MUSLIM HEADS EXPLODING! French President Hollande appears NOT to be the Islamopanderer French Muslims had expected

95% of Muslims in France thought that by voting for Francois Holland, what they see as Sarkozy’s ‘anti-Muslim’ policies of bans on burqas and street prayer would quickly be repealed. Not only have the bans been continued, Hollande has vowed to protect French Jews from the antisemitism and violence being waged against them from the Muslim community in France.

RFI  (H/T Susan K) French President François Hollande vowed to track down and punish anti-Semitism at a ceremony to honour Jews deported under the wartime German occupation. The roundup, which led to thousands of Jews being sent to Nazi death camps, was a “crime committed in France by France”, he declared.

Amid fears that Mohamed Merah’s Jewish school murders signal a revival of anti-Semitism in France, Hollande writes “everywhere it appears it must be exposed and punished” in the introduction to a booklet distributed to mark the 1942 Vel d’Hiv raids in the Paris region. Hollande, who attended a ceremony to commemorate the raids on Sunday morning, also accepts French responsibility for them, unlike his Socialist predecessor as president, François Mitterrand, or General Charles De Gaulle.


On 16 and 17 July 1942, 13,152 foreign Jews were rounded up in Paris by French police, before being deported to extermination camps, most notably Auschwitz.

Among them, 8,160 people, including 4,115 children, were held in Paris’s Velodrome stadium for four days. Many died from the poor conditions or suicide. The remaining 4,992 people were transferred to the Drancy internment camp, just outside of Paris, before being sent to the concentration camps.

The Vel d’Hiv roundup is the largest of its kind to take place in France during World War II. Only approximately 100 people are known to have survived, and just a handful of children.

Tempsreel  The crimes were committed in France by the French,” insisted the president during the 70th anniversary of the Vel d’Hiv roundup. He stressed that the French police were “responsible for the arrest of thousands of children and families,” that the police had escorted Jews to various camps. “Not one German soldier, not one took part in that operation.”

Hollande spoke of the shooting in March at the Ozar Hatorah school by a young Islamist claiming allegiance to al Qaeda. “Four months ago, four months, children were dying for the same reason as the Vel d’Hiv, because they were Jews,” he lamented.

“The security of the Jews of France is not the responsibility of the Jews is that of all French people,” stressed the President Holland, pledging that “it is guaranteed in all circumstances and everywhere “.

While a recent poll suggests widespread ignorance of the Vel d’Hiv roundup among young people, President Holland said that the schools had the mission to “teach about the past” and the Holocaust was an important part of that past.

“There should not be a single school or university in France, where it is not taught. “The Holocaust is not the history of the Jewish people, it’s history is our history. There should not be a single institution in which that story is not fully learned, discussed, and remembered.

“In the French Republic, the memory of the Holocaust will never die.”






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  1. Congratulations Mr.Francois Hollande,God bless you and the french people and french govt for supporting the jews.Let the shameless scandinavians learn from your country. Islam,muslims,hindus are a cancer and should be eradicated from france and europe.

  2. A someone of French descent started the “BAN ISLAM” PETITION to be sent to the World court.

    What has been your stances, other than snarky remarks about the French on this page?

    Much of these contributors with false names are like someone hurling insults across a fence with plenty of running room.


  3. As a girl in France, I read the Diary of Anne Frank, and later continued with my own personal research of the Hollocaust and french police atrocities. I was angry and shocked that my country had take part in the Jewish genocide. It is a shame on all schools that today’s youth has no knowledge of this deplorable, sad period of history, a history that some even deny of its reality and fact. We are all guilty and I dare say, the not so long ago ethnic cleansing that took place in Serbia shows that genocide IS NOT A THING OF THE PAST! To keep the young ignorant of it’s past is definitely a precursor to repeating it! Parents are just as ignorant however! I hope Hollande means what he says as that would finally make me proud to be a French native for the first time!

  4. Some small comfort, though we will have to see how he handles himself beyond this. While combatting anti-semitism is an issue of paramount import, there are many issues he could use to destroy the nation.
    It DOES appear to be a good sign, and if he DID play the moslems, he is in for a bumpy ride. We’ll be watching.

  5. I often read the comments on the French youtube videos re mid-East stories and Gaza.

    I can tell you the hatred for the Jews is so intense. I sometimes reply and what I get in return is only insults and pure evil.

    Bringing the teaching of the Holocaust back into the school curriculum will certainly help the situation although among the French muslims, this hatred is so ingrained into them, only the young muslims will benefit from this.

    • Well it sure was in the curriculum when I when to school, so you’ve only got to ask yourself who on earth could be responsible for wanting to play it down…. Among other culprits, I wonder how Mitterrand felt about that one, given that his conduct in those times was less than exemplary.

      As for the young muzz benefiting from that teaching, if they’re practicing and their cult remains as it is, they would actually refuse to touch that subject with a bargepole, as they already do.

    • Susan, Like you I read the comments on the news storys and am appalled. The other day, there was a story in the news titled “Israel afraid of terorist attack at olympics” and most of the comments were very negative. Some said stay home, others you stole the land so suffer the consequenses…etc…etc.
      Most French people I talk to have no idea of the history of the middle east and Israel. I keep trying to set them straight, but at times its like banging your head against a wall!

  6. french socialists are different from the rest, they still care about their country. unlike ours, who will betray us to the lowest bidder at the drop of a cheque.

  7. It’s a bloody wonder,the people in my country who happen to be Jewish are just British people?I know that i keep repeating this,but Jews have lived here for over 800 years,at certain times in history we have given them a HARD time,York in the 13th century comes to mind.

    These are OUR people,they belong here with us and it’s the same in the rest of Europe,we will NEVER allow our people to be attacked,abused or killed because OUR people happen to be of the Jewish faith.

