when he’s needed? I’m surprised he doesn’t rise from the grave. I can’t believe the Scots are allowing this obscenity to exist.

  22. I’m not a Brit; I’m American, but from what I’ve seen and heard I can only say just what many more, in the UK and US are thinking: “Oh, HELL NO!!!!!”

  23. Thankyou fellow Crusaders, your outrage at what we in the UK are being forced to go through is comforting.

    Remember this, about 50% of the membership of the Labour Party in UK are teachers and most in the state sector are marxsists. So, Labour governments are the politicle arm of the trade union movement, most are commies.

    The law says that every school should have a session of worship every day, predominantly Christian, the teachers religated that to the history books years ago, and HMG dosen’t seem to care. What you see in this report, is teaching kids to accept being ruled by Sharia by 2030, when these white kids will be THE minority in the land of their forebearers.

    Because of the grip of the media, we have blocked the arteries of debate and change in UK, ALL three main parties are collectivist and determined to destroy Britain however long it takes, and because of this concensus between media CON LAB and LIB, no one else has a chance of being elected because all the jounalists are lefties too, so most reporting is selective therefore people never read sites like this one, the fools are slaves and don’t know it.

    We have been betrayed by EVERY government since we voted to stay in a “free trade zone” in 1975 that has now turned into a system of oppression – the EU. They won’t let us have a vote on our OWN future, if we could, we would leave the EU and get out of “The Barcelona Aggreement” google it, the EUs dirty secret. We are being delivered into the arms of Islam over a 50 or 60 year time scale, and when there are to few of us to vote to leave the EU, HMG will stage a vote, all the immigraants and muzzies will vote to do what the gov says, and that will be the end of the UK.

    Successive British Governments will have dispossed the decendents of the first and second world wars of their OWN country – TREASON, HIGH TREASON.

    This situation breaks my heart because i went to two Church schools my wife too but our three children have all been brainwashed into acepting this situation to the point of being hostile to their own father, they only know what they have been taught by lefties.

    If you cannot kill socialism in US of A, this will be your fate without a doubt. FIGHT.

    • Gleaner, of all the horrible stories I find about what’s going on in the UK because of the muslims, this one upset me more than most. I was literally shaking as I was posting it.

      • I’m sorry to hear that BNI. It’s the worst to see good people suffer. Do something fun for yourself and Mr. BNI. Go see a movie, get some ice cream. You deserve it BNI!

  24. This is not by accident. All this has been meticulously orchestrated by those in power. Time to relieve those in power, of their power. Get out of the EU and the UN.

  25. what really bothers meabout the story is recitation of the shadaha and labeling of a Roman Catholic girl going to a catholic achool a truant because she refused to dress as a Muslim. WHY SHOULD SHE DRESS AS A MUSLIM SHE’S GOING TO A CATHOLIC SCHOOL?

  26. Soon there will be beheadings in the streets and all woman will be required to wear burkas…..and the Brits will just laugh and look the other way because they have all become castrated fools.

  27. What the hell is wrong with England? Really? Have they lost their minds? How is this happening? Have they all turned into cowards?

  28. I thought the British government paid for private schools. There was something about the government was paying for a private school for Arab children and the children was being hit.

    Well maybe the British people should set up busing to private religious-non-Islam schools . The British government has a wish of going broke make them pay.

    The people in England has rights take back the money going to support invaders and pay for education. America didn’t join in WW2 for England to be conquer from within.

    Hopefully America wakes up and kicks Obama out. If it was left to these people Hither would of got into the White House. Can see why Anderson from C.N.N wants Obama because he was to marry his boyfriend in any state.

    But if we lose the fight to the Arabs hope they cut Anderson and his boyfriends nuts off.

    • james, yes, an undercover film crew videod Muslim teachers beating the crap out of Muslim students for not memorizing the quran fast enough. And yes, taxpayers fund a lot, if not all, of those Islamic schools.

      • The US joined WW II because it was attacked by Japan. UD declared war on Japan. Japn and Italy declared war on the US. However the US had been fighting a hot naval war with germany for close to a year before Pearl Harbor. Basically anything German in the Western half of the Atlantic was being attacked on sight and sunk.

        • Make that US declared war. Also there was lend lease. The US provided vast amounts of military material to Britian from 1940 on in exchange for the Virgin islands.

