Crazy Muslim Drama Queen’s ‘Zionist lies’

Another wild-eyed rant from our favorite Muslim maniac and her inbred sidekick from across the pond.






28 comments on “Crazy Muslim Drama Queen’s ‘Zionist lies’

  1. hktony, no, I couldn’t watch much of it. She’s completely brainwashed. Apparently she has not yet been beaten, scarred by acid, had her uh uh cut off, or been raped by crazed entitled Muslim men. Sooner or later she has to understand the dangerous creed she espouses, but I kinda doubt it.

  2. Fucking retards, what about mecca medina and the rest of saudi arabia, thats not exactly welcoming to non muslims..

    Jews have been in arabia for at least a thousand years before the child fucking prophet was twinkle in the town rapists eye, they the pagans and zooastrians were murdered,raped and forced to pay the jiyzra tax thus subsequently converted or left…my Parsi ancestors fled to Gujurat in India..


    The Geographical area Palestine that belonged to the Ottomans HAS NOW BEEN divided into:

    32,000 sq miles for the PALESTINIAN ARABS Jordan

    2,000 sq miles for the PALESTINIAN ARABS Gaza

    9,000 sq miles for the JEWS Israel

    And now they want to build A THIRD PALESTINIAN ARAB STATE in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria to you and me)


    There is NOT one piece of land that Islam now sits on that has not been stolen from someone else at some time. Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Pakistan, Bangla Desh. Turkey was Anatolian Greece, Istanbul was Constantinople, Egypt belonged to the Copts, Londonistan used to be called London, etc. It’s all Stolen Land, or in the process of being stolen

    But the rest of the world stands for it because we need oil

    Israel is the only country that fought back and recovered their country back from Islam. Oh and Spain too but that was a 1000 years ago (El Cid. See the film with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren)

    Just how much land does Islam want? There are now between 30-50 million Muslims in the European heartland. Much of it “No Go” areas to “Infidels” and we want our lands back.

    We do not have a problem with Hindus, Sikhs or Buddists, because they are honorable people

  4. Just wait till the black burka b+++hes get ahold of her green outfit. She is not holy enough dressed in anything other than black. Greenie isn’t in black, and how dare she show her face. It’s all gonna catch up with her.

  5. My question is if the State of Israel is no more, then who is going to supply the Palestinians with free food and supplies? Their muslim neighbors don’t give a darn about them, so what then?

  6. Why don’t you inbred perverted demented ANTI-SEMITIC, ANTI-CHRISTIAN muslimes just STFU!! WE (all reasonable human beings) are really sick of listening to your whining and bullshit!!… And they DO look like wack jobs because they ARE!!

  7. More pathetic, DIRTY LIES from the followers of Huge slave trader and mass murderer, founder of Islam, Mohammad, who married a six year old child when he was in his fifties. Mohammad declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

  8. These two are so lame and inbred. If this is the gold standard of islam’s future leaders, and somehow islam were to achieve it’s stated goals of world dommination, then we rightly deserve our demise.

    It shouldn’t have to be rocket science to thwart islam, unless we’re talking about ordinance, payload, and megatons, lol.

    • She ain’t got any tits mate,though her side kick has a c*nt!!!

      Islamic perversions of historical facts never seems to amaze me anymore.

      Bonni,they are not from across the pond,they are in the pond!!
      They are bottom feeders.

      • I say, by Jove, you’re absolutely right!
        He/she has no boobs to speak of.

        Frankly, I’m all for letting it rant on and on, because with every word, it digs an ever deeper pit for itself. It also further inoculates the wise against such lies; as for the foolish, well, you can’t save EVERYONE from stupidity.

  9. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the whole thing because no one even attempts to tell the “truth” in that voice. These two are liars and know themselves to be so, but it doesn’t matter because it is for the greatest lie of all, Islam.

    • “Racially aggravated public order offense”. Insane. I’m certain the corrupt scumbags who run the USA are desperately trying to figure out ways to make an end run around the First Amendment and pass laws like these.

  10. Going by this woman’s logic, then God couldn’t have given Mecca and Medinah exclusively to the Muslims.

    Maybe, this bitch should answer that issue.

    • Moslems have never used logic because they could always cut off the head of the critic…with no punishment on earth and rewards in paradise!

      Lies are ‘good’ if they help Islamic supremacism.

      She hasn’t smelled the hot, steaming taqiyya she shovels.

  11. G-d isn’t a racist, but He is a zionist.

    these two spew out so much manure they could fertilize all of apartheid israel’s farmland all by themselves.

    perhaps all of the christians in sudan, nigeria, indonesia, egypt, iraq, syria, libya, gaza, lebanon, and kenya only seemed to die from bombings. they really had explosive peanut allergy syndrome.

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