CONNECTICUT GOP Congressional candidate says, “Islam is a cult in many ways”

Mark Greenberg

Republican congressional candidate Mark Greenberg (Jewish?) questioned whether Islam was a peaceful religion Thursday and said he believed it was “a cult in many respects.”

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Hartford Courant  His remarks were made in a radio interview on WNPR’s “Where We Live” program. For nearly 50 minutes, Greenberg, a candidate in the 5th District congressional race, chatted with host John Dankosky about his campaign and his beliefs. His remarks on Islam came in the last few minutes of the interview.

Greenberg said he believes the United States is a melting pot of different cultures, but added that Judeo-Christian values are the fiber of the country and what made it great. “They came to the country for what made it great,” Greenberg, 58, of Litchfield, said of immigrants. Not so about Islam. Greenberg said he doesn’t believe a mosque should be built near Ground Zero in New York City, and he questioned whether Islam was a religion of peace.

“We have to be able to be real about the fact that some folks in that religion are out to kill us,” he said. When Dankosky questioned his views, Greenberg said people need to be careful. “I think it’s more a blueprint for living one’s life — a cult in many respects,” he said of Islam. “It’s a religion, but it’s also a way of living.”

Although agreeing with Dankosky that Judaism and Christianity are also ways of living, Greenberg said there is a difference. “Judaism and Christianity are very peaceful religions,” he said. “I think they are more peaceful than Islam.”

In a prepared statement issued after Thursday’s WNPR interview, Greenberg said that during the interview he was referring to groups and individuals who have interpreted Islam in a (the accurate) way that allows them to commit violence in the name of their religion, such as al-Qaeda.

Heidi Hadsell, president of Hartford Seminary, said Thursday that Greenberg’s comments go against what the seminary tries to teach its students and the community — tolerance and religious understanding. “I think it is uniformed to call one of the largest religions in the world a cult,” she said. (Proving just how ignorant you are, Heidi)

FROM AN FBI MEMORANDUM: The Muslim Cult of Islam — Captioned monograph has been prepared by the Central research Section at the request of Special Agents investigating this cult and should be added to your field office library and afford the usual security precautions.

Hadsell said it would be unfortunate if Greenberg were using Islam to score political points, which she said appears to be common in other parts of the country. If a person is ignorant; that’s one thing, Hadsell said. It is a different story if the person is purposely denigrating the religion, she said. (Once again, demonstrating her own ignorance of Islam)

Greenberg will face Justin Bernier, Andrew Roraback and Lisa Wilson-Foley in the 5th District Republican primary Aug. 14. Roraback and Bernier commented on the statements Greenberg made on WNPR.

“I disagree profoundly with Mark Greenberg’s characterization of a religion whose members constitute almost a quarter of the world’s population,” said Roraback. (Another ignoramus) “Rhetoric such as this has no place in local, state or national dialogue.”

Bernier’s comment was similar: “Mark Greenberg sounded ignorant on multiple issues today. … The Republican Party needs a nominee who can speak to the issues beyond vague platitudes and name-calling.” (Yet another ignoramus)