        • Italy and Germany declared war on America,America declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbour.There were attacks by America upon German shipping prior to the declaration of war by Italy and Germany,this was mostly due to German aggression upon American vessels.

          It’s bye the bye anyway mate,im not here to fall out with my American allies.

  29. Are they making these kids recite the shahada?
    If they are all these kids are now technically Muslims. I’m certain Britain’s present will be our future in the USA. There is no middle ground between islamofascism and freedom. It’s one or the other as is amply demonstrated by how every islamic state on this earth today operates today.

  30. Try that crap here, I’d smack the shit out of a teacher if they attempted ANY of that with my child. Besides that my child would be smart enough to tell them NO. He loves God and can easily identify scum for what they are.

  31. Sam vega – I know an Iranian who escaped from Iran years ago on a camel, no less, and the first thing he told me after he was from Iran was that he wasn’t a muslim. He is grateful for the western country who took him in.

    For someone who escaped from Iran, you seem somewhat ignorant of Islam. The whole purpose of Islam is to take over the entire earth, as they believe it belongs to Allah and his followers, muslims. Practicing muslims will never speak out because they believe the same thing, and non-practicing muslims won’t speak out because they fear practicing muslims. It is either Islam or the highway – I say take the highway and get the hell out.

  32. I’m a Protestant, and my mother wouldn’t even allow me to enter a Catholic Church. I had a known communist teacher, and my mother phoned the principal and told him to put me in another class – he did.

    The power is with the parents, and they need to unite and say “NO” to their children being indoctrinated into Islam. These schools aren’t even allowed to mention Christ, so why the hell are they allowed to force Islam onto these children? People better wake up and after they wake up, get off your their backsides and do something.

  33. This doesn’t surprise me about the English being so passive and allowing themselves to be bullied by outsiders, but I thought the Scots were supposed to be fiercely independent and demanding separation from Britain? I guess that was all bluster.

  34. Solution! Do not bow down to the Muslims coming to this country! Solution! Deport every stinking Muslim from this country!
    Deport Muslims back to their countries! Deport Africans back to their hell holes.
    Make Britain an all white nation! Allow only thos cultures that have the same values and ways of life to migrate.
    Remove the scum now! Before its too late!

  35. What wrong with the parents of the children attending these schools? If I had a kid and they were going to a school and I found out Islam was being taught, I’d very pissed and be wanting to speak out quickly to the school board. I’d also be organizing the parents to speak out. Muslims are starting to try this crap here in America. Students taken to a Mosque and forced to kneel on those filty rugs to pray. What happened to the separation of church and state? Why is Islam given a pass?

  36. Im a Iranian born Brit and not a follower of any religion… The problems we face today with regards to Islam is solely the governments fault (and of course fanatics and extremists) I love England – its the country that gave me refuge from Islamic extremism, we had to escape from irans religious fundementality years ago, and I’ll be damned if I let them islamise England, the worst thing in my opinion is to support racist groups like EDL, instead write to your mp’s and let them know England is not a Muslim country and schools should remain neutral when it comes to religion. You want to be Muslim that’s your prerogative but keep it in your homes and mosques don’t force it on the community. Also I wish more Muslims would speak up against this but the sad act is they won’t.

    • Sam, the EDL is not racist, despite what your media and politicians say. There are people of every race in the EDL and of course, as you know, Islam is not a race, so how can being anti-Islamist be racist? There are several commenters who are in the EDL, perhaps you should talk to them.

    • Where exactly is non radical islam being practiced? Which muslime countries don’t persecute people of other faiths again? What race is islam again?

    • @Sam, I’m glad you seem happy in my country, but please, never try and sugest Christianity is removed from our schools, never, do you understand?

      Our faith has formed the England you love for 1500 years, accept that or leave.

      • Near were I live several schools have already donr away with all religious poison and become 100% secular

        And your faith hasn’t shaped England for 1500 years its almost destroyed several times over and put us through a period call the dark ages for 500 years

        • Until the likes of François Arouet (“Voltaire”), Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Maximilien Robespierre and – worst of all!!! – Karl Marx plus Friedrich Engels (plus their soul-murdering apes Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, Pol Pot and their underlings) came upon the scene, atheism at best was confined to the universities!!!

          It’s PSEUDO-“intellectuals” like you who’ll DESTROY the West (and you’ve already gone FAR in that direction all too successfully!) – and guess who’ll pick up the pieces. ISLAM – those “schools” will rapidly become Mohammedanised and little Osama bin Ladens will come out from them to slit your own throat!!!!

