SPAIN: Horse kicks Muslim illegal alien out of the country

Equine Counter-Jihad in action. Apparently, this illegal Muslim infiltrator was very fond of mounting horses (but not for a ride in the park). When he tried to have sex with the horse, the horse kicked back hard with both legs, smashing the bones in the Muslim’s face.

You wanna do WHAT?

Islam vs Europe (H/T Cranky WW)  A few weeks ago, in Almeria, on the Spanish coast just across from Africa, a North African illegal turned up for emergency treatment at Torrecárdenas hospital. The  bones of his face had been smashed in and he had suffered multiple hematomas. 

Later it emerged that the Muslim had suffered these injuries while visiting a farm in El Ejido, intending to have sex with a horse there. But the horse had other ideas. It brutally kicked the lovelorn Muslim in the face. It seems the farmer had caught the same Muslim twice before sneaking into the farm to have sex with the animals (“mainly the horses”) but hadn’t bothered filing charges against him. 

After receiving medical treatment, the police identified the Muslim as an illegal immigrant and he is now expected to be deported from the country.