SPAIN: Horse kicks Muslim illegal alien out of the country

Equine Counter-Jihad in action. Apparently, this illegal Muslim infiltrator was very fond of mounting horses (but not for a ride in the park). When he tried to have sex with the horse, the horse kicked back hard with both legs, smashing the bones in the Muslim’s face.

You wanna do WHAT?

Islam vs Europe (H/T Cranky WW)  A few weeks ago, in Almeria, on the Spanish coast just across from Africa, a North African illegal turned up for emergency treatment at Torrecárdenas hospital. The  bones of his face had been smashed in and he had suffered multiple hematomas. 

Later it emerged that the Muslim had suffered these injuries while visiting a farm in El Ejido, intending to have sex with a horse there. But the horse had other ideas. It brutally kicked the lovelorn Muslim in the face. It seems the farmer had caught the same Muslim twice before sneaking into the farm to have sex with the animals (“mainly the horses”) but hadn’t bothered filing charges against him. 

After receiving medical treatment, the police identified the Muslim as an illegal immigrant and he is now expected to be deported from the country. 


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  1. To all of you had comment I have a store to share with you one day was a littel boy and he have exam at the class so all the student finish the exam with him to so time to now the result so the teacher call everyone and told each one that u pass .. Pass..pass when she get to the boy she told him u fail but she never look’t into the boy’s answer so now my question to u all do u thing that’s fair

  2. disgusting but not surprising..Muslime Mohammad approved of zoophila eg…sex with animals, the more we know about these cretins, the worse they are..Mo even approved of sex with dead people eg…necrophilia…his dead aunt, also having sex with little children,pedophilia – and in the Sunna and Hadiths, even dis-membered dead animal and human phallus are allowed to be used by women ( deaddickphilia?)…..I don’t think there is one perverted barbarous act outside of this sick cults imagination, think of the most disgusting thing imaginable and I can guarantee you the muslims have thought of it b4 you!

  3. islam is a sick cult of evil. It is unfortunate that innocent animals have to be terrorized by this cult of evil that includes hating and murdering dogs, sexual abuse of women and children, beastiality, necrophilia, unbelievable crueltry during the butchering of animals and so on. Words could never describe the evil of islam perpetrated on people and animals. We must forever be on our guard against the atrocities and the taqiyya of islam.

  4. Our socialist party here in Spain, allowed the legalization of 800.000 illegal muSSlims like these.
    And I ask myself……before God calls me to His presence… I not going to hunt down the ex-members of the spanish socialist party to do with them what I think it should be done ? I hope one day I have that oportunity.
    There will be no mercy for all of them.

    • And the worst thing that’s not the worst thing is that even though we are a country in total economic collapse, keep coming “bugs” of these.

    • How many Spaniards died kicking the muslo-nazis out during La Reconquista? Maybe
      it’s time for Reconquista Secundaria!

  5. Thank God, he didn’t follow through with what he was suppose to do. Muslims are allowed to have sex with animals as long as they kill the animal afterward.

    They’re all f*n pigs.

    • Not true. They are allowed to sell them ‘to the next village’, for consumption. No word on what they’re allowed to tell the recipients, maybe sell them a dose of taqiyya sauce for their barbeque.

  6. Last week an afghan in Copenhagen busted in the zoo during the night and forced open the
    tiger cage. Was he a Friend of the Animals
    willing to free them or a jihadist trying to
    terrorise the city by letting tigers in the
    street? Fortunately, he was killed by the big

  7. Hahahahahahahaha!!…… A hearty thanks to our equine friend for taking appropriate action, which is a damn sight more than our local and federal “law enforcement” personnel would do!! And so true that it IS too bad the horse didn’t kill the perverted sonofabitch!!

    I love horses. There was a terrific movie called “Hidalgo” that was based on a real, historical event of a mixed race Native American dude who beat the nasty, Sharia Islamics with his Mustang after the Civil War! It should have won the Academy Award for something EXCEPT THE SHARIA ISLAMICS SCREAMED AND IT HAS BEEN PRETTY MUCH FORGOTTEN!
    The movie sugarcoats the Sharia Islamics by making it look like there were some good Sharia Muslims who were decent to the hero! Wasn’t the case! The British protected the hero when he crossed the finish line first after the Sharia Islamics rioted BUT THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY GUNS AND THE BRITISH DID!

  9. Didn’t you post the video of the muz screwing the donkey who got away and chased the creep down with his pants at his ankles which stopped just as the donkey was about to rape the filthy creep?

    Sex with animals is all to common place with muz and its too bad the UN and PITA don’t address this wide spread problem…. which also includes child rape.

  10. lol lol lol ha ha ha ha. serves the pervert right. bet he had a hard time ‘splaining exactly what happened.