          You don’t even know what the Dark Ages were really all about – you Communist revisionist SCUM distort everything to suit your Marxist-Ljéñinist conspiracy theories, but often don’t know the first thing about what you’re supposed to be talking about!!!! You “intelligentsia” are truly – as Ljéñin put it – “not the brains of the nation but the shit!”!!!! You truly are a “useful idiot” for the Commies, who’ll then destroy you at the first moment they can as they exterminate each other…

          DEATH TO ALL MARXISM, ISLAM and ALL other totalitarianism!!!!

    • I respect and admire the good Iranian people who are fighting for THEIR rights. Iranians are very different from Arabs. Our Bible tells us of the two great Persian kings, one of them is King Cyrus.

      I LOVE the EDL wonderful human rights activist HEROES who stand up for the human rights of all non-Muslims. They place their lives on the line for all of us. I’m deeply grateful to the EDL heroes who protest in the streets against the gangs of INHUMAN, Muslim monster predators who specifically target non-Muslim female children who they rape, sexually enslave and force into prostitution. I’m very angry and distressed that the UK government does nothing about this crime against humanity.

      If I was in England I would join in the protests with peaceful, patriotic EDL.

      The EDL is made up of people of different religions, different races, different colors of skin. We non-Muslims are all brothers and sisters. We are one. We must fight to defend our safety, freedom and human rights!

    • Sam,im an EDL member and im no racist.
      Idiots;pricks,thugs and morons come in all shapes,sizes and colours,some of them are white people!!

      You can’t judge a person on their skin colour,you judge the person by their actions.
      Skin colour is down to natural causes,how you act is down to the person.

      I will have to let some of my mates know that im a racist,bit of a shocker as i never knew i was and neither did they,AND THEY ARE BLACK???

      We ain’t racists Sam we are patriots,you love England ergo,you are a patriot,we come in all colours mate.

  37. This PC lunacy is a result of being mentally challenged…these teachers are unfit to teach…they cannot teach critical thought…the most important thing to learn.

    If you can’t differentiate between Islam the ideology and individual (usually lapsed) Moslems, you can’t teach clear thinking.

    Why are teachers not pointing out the difference between IDEOLOGY and INDIVIDUALS?

    All Germans were not Nazis by the fact of being born German.

    Most Mozzies do not practice Islam. They have a cultural identity they do not bother to investigate or reject.

    In terms of active thought, most Mozzies are extremely lazy and never subject Islam to critical analysis.

    Our PC school systems are training a generation of passive regurgitators and robots, rather than bold, innovative original thinkers…more what we need!

    • No, if you can’t identify your enemy, then you’ve already lost the fight.

      How do you know most muzzies don’t practice pisslam? And even if they don’t practice it, how do you know they don’t believe in it? If you haven’t noticed muzzies haven’t done anything to ameliorate the persecution of people of other faiths in ANY of their muslo-fascist states.

      If you identify yourself as a muslim, doesn’t that imply you believe in the ideology of the religion you profess to believe in?

      OBL was right, the strong horse always wins and there’s no way a bunch of mealy mouthed liberals are going to stand up to islamofascism.

      • Islamophobe,

        I agree with your statement… “If you identify yourself as a muslim, doesn’t that imply you believe in the ideology of the religion you profess to believe in?” That is the problem; those that do not believe in Islam must not call themselves Muslims.
        As you no doubt know many Germans were against Hitler but they still fought for Hitler motivated by fear; because those Germans that openly spoke against Hitler were executed.

        • This is exactly it. You can be German, but not a Nazi, but you can’t be a muslime and not believe in islam. The whole concept is ludicrous.

  38. British parents, send your kids to school with packed lunches in Peppa Pig satchels: ham sandwiches, bacon sandwiches, Scotch eggs, pork pies…

    • What if the muslime kids proceed to beat 7 shades of shit out of your kid? Or what if the school officials just send your kid home w/his pork lunch?

      • I used toi be what they call a helicopter parent. If someone leaned on one of my kids I used the legal system to lean on them.

    • Les,

      Every child must learn Martial Arts. I have heard too many stories of Muslim kids brutally bashing school kids simply because they had a ham sandwich. Don’t encourage children to fight until they know how to fight. The name of the game is winning. And Muslim kids are being taught to fight. To successfully fight back our children must be trained.

