Radical Imams are teaching hatred for Jews and Christians at American Universities


On June 1, 2009, William “Andy” Long was murdered at an Army recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas by a convert to Islam, an Islamist terrorist named Carlos Bledsoe. The Islamofascists are operating in our midst, and we’re refusing to recognize it, even when it is under our noses, in our own families.

Family Security Matters  The attack wasn’t the result of statistics. Beldsoe wasn’t the inevitable “bad apple” in a large group. This was the fruition of a jihadist process that continues in Nashville and around the world today. Melvin Beldsoe’s son was first exposed to radical Islam at Tennessee State University. The school allowed an organization called the Olive Tree Education to host lectures about Islam on campus. The organization’s website promoted sermons by American-born al-qaeda terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, and its leader teaches that Muslims must oppose “progressive Islam” that believes Islam isn’t a “state matter.”

In a new film entitled Losing Our Sons by Americans for Peace and Tolerance, , the process of Islamist radicalization unfolds before the viewer as the story is told through the eyes of the fathers, Melvin Beldsoe and Daris Long.


Bledsoe began going to the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN). He began following the medieval rules of Sharia Law in his own life, viewing them as applicable to today.

He was a dog-lover but abandoned his dog in the woods. He loved hip-hop but stopped listening to it. He took down his picture of Martin Luther King, lest Allah view that as a sign of idolatry.

It’s easy to see why that happened when you see the clips of the ICM’s imam in the film. He preaches that the U.S. is the “worst country on earth,” that “the greatest lie of all time” is that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, that Jews believe everyone was solely created to serve them and that Islamic prophecy about a “mass battle and war against the Jews” is coming to pass. The mosque’s library has pro-jihad hate literature funded by the Saudis.

He also attended the Al-Farooq Mosque. Its leadership preached similar extremism to its congregation consisting of mostly Somali refugees. The former imam of the mosque is the one who provided the required recommendation for Bledsoe to go to Yemen where he was further radicalized and joined Al-Qaeda.

Over 40 Muslim-Americans, almost entirely Somalis, have been recruited by Al-Qaeda. In places like Shelbyville, T.N., where there is a large Somali refugee population, there is tremendous resistance to assimilation. A former CIA case officer’s study of terrorist profiles found that exclusion from society is one of the largest factors in Islamist radicalization. Bledsoe likewise became reclusive and rejected Western society. The film takes aim at the State Department’s $1 billion refugee program and granting of visas to visiting extremist clergy as facilitating the problem.

One part of the film that will enrage viewers is when it shows how government officials are refusing to recognize the Islamist ideology as the problem. The two fathers were excited to speak at Rep. Peter King’s hearings on Islamic radicalization but were condescendingly talked to by several members of Congress. Bledsoe, frustrated with the political correctness in dealing with the Islamist issue, says, “We’re worried about stepping on their toes and they are worried about stamping us out.”

The part of the film that made me shake my head in bewilderment was about how interfaith leaders are embracing the Islamist networks in the Nashville area. One rabbi stood with them against a counter-terrorism law and said Muslim-Americans are in the same position now as Jewish-Germans were when Hitler first came to power.

Shockingly, an interfaith group including a Jewish Federation official attended a speech by the imam of ICN where he legitimized attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq.  This same imam advises the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security and frequently speaks at churches and synagogues.

In 2010, these same Islamist leaders started the Islamic Center of Tennessee, referred to as a “mega-mosque” in the film. Audio is played of its imam preaching, “He [Allah] told us to fight the Jews and Christians” and “If true Islam…does not rule, there will never be justice.”


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  1. No doubt, the muslims who gave him info.on his conversion assured him he would be treated with equality by all other muslims and that the majority of dhimmies and infidels were white.
    Then they giggled to themselves after he left.

    • Yes, and also not forgetting about him being instructed about the eventual possibility of 4 wives once I-slam takes over, including little girls, if that takes your fancy, and of course the never ending brothel in “paradise”.

  2. islam came long after the Jewish and the Christian faiths. This is well recorded even in the koran. We must legally shut down these dens of lies and hate run by muslims of islam. Only an idiot would chose to believe the lies of islam. The truth is staring them in the face. History books do not support the cult of islam. It is time to deport all radical inmans and all muslims who preach hate of and for America the beautiful. God bless America.

  3. Not only should he be tried for murder, but also for a hate crime. When anyone other than black, kills a black person, its called a “hate crime”. Even though he is a muslim, he also committed black on white crime. So as stupid as some laws are, he also needs to be charged with a hate crime.
    I hope he gets the death penalty, worthless piece of flesh.