  11. Call it “horse-sense”. This is BETTER than killing him. He will forever be remembered this way. A TRUE Muslim.

  12. I told you guys this story before that a paki was inquiring about animal porn in a convenience store a couple years back.

  13. If it happened to be an Arabian horse and didn’t wear a veil, according to Sharia law there will have to be half a dozen witnesses to prove rape. But wait! Was it a mare or a stallion? This could become a major religious disaster. Could the horse have had Islamophobia?

    • Yes, all the little creatures there are breathing easier, because being the largest animal in the barnyard, the horse had the honor and duty to stick up against, and beat the shit out of any barnyard bullies on the loose! Chalk one up for our beloved animals!

  14. The horse did what we had to do citizens.

    Oh, and that “will be expelled” is not so clear, the authorities here are absolutely stupid with this, ask everyday documents to illegal immigrants and expel them.

    The permissiveness in this country is unique in Europe.

  15. this is for shore that is islamophobic and homophobic,….must be a extremist from right nazi party ….::)

    • Uncle, I would have posted a video but the closest I found was a Muslim humping a donkey. But the donkey didn’t kick. Too bad, based on the size of the donkey, he would have gotten him in the balls.

      • BNI, I saw a donkey video taken with infr-red night vision equipment. I believe the photographer was a military guy. Listening to the narration had me in stiches from laughing. The guy had a way with words like you. I wonder if it is the same video?

        There are other anti-jihad authors, scholars, and bloggers I follow but they cannot minister to short attention spanned people like you. You are intelligent and knowledgable but also have a gift to make reports fun and exciting to watch.

        It might sound like I am flattering you but I’m not. All your readers know its true.

  16. an oldie but a goodie!

    Q: What’s the definition of a virgin in the Middle East?

    A: Any camel that can run faster than an Muslim.

  17. It really sucks it didn’t kill his vile ass. And why didn’t the farmer shoot him for trespassing? People are such pussies.

    • Spain was ruled by a faschist lite regime for about 50 years. The first thing they collect is private firearms. The republic probably never reversed this.

  18. BNI you and I share our love of horses – but NEVER would I have considered such abuse of one of Hashem’s most beautiful creations such as this.
    This makes me sick.
    Messiah Come Soon!

      • The all encompassing “islamo (realism) phobia,” under which
        leading to equine-hate-crimes,
        leading to equine-mosque-burnings,
        leading to equine-rider-discrimination falls.

    • The horse is stoned to death. Sad but this is what they are suppose to do. But how could they stone his only wife since they are now married to each other. She must be some philly. Peace to all non-muslims who get a laugh from this.

  19. The reason they have been exporting Aussie
    Camels to the Arabian countries because they
    dont have any STD s and more likely they are still VIRGINS.Re the Horse it should be the President of the WESTERN world more sense than our TREASONOUS my vote HORSE SENSE at its best …HI HO SILVER

    • For that Mohammedan, the middle word in “Hi Ho Silver” is probably what he was thinking….

      *beatific smile*

  20. Animal husbandry is normative Islam, because alpha males take several women…beta males get the ‘other’ livestock.

    Ayatollah Khomeini, the pride of the Mullahocracy of Iran, recommended animal husbandry to his followers.

    Charming religion, Mozzies. Have you no shame?

  21. Maybe he was trying to plant a bomb? Get a little tail? LOL Shows you that a horse is smarter than a muslim woman. I wonder if he was going to name the child moohammed? Then you would have moohammed junior, senior, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, You get the picture but they can’t spell anything but moohammed that is why they name them all moohammed..Peace to all fun loving non-muslims.

    • Exactly, wasn’t this activity (sex with animals) what started AIDS in the first place? With a little luck from this perversion of thiers, it could wipe muzzies from the face of this earth, and save the world, one life at a time! :)

      • Burbsmom, your sentiments resonate with me but unfortunately in America more federal research money is spent on AIDS/HIV research than all other illnesses combined.

        Recently Congressional representatives Bill Cassidy and Sue Myrick grilled NIH director Dr. Francis Collins to get this truth out in the open.

        Since the media is remiss in reporting Islamic bestiality, many dismiss such incident reports as misinformation by “Islamophobes.”

      • AIDS/HIV was more likely the result of butchering of of “bush meat” to be specific chimpanzees. However an AIDS like disease that is endemic in Japan for the past 500 years may well have jumped from apes to humans by sexual activity. Butchering of weasel like animals in South China was the source of SARS.

  22. LMAO ROFL!!!!! I call that poetic justice to the filthy Muztard considering how cruel they are to animals (another reason why my hatred for Muztards keeps growing daily). The horse in this post needs a reward for the good deed it unknowingly did for mankind :) shame the horse didnt kill the pervert to be totally honest, 1 less Muztard in the world is progress.

    • Knowing about the proclivities of muslim men, and their dancing and feeling each other up, I’ll bet it was a stallion.

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