  39. If I lived in England, I would get a pig tattooed on my forehead. Go to a Muslim country and see how well they bow to your culture. Never mind that – they won’t even give a nod to your culture in your own country!

  40. I can’t help but think that what is happening in England. It’s liken to a drunk, naked female, holding a sign saying “come one, come all”.Then later crying rape!
    Pure insanity.

  41. My husband is from the UK. I read this post out loud to him, and he said “They’re done. The English are over.”

    • CWW, this is one of those stories that truly chill me to the bone. I am immune from emotion when I see beheadings and mass slaughters, having seen so many now, but stories like this make me glad I probably won’t live to see outcome of this in the US if nothing is done about it soon.

      • What needs to be done (and Mayer Kahane and Baruch Goldstein knew what needed to be done) won’t be done. The generation that fought and killed the Nazis is all but dead, all we have left now are a bunch of mealy-mouthed, rainbow hugging, cowards.

  42. There is no way I would allow my children (if they were still going to school)to be indoctrinated with the- evil teachings of -islam,they would not be attending that school,it must be -government policy for them to be doing this,if the children -as they say are to learn about other religions ,does that include -muslim children going to christian and jewish churches?? why are the parents allowing the changes to the meals they come to our countries -why are -our values and culture being changed to -theirs,-we are always -offending -them -no -they are always offending- us-just by being in -our country,by saying -nothing -we are condoning it.

    • I have lived in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A. and I have watched Islam spread it’s roots across the globe,it’s scary.

  43. A muslim told me that his daughter goes to Catholic school, him and his wife went to the school to complain about participating in school prayer. The school told him that, she HAS TO PARTICIPATE IN PRAYER WITH THE CLASS, I told him that’s because people are sick of appeasing islam.

  44. These bloody morons can’t save their own children and culture from bowing down to the scum cult ………..and they lecture
    india on how they should give into the jehadi scums who come from pukistan to kill and terorize the local population .

  45. Abdul may me a real Muslim but he sure as hell does not represent a majority of his kind.
    Here is a personal message to Abdul and all other Muslims who may be like him. Were Islam like the Islam you seem to believe in i would have no problem with it beyond that which i have with all supernatural beliefs though thats a separate issue.
    Heres the thing I realize its not your fault that you were born presumably into the Islamic cult just as my Jewish friend was born into his and i am culturally a christian but I dont have the ability to fight Islam from within I cant identify those who drive the Islamic insanity of violence, retribution and dominance but you do. You love among them, you know who they are how they think, work and plan (or you can find out). So here is my challenge to all “Moderates” you have a very short time to do whatever it takes to change Islam or share the hell that will be brought on all Muslims. I realize it isnt fair but frankly dont give a crap i cant afford to. Question my morality my decency, my compassion but dont for a moment question my promise to bring down whatever hell i can dream up on Islam and all who follow it if it doesnt crawl back into the sandy hole it came from!

    • Muslimes have had over a THOUSAND years to reform their death cult. Why would they reform it now when they’re winning all over the world? Who in their right mind would think it’s even possible? If you were to publicly suggest that Islam even needed reform in any muslime state you would be imprisoned or killed, full stop.

      Maybe Western civilisation deserves to die.

  46. The British education / indoctrination system today is unrecognisable to the one I went through in the 70s and 80s.
    Glad to hear your well founded frustrations with the salafi/wahabbi swine mate. I think we may have met at a demo? Scotland the brave indeed! Hope to see you at the next demo in London on the 18th of next month.

    • So you believe Abdul’s lies eh? Ever heard the concept that actions speak louder than words? Whoever can spin the best lies wins eh? When have scuzzlums ever taken ANY concrete action to relieve the persecution/murder/rape of people of other faiths as practiced in all islamic states today? When have scuzzlums ever held public protests AGAINST the imposition of sharia law in their various host states?