  4. so very true it is disturbing that our government gives jizya every day but to say the Abraham moses and jesus were Muzzies is a great distortion and a downright lie.

    • Dr. Frank E. Vandiver, professor of history at Texas A&M University and author of Black Jack: The Life and Times of John J. Pershing,wrote: “I never found any indication that it was true in extensive research on his Moro experiences…This kind of thing would have run completely against his character.”

  5. All I can say is GET Mad!!! Quit being mats for muslims to wipe their feet on. How far how we fallen to allow the lowest of all low, heathens, to rise above us. Snap out of it…..GET MAD!!!

    • All those FEMA camps that the government had built are not for a natural catastrophe, not for muslim terrorists, not illegals crossing the border but, for us, the freedom loving, constitutional conservatives, Tea Party types.
      Get Mad? That is exactly what obama wants!
      He promised in his campaign speeches in “08 of an armed citizen militia as big as the regular military. Who exactly is going to be in that military? And why did the DHS purchasing 450 million rounds of ammunition?
      The stealth muslim, obama needs one good reason to round us all up and put us into the FEMA concentration camps.
      BHO is goading us, into rebellion while encouraging muslim extremism and racism all over our nation.
      The man is absolutely diabolical.

      • Keep the powder dry Cheryle S., little do they realize, there are literally millions upon millions of us Constitutional critters who have no compulsions against shooting back in self defense of our Constitution. At last glance there are somewhere between 89million to 94million of us who pocess this tool for that exact reason. It really does not matter what kind of camps they have, they can be infilitrated, exposed, and attacked by solid Patriots and those in them, if this regime really has this in mind, can be released by a few good hard men among these milions. As for the 450mil rounds recently mentioned in ammunition requirement request, and at this point it is only a request, it is a known fact, the forty Caliber hand gun is a primary use weapon for almost all Security agencies, it does not necessarily mean they will be turned against the citizens, it just means they are expecting a revolt/real/imagined/or otherwise. This one falls under the category of be careful of what you wish, because you just might receive it. At the rate of their intentions ( typical of a tyrants desires) of trying to leave us vurnable to their sick plans, they would be fools for not expecting a revolt. They know it is a genitic thing inprinted into the very nature of the American Spirit that we are all rebels, some with a cause, other not so much. Just remember to ” get your share while the getting is still good”. Remember there is an ongoing plan by one hildabeast of the east, clinton/Sec of State, via the United Nations to get a new treaty signed into our laws regarding a host of not-so-good idea’s of which she thinks the American Spirit is going to go along with, not going to happen. I recently read a report in which the Senate Minority leader quoted as saying, ” this agreement is dead in the water”. Our Constitution does not fall under the jurisdiction of any agency, or organization outside of our Bill of Rights, or the Constitution, Yeah good luck to the hildabeast of the east. Soon she will be remembered as one on the TRAITORS who will be rounded up and exposed for the dirty dealings in the exercise of TREASON against the Constitution, and will be dealt with most severly.
        As for obam’s bin ly’n, he is nothing but a mutt, a wannabe dictator. Do not fear him or his henchmen, we far outnumber these subverts/liars/parasites/moochers/murderers/anti-amerikan thugs, and they know it. Think of it as a strategy of PhyOps against his preceived opponents, it’s all he’s got, and guess what, he does not scare me or other with like mind, he nothing but, an arrogant/shuck jiving/punk with an attitude. Like I said, keep your powder dry and don’t worry or crie over the American Patriots spirit, it is alive, pissed off and itching for some payback.
        Semper Fi

  6. The authorities must be held responsible for the death of this young man, berceuse they knew the dangers and turned a blind eye time and time again. So he is not just a number in their collateral damage category. He was murdered by the authorities and surely as they had pulled the trigger. They should be charged with sabotage and sedition, deliration of duty, for allowing the enemy into their midst and did nothing to prevent this event.

    • Obama is playing dice with the lives of Americans (especially soldiers) by not allowing INTELLLIGENCE TRAINERS to TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAMOFASCISM.

  7. There is no radical Islam.

    There is no moderate Islam.

    There is no reformed Islam.

    There is only Islam.

    (Turkey’s PM Erdogan said it himself in 2007.)

    — — —

    The choices for non-muslims* are as follows:

    1. Convert.
    2. Submit.
    3. Die.

    * Except for Jews – Only ‘Option 3’ is available in their instance.

    It’s in Qur’an, Sira and Hadith.

    • Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians are given the ‘third choice’, but they are severely persecuted in all Moslem country but the Mozzies smugly pretend it isn’t happening and that Islam is benign.

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