SAUDI AIRLINES serves live bugs in their meals, no extra charge

A hungry passenger who had a big bite of a cheese pie offered to him during a flight to Saudi Arabia got the shock of his life when ‘live’ insects jumped out of the pie and crawled away before his eyes.

Emirates The Saudi passenger said he was returning to the Gulf Kingdom from a holiday aboard a Saudia flight on Tuesday when he and the other passengers were served a light meal consisting of small cheese pies and a drink.

“It was wrapped in plastic and when I opened it and took a bite, live insects crawled out of the pie and ran away. I felt sick and vomited,” he said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq.

I told the stewardess about this and all that she said was that not to worry as she would give me another meal. I felt sick and so did the other passengers who were watching what happened. We urge the airlines management to open an investigation into this incident.”