  47. This is really a shame! They are starting to do this here in America too!
    You see folks, the unfortunate bottom line is this.
    No matter what the Muslim says, they all want to take over the world. They want everyone to pray to thier god and dress like they do and eat like they do and sin like they do.
    They just tell everyone, no only the extremist want this.
    Well for thier info some of us know how to read other languages, and it is right there in “thier” holy book.
    Our governments are chicken shitted and cant or wont stand up to them.
    I would say, if you dont like our ways or our country there is the boat, plane, whatever you got here by and leave! Go back to your own country.
    I used to think that the ones here wanted to be here for our freedoms and other niceties that are not in other lands.
    (There may be some that are, but how can they still be islamic then?)
    Boy was I mistaken!
    They are here for one reason and one only,
    to cause Jihad and to enforce thier ways on everyone else.
    Now we have a pres. who is all for them!
    Yes believe it or not folks, but our illustrious leader is a muslim, prays to allah, and wont salute “Old Glory.”
    When I heard that back when he was first running, and his campaign – “Its time for a change” Yeah, the change was our amendments and rights and freedom.
    Has everyone heard about what happened in Dearborn, MI ? Muslims threw rocks at the Christians and the Christians are in jail.
    This take over of America has been in the “Works” for some time now.
    This has also been predicted in the Bible, that is the Christan / Judean (Old and new Testaments.
    All this business about “December 21, 2012” Doomsday prophesies.
    I honestly think this will be the Rapture of the Church. Jesus’ followers from all denominations.
    And once we are gone, then the “Antichrist” who is this Islamic Messiah they are waiting for will rear his evil head. And he will make a peace treaty with Israel and then break that promise and start an all our war on them. Then after that look to the sky. Then they will see Jesus’ Second Coming! And this time there will be no mistake that he is the true Messiah, the one prophesied in the Old Testament.
    In the mean time, Jesus said to Love our Enemies, so I pray that all Muslims will be delivered and saved. May the scales fall from thier eyes otherwise they are going to be with thier god, but his name is not allah, it is satan. And suffer eternal damnation.
    May this Great Nation WAKE THE F#@K UP ALREADY, AND KICK THESE BOZOS OUT OF WASHINGTON! I vote Jesus for President 2012!!!!!!!! Only then will this world know TRUE PEACE!

  48. Your report is inaccurate in one aspect. Holocaust is still taught in British schools and is given priority over other subjects of more importance to British history. In fact, how is the Holocaust part of British history? It had nothing to do with Britain and did not take place in Britain so should be taught on a much lower profile.

    • Dave,

      Yes the holocaust is not about British History; and yes normally in history lessons in the past it was kept on a low profile. Not ignored just remembered as a warning of something evil that must not ever be allowed to happen again. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance and apathy is our worst enemy.
      The holocaust must be now a high profile subject in history because Iran and all of Islam are deliberately claiming that the holocaust never happened. Educated Muslims know the holocaust did occur; they are lying to destroy Western credibility amongst ignorant Muslim Mass and are striving to rally them united against the West. This deceitful attempt by Islam to hide truth and smash Western belief systems must not ever be allowed to evolve. Young children must be told around the world with high priority and proven path evidence that the holocause did happen. We must smash the credibility of Islam. This fight between the free world and Islam is a battle of credibility.

    • @ Valhalla…As a child in the US before we entered into WWII. We were involved with Bundles For Britain. Instead of recess we were knitting 6inch squares to make blankets for war ravaged England. We share and care for each other. To ignore the Holocaust and WWII History, because the Muslims collaborated with Hitler… is a Crime of Omission! Anti-Semitism is once again poisioning our world, This time by a belief of Jihad, with a following of two billion and additional numbers of… just plain ignorant irrational Jew Haters. This intolerance is to a tiny segment of the world population. Remember first it starts with the most vulnerable, like in Nazi Germany and ends up an unstoppable cancer destroying vast numbers, when it could have been easily stopped by an educated populace at its inception. Teaching about the Holocaust is a Lesson of importance to EVERYONE! History is Prologue, Denial is Unthinkably Ignorant and Dangerous!!!

    • And your post is wrong on MANY levels Dave.
      Many schools in the UK do not teach about the holocaust,thats a fact mate and it does not take priority over any other subject when it is taught.

      Nothing to do with the British??
      Our troops helped to liberate the concentration camps,they saw the horrors with their own eyes,some of our troops ended up in those camps as POW’s,you might want to do a bit of research mate!!

      ALL aspects of WW2 are part of our history.

    • When Jews were trying to escape what the wiser knew what was coming both Britain and the US closed their doors. H L Menekin (Sp?) said something referring to Jewish children to the effect that they are pretty children who will grow to be ugly adults. Read “Voyage of the damned”. One footnote, The Philippine Commonwealth admited 10,000 Jewish refugees in 1940 by order of President Manuel Quezon.