    A patriot is a patriot,no colour or faith can beat a patriot,it will NEVER happen.
    UK and the USA takes it’s strength from it’s people,that’s why we will NEVER fucking lose!

    You pick a fight with a Jew,just because that person is a Jew,i’ll kick your fucking face off!

    Sorry to be so emotive Bonni,but the Jewish people in the UK are also getting shit.

      • There was one case recently Bonni in London,a group of Muslims were driving around throwing eggs at Jewish people.

        They were shouting “Oi Jew”,they were arrested and fined!!
        You may think that chucking an egg at a person is silly stuff,true but if you are driving around to TARGET Jewish people to debase them,then to me it’s a crime.

        They were all Muslims that commited this crime,the father of one of them complained that his son had been treated unfairly?

        Im not good at the computer thing Bonni,but this happened in a well established Jewish community,think it was Golders Green.

    • Dubi hold your horses and be careful: listen/read carefully his all he said and find the errors -same with his recent diatribe on Algeria. And Let’s not forget socialists still refuse to take on the blame that lies on them nearly at 80% for the collabos of the time, but they never cease to try an re-write history and shove the blame on the opposite side.

      Remember who’s head of party he refused to invite to the Elysée, and who he just did receive a few days ago.

      Remember what Valls just did a few days ago, and what he went to inaugurate recently. Remember who he goes sit by in hospital when injured, and who’s parents he didn’t even go see when they got killed.

      Look how many Holliecrap has placed in government with condemnations when he was supposed to have none of that?

      Look what they’ve done with AME when it’s income for the state they’re so desperate to scrap from everywhere.

      Tell me how he can even pretend to guarantee the safety of the Jewish community when he cannot even guarantee ours, and do not forget who he’s appointed at Justice and what she’s done, then tell me who’s safety this is guaranteeing.

      And the list goes on, and on. So no, I’m sorry but for anybody here on this site or wherever else to fall for any of his crap simply because someone wrote a speech that was expected of him is unbelievably stupid, naive or whatever you want to call it! There is no way in hell I’d ever trust that man to have the best interests of France at heart unless he’s ever pushed by us to do so, and I sure am well placed to have that opinion.

      Dubi, I believe you’re way too intelligent and savvy a man to fall for this so don’t let your guard down.

        • This all boils down to good verses evil…there is no better explanation. The balance appears to be in favor of evil. We somehow have to stand up to this world wide scourge. Maybe the scale will by some miracle tip in favor for what is good and right. I DETEST evil (islam) with everything in me.

      • Shalom Alain, Don’t worry, I hate the socialist and no amount of smooth talk is going to win me over. Saw him talking to chirac on the news and it was all I could do to keep from losing my lunch. Even my wife who is a-politic can’t stand him! Hang in there things are getting interesting here and in the US!

        • Shalom back Dubi,

          Thought so and glad to hear it but I had to make sure :-)

          I don’t know how you can even bear listening to him? Me, as soon as I see “sa sale gueule” or he opens his gob, I switch off!

          Hanging in here but patience’s running out, fast.

  8. Good for Francois Holland it is good to hear that he is leading France in the right way.
    Genesis 12: Verse 2-3

    • Lets just say, ” I screwed up badly in my idea that Francois was making the right moves ”
      I will be more careful the next time.

      allah is the figment of the imagination of muhammad a 7th century camel driver.

      Our GOD is the True of Christians and Jews
      God BLESS all Kaffirs.

  9. I wonder if anyone remembers the Ilan Halimi case from 2006. The gang leader who was torturing him went out several times to ask neighbors and random passers-by on the street if they’d like to join in on the torture. Several agreed. Not one of the approximately 30 people he asked reported it to the police.

    Now more than ever, Jews need Israel. Once again, European Jews are being murdered for being Jews.

  10. Hollande played the taqiyya on muslimes
    to win the election !

    He turned out to be better than sarkozy.
    Hope he brings law to deport the muslim
    law breakers including jeehadis, burkha wearing nuts and anti-semite scums.

  11. Oh my did I just see a pack of Ilamas colored pink with purple polkadots fly past me backwards after reading this post?! hehe :)

  12. My, my, it appears as though the French have done themselves proud by this President of their Nation. It is a good sign of their near future. Those of the mindset, Never again, are wise to this sort of council, not to a pandered (muslim parasites) group and their concerns. Damn, I’m going to have to rethink my views of the French these days. It is the first time in my memmory they have not, immediately thrown down their weapons, defending the truth of their past, to the appeasing hords. Good for you, now stick to the plan, throw these parasites off guard long enough for the investigation to be completed for if you don’t their demands just grow more obnoxious by the days. This is what leadership looks like. Screw these parasites (muslims) and the horse ( actually their camels) they rode in on.

    • RM, save the accolades for now. He IS a Socialist and the socialists seem to always side with the muslims. I’m hoping he mislead the muslims about his true intentions before the election to get their vote. And that now, he’s pulling a ‘Fooled ya’ on them. But I am a skeptic and will have to wait a few years to see how this plays out.

      • Good on you Bonni for not getting fooled. Just in the past week, Holliecrap, his interior minister Valls and Paris’ mayor all have gone out of their way to insult country and it’s people’s intelligence.

      • You are so right, what is going to happen when the heat gets turned up or perhaps when his pockets can be lined. Amazing how inconsistent humans can be. We are walking contradictions.

      • I really think he is just taking a preemptive move to avoid a muslim train ride. Or maybe he thinks its coming during his reign and now he can say it wasn’t what he wanted.

  13. It happens sometimes although here mainly supreme court appointees. Bush junior was well on his way to becoming dhimmi in Chief until 9/11 hit him like a bucket of ice water.

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