  49. Why is this bloody nonsense allowed to happen, I’m fed up of being hated on for things that is not my fault, there is many other muslims out there like me. I respect the English culture and understand this is England and not an Islamic nation, I understand that the English people gave us our freedom and let us follow our beliefs. But I have had enough all this bloody bollocks that is making it hard for me and my children to have a future in thiss country. Why does the bloody government, the schools, the toy company, subway, kfc go to far to accomodate the bloody fanatic bastards everytime. It is the fanatics that cause these problems but people put us all in the same basket. Also cannot some bloody commensense be applied anymore nowadays, why didn’t the toy company tell the idiots who complained about the pig to piss off and buy something that isn’t offensive to them instead of upsetting the majority of their English customers. I got no problems with a toy pig even if I don’t eat pork, the world has gone crazy.

    • abdul, if you really are a Muslim as you say, you are the first commenter out of a million who has said anything even close to this. If all Muslims were like you, this blog would never have been created. I hope you’ll come back.

      • The koran tells us that moslems are allowed to lie to further the cause of Islam until they are strong enough to reveal their true feelings and aims. This is what abdul is doing. Fuck off abdul, go live in a muslim country.

        • Dave, I take issue with your comment. What is the gain for Abdul to come here and make the kind of comment he did? Surely, he doesn’t think we will believe that all Muslims are just like him because of what he said.I believe there are more like him who never speak out and that is the problem.

          There was one woman who posted here a long time ago who was Muslim but her father had rejected Islam for the most part, loved living in the US, gave his children the kind of freedoms they couldn’t have in the country they left, certainly would not have allowed her to wear a hijab, and hated groups like CAIR. She had also served in the US military for several years. She and her family are the real All-American Muslims, not the crap they showed on TV.

          Abdul sounds a lot like this woman and I welcome his input here. Shame on you for not giving him a chance.

        • I’d like to be reading what Abdul says about the rabid, pervasive antisemitism that permeates the holey books of islam first or the anti-Christian bigotry for that matter.
          It would also be interesting to be reading what he thinks of Israel.

          Just because a muslo-nazi can agree w/you on some picayune point (e.g. pigs) doesn’t mean he’s give up all the rest of the totalitarian, supremacist, antisemitic crap that’s part and parcel of islam.

        • If you give the average Isralie Muslim the option of living in a Muslim ruled Israel a large percentage will decline the offer but on the other hand if they admit to having a better quality of life in a Democracy openly they live in fear of retribution by the rest of Israels Muslim population whom prefer to promote themselves as an oppressed minority, the reason behind this is that the squeaky wheel gets more grease…..and boy do they. To say all Muslims are bad is simply incorrect, it’s Islam that is the decease it’s believers are simply the for the rest of us well were behaving like a homeopath when what’s needed is a surgeon with a strong stomach and who won’t flinch when amputation is required.

        • Yeah, and all nazis weren’t bad, they weren’t
          all involved in the Holocaust. Some of them
          are “good” people!

        • BNI, The Lord has filled you with great wisdom. You are combating an evil and dangerous ideology yet are aware that there are those who have been deceived and others that are bound.

          Long before 911 I had a Muslim co-worker who invited me into his home for coffee. This man knew I was a Christian and knew where I stood. My co-worker let me know several times that he could sense the presence of the Spirit of God on me but he would not let go of his Muslim allegiance. He mentioned how irritated he became when neighborhood children kept telling his young daughters they were hell bound because they did not believe in Jesus (Yeshua).

          This man was quite westernized. He talked and cared about the same things we do. Although we never discussed the matter I don’t believe he had any desire for sharia law. My co-worker liked western dressed women but was unhappy that he could not have more than one wife here in America.

          The Lord is not willing that any should perish. He has commanded that the gospel be preached to everyone in the world. That mission is dangerous but we were commanded to FEAR NOT.

        • Uncle, in 4 years and over 23 million visitors to this blog, I can’t even count on one hand the number of Muslims who genuinely seem to be honest and trustworthy and loyal to the country (in the West) in which they live. On the other hand, virtually every ex-Muslim who comments here has been exceptional.

        • Bloody well said Bonni.Abdul posted in good faith,that should not be returned with insults,we have no idea of his motives yet but EVERY person deserves a chance!!

        • Playing both sides of the fence won’t work with islamonazism. You can’t be FOR islamonazism and FOR freedom, liberty and equality. It’s not possible. The ideology of pisslam disallows freedom, liberty and equality.

      • abdul,

        You are on the right track, now go a step further read the books by other Muslim whistleblowers that reject the dark side of Islam. Read… ‘The Roots of Jihad’ by Dr. Tawfix Hamid. Also read ‘Why I am not a Muslim’ by IBN Warraq; and read ‘Living By the Point of My Spear’ by Zaki Ameen. All of these once a time Muslims tell the dark truth about Islam which explains why us Kafir are opposed to Islam.

      • Most Moslems are non-practicing to the point their ties to Islam are merely a family identification. By not practicing, they have all but left Islam.

        To all intents and purposes, assimilated Moslems are Kafirs.

        Their lives are at risk if their true opinions become known. The best thing is to quietly change their name and move away from their families.

        • How do you explain away sudden jihdad syndrome then? Witnesses reported that the Ft. Hood jihadi was a nice man — until he killed over a dozen people. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Islamophobe,

          The Ft. Hood radical no doubt pretended to be nice but always treasured his beliefs. He would never have spoken like Abdul. True Muslims do not reject Muslim beliefs for it is blasphemy- a death penalty crime and do not denounce Islamic traditions no matter how nice they seem. To understand any person first learn their belief system. We do not need psychology; every persons behaviour is directly linked to their belief system. Any seemingly nice Muslim that believes in all Islamic doctrine, teachings and traditions is capable of Jihad. The US military made a mistake they employed a person without thoroughly checking their belief system.

        • Hitler was nice to his dogs. Most nazis had nothing to do w/the Holocaust. Gee, and we all wonder why pisslam is taking over the earth. Some people deserve to be ruled by islamonazis.

        • How do you know that “most moslems are non-practicing to the point their ties to Islam are merely family identification.” Are you a mind reader?

        • Iphobe, Per1 makes a lot strange allegations like when he says Islam will be reformed if only they would outlaw child marriage.

        • BNI,

          I agree, attacking Child Marriage is an urgent top level behaviour that must be stopped. But even if temporarily successful it will not stop Islam. To stop Islam we must destroy all Mosques, Ban Sharia Law, and publicly denounce the Koran. The teaching of all Islamic doctrine must be banned. Even then it will take a thousand years to cull out pockets of Islamic resistance. This battle against Islam will now rage for the next 500 years- it will not go away overnight.

    • Friend, the reason way they accommodate to the fanatics is the tolerance of the WEST because they are many times accused of being a racist. You are glad to be in GB and enjoy our freedom. We have the same problem here in ROTTERDAM. Moslims have their mosques okay, but it is not correct to impose the halal food, for instance in public
      places like TOWNHALL or police station. On sept.9 the
      moslim crowd were cheering here in the Netherlands.
      No one had critic and no one was blaming the action. So there is no
      understanding on both sides.

  50. Had some teacher demanded that I recit Shehadah or pray to Allah, there would have been an ass uproar and very likely physical injury or death. The same would be true if I had a child in that situation.

    Get the G’d’d Muslims out of Western Civilization entirely: expel & exclude.

    Politicians who pander to Islam must be voted out of office.

  51. in the interests of equality and discrimination, i demand that school kiddies shouls also take part in pagan ceremonies.

    • Yes, we demand that kids be forced to pray to Lucifer and the Scientology god as well. It’s only fair, and to do otherwise would make us racists.

      • Nobama,

        I understand your emotional frustration, but let’s be pragmatic we don’t want to become excessively emotional like Muzzies and all other fascists. We do not want to join Islamic gutter mentality. We must be the eye of calm in a storm, backed by positive, persistent, determined unsurrendering resistance. Civil War should only happen when our back is against the wall with nothing to lose- such a world of violence, chaos and anarchy is the last desperation; no one will win such a war- it will be the end of the free world regardless of who wins.
        First we must be pragmatic- start by taking every child out of the school system. That action alone will cause an earthquake tremor in the political arena and will force politicians to listen to parents. We must first attack policy and demand new legislation piece by piece against Islam.

  52. Why are not all the British parents removing their children from the schools? Why arn’t all parents uniting against the government and the prinicipal of the school? What has happened to British parents are they all asleep? Why don’t parents create home education classes to preserve British culture void of Islam? Parents fight back! Stand United! Stop the false knowledge of dark Islam! Support groups like the EDL and fight for your rights to live free of the tyranny of Islam.

    • There are 30,000,000 sheep in the UK. They all think they are people.

      Football. Reality shows on TV. Soaps.

      Nothing else matters.

      Civil war will come to the UK soon. We will not start it but by God we will finish it. The only problems are : whose side will the police be on ? Whose side will the army be on ?

      Both take their orders from the government.

      Signed : British National Party member.

      • My feelings exactly, and who’s side will all those sheep be on, they’re the ones that voted in the dhimmis in the first place.

      • Michael Warden,

        I understand the problem the majority of Australians are also asleep. We are fortunate the pressure on us is currently just simmering. But over the next 20 years that pressure cooker will rise. As long as I am alive I shall continue to spread the word against Islam. I expect Australia will be in Britains current crisis status by 2040. As for the police and army- history tells us that the military during civil war divides and breaksdown; they all have civilian families caught up in the conflict. But before civil war they will be duty bound and a major roadblock.
        As for reality TV and soaps I can think of better things to do like upgrading education and skills than locking into that mindless rubbish. And for those that love sport if you want to continue such enjoyment suggest you protect your right to live free in expression first.
        I cheer every valiant British Patriot that stands strong and true in open resistance against Islam and against all fascists that are in bed with Islam.
        True Brits, True Yanks, and True Aussies, shall always stand united against Islam- common enemy.

      • Europe is a lost cause, Britain is next in line and not far off it, well put Michael, reality shows will end when they finally wake up and realise that they will now bow to Allah 5 times a day. The down side,there will be no money to keep them in Britain when it becomes the 3rd world and heading back to the stone age. God (the Christian God) help us. The government is ran by a bunch of ostriches with their heads up their anuses.

  53. This is creepy looking and yes I see the look on that muslim’s face looking at the little blonds. Ewwwwww. Where are the parents? How can they let this happen?

        • Well all the girls look like they’re at least 9 years old so they’re all eligible bachelorettes according to islamic law. I can almost see the saliva dripping onto Mr. Beard’s chin.

  54. Is that David Cameron in that first picture?!??

    The Brits had better give the most urgent consideration as to what they want to do or be ASAP – they’re almost too far gone to be saved from being totally Islamised!!!

    I apologise to “Trinovante / Royal flash” and any other British people, but this really feels like they’re within a few years of being ALL mass-converted…

    • Mate,you owe me NO apology,all you did was speak the truth!
      You put the blame where it lies,at the feet of our government and not our people,wish more people could see things the way you do.

      My 7 year old son came home from school yesterday and told me that his new teacher had been teaching him ‘poetry’ by Benjamin Zephaniah,Zephaniah is a commie bastard who hates our country,queen and white people,he also supports that fake race called Palestinians.I have written a letter to the school telling them that my son is there to be educated,NOT indoctrinated.

      All the best ADHD,good post mate.

      • I stand with you Royal Flash, although I am across the pond. Your letter to the school will probably bring the “Islamic doctrine police” to you front door. We may make many comments about the UK but I think you guys who are there and who “stand up and are counted”, need medals, and I don’t mean from the Dhimmi Government.
        God Bless you all and keep strong.

      • Props to you for contacting the school, although I doubt it will do much. In fact, you’ll be lucky if the Thought Police (Social Services) don’t come with their truck to take your kid away. Here in the US, our teachers routinely have kids read crap like Richard Wright, another commie scumbag.

      • Thank you, Royal flash, and all the best to you no less!!

        Yours truly feels he could just weep at seeing the monstrous EVIL nowadays taking place in the world – evil that’s being so openly ORGANIZED AGAINST US by Satan!!! Be it communism, Nazism, fascism or Islam, it’s ALL meant to be destructive of God’s Creation – which at the outset He Saw was VERY GOOD!!!

        Otherwise, it strongly seems to me that you and your fellow-Britishers would do well to take your children out of those Communist-riddled institutions and home-school them YOURSELVES!!!!

        • If perchance home-schooling is forbidden by the authorities, then parents have to be able to tell the children what is true and what is false – and as quickly as the kids can be entrusted with secrets… [It’s a delicate thing to judge at what age is it still possible to wake a young man/woman to the dangers of totalitarianism while yet not being so young as to babble things to the wrong people…]

        • I recall a story by Phillip K Dick, Vulcans Hammer. In one scene a nine year old girl tells her class that the United Nations is a work of satan.

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