THE BAD NEWS: UK Government launches investigation of British troops for openly supporting the English Defence League

THE GOOD NEWS: British troops are supporting the English Defence League. Apparently the Ministry of Defence thinks that British soldiers are  more of a threat to England than Muslim extremists/terrorists and paedophile gangs.

(The nauseating text here from the Daily Star is representative of most left wing rags that hate British patriots and pander to Muslim thugs. I don’t think it represents what most British citizens believe about the EDL)

Daily Star  Last night the Ministry of ­Defence launched an inquiry ­after we presented them with ­evidence of two serving ­soldiers who openly support the ‘racist’ group and who have attended ‘violent’ marches.

The EDL has become notorious for its far-right rhetoric and provocative demonstrations that have seen hooligans clash with police across the country.  Their message of hate is ignored by the majority of troops but we can reveal a number of soldiers have embraced the EDL’s offensive views.

Yorkshire Regiment squaddie ­Cavan Langfield, 18, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, began ­training as a soldier aged 16. The Army had high hopes for him and he even posed with his Colonel-in-Chief Prince Andrew for a local newspaper.

But the MoD was shocked to learn Langfield has become a dedicated supporter of the EDL, travelling across the country to attend ­marches and boasting online of his violent activities.

Before its provocative march on Tower Hamlets, east ­London last year, he posted on an EDL website, declaring: “Lets f**king have it! Buzzing tomorrow.”

On his Facebook account he has pictures of himself posing with ­automatic weapons in full uniform next to images of EDL demonstrations. He names his political views as “English Defence League”.


Under one picture of EDL ­members fighting police, the thug boasts: “Was fun when we had it with the coppers. They hit our mate for no reason so we all started scrapping.”

His online pal Brandon Neal, 18, is a British infantry soldier training in Canada before being deployed to Afghanistan. He openly promotes his links to the far-right group.

Neal, from Devon, uses social ­networks to keep in touch with EDL members and posts pictures of his Army kit and weapons alongside ­images of their protests, listing his interests as “football hooliganism” and being an “Islamophobe”.


On one picture of Neal’s ­rifle, a friend suggests he should take the weapon to an EDL march in Dewsbury, West Yorks, which was held recently.

His chilling reply was “We’ll need em”.

Neal describes himself as “EDL all the way” and has been pictured ­taking part in the group’s “patrols” in Yorkshire.

The organisation’s hate-filled ­message has made it all the way to Afghanistan, where one masked ­soldier posed in front of an EDL flag with a rifle.

Further pictures from the same sickening display are being distributed by the EDL as propaganda. Army sources indicated Langfield and Neal will face the “hairdryer treatment” today.

A spokesman said: “The Army is clear that racism of any kind is ­unacceptable. “Instances of such behaviour brought to our attention are investigated and appropriate action taken, up to and including dismissal.

“While personnel are free to join political parties, they are expected to abide by our (Islamic?) values and standards in all they do.”


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  1. I love you, EDL! You are wonderful, patriotic human rights activist HEROES.

    I’m very proud of you and British Freedom!

  2. For the furtherance of Western European civilisation the British government can do no better than pissing off the members of our armed forces. This will bring the time of retribution for their treason and an abrupt halt to Islamification of Britain – i.e. the guys and gals trained to defend Britain will wake up help improve Britain.

  3. Shock horror! British squaddies actually want to fight to protect … Britain from invaders…. We can’t have that now can we. Why is it when foreigners stand up for theur rights and identity they are called ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘human rights activists’, but any white indigenous British doing the same are called ‘racists’ and fascists’….?

    • And let’s not forget the term “Islamophobes”, one of the favorites of the Asslifters and their filthy —-ing dhimmis, who are often worse for enabling the lowlife leeching worthless muslime bastards!!

  4. The British government condemning EDL supporters as racists echoes the actions carried out by Vichy France during the Second World War.

  5. I wouldn’t put it past these dhimmie traitors to persecute the military. The EDL and their supporters are the only English people that I can stomach anymore.

  6. The Daily Star must be following a different EDL to the one that i follow??
    Their discription of members of the EDL is not something that i can relate to.

    Most members of the EDL are white(though not all),but only by virtue of the fact that the UK has a mostly white population.Im just a rank and file member of the EDL,im not a racist or fascist,i just love my country.

    There are many people in this world that are superior to me in many ways,some of those people are non whites,SHOCKER!!!
    Come to an EDL demo and chant some racist shit,you won’t leave the area on your feet,we’ll make fucking sure of it!!

    Our troops,we came into being because our soldiers were abused,we make no apology,we support our troops.In the EDL,loyalty is everything,to your mates,your country and to the people who risk life and limb to protect you.Many members of the EDL are ex forces or we know people who are still serving.
    I live just up the road from one of the biggest garrison towns in the UK,when i was younger i had numerous fights with soldiers,but they are OUR troops and we support them.

    As for us being violent?If we are left alone we are a bunch of good people,we have respect for others,we don’t want trouble,but if needed we can fight,it’s not our fault that we happen to be better at it than the people who attack us!!!

  7. Perhaps these lads have come to realise that they are serving in an under funded, undervalued(by politicians)force, used by the state for illegal wars where, instead of being allowed to fight their enemies they are told to “win hearts and minds” and train the very people who will eventually fight against them! Perhaps these lads have realised that they have been conned into joining an army, by false pretences and false promises, perhaps they realise that they are simply an extension of the state which has brought Britain to its knees. Perhaps they want out so that, when the time comes, they will no longer be part of an army which will be ordered to fire upon their own kind. Perhaps, in other words, these men want to now join the fight against the real enemy of Britain, the enemy within, the people who rule and have brought a once proud nation to its knees! Well done lads, get out, dont sacrifice your lives in illegal wars for these crooked politicians and be prepared to join in the civil unrest which is our only hope of regaining our country.

  8. People can write what they want (with government approval). What they write doesn’t make it fact just because they wrote it. As the Muslims become more and more socially, culturally and fiscally carcinogenic, the public will show more and more support for the EDL and the politicians who have the courage to stand with them. I still have faith that most English still hold “Queen and Country” in their hearts. As such, soon (not soon enough, I know) there will be such overwelming support for the EDL, that to amount of Saudi Money nor Dhimmi Media will crush, dimminish or subvert it. The English love their country and the actions of the Muslims will strengthen the resolve of the public for the support of the EDL. Long live the EDL. Tommy will one day receive the recognition he and The Lads are due. A true Patriot.

  9. Glad to see the UK soldiers standing with the EDL. its evident the UK police have all submitted and the politicians have their head buried so deep up Muslim ass they are afraid to speak out even when the Muslim scum are raping British girls.

    • Foxmuldar, the politicians are so far up the Muslim’s asses, that if you look close, you can see the “ring around the collar’.

  10. It is all a matter of time and it is inevitable. The Muslims are programmed to push, push, push. The British Defense League may be just one group presently ready to dump all the Muslims in the North Sea but eventually even the politically correct with blinders will say enough is enough and then it will get ugly.

  11. The British army say they it is clear that any racism is not acceptable ?
    Get real who do they think they are fight ing & killing in different countries ?
    When is this government going to realise & admit THIS IS J’HAD & ISLAM IS AT WAR (ALBEIT) WITH EVERY NATION OF NON MUSLIMS !

  12. since when is the EDL racist? DON LAIRD has expressed my outrage succintly. just wait until the opening day of the games i fear something bad will happen

  13. “In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it.”

    – Sun Tzu

  14. I tried to watch that video but quit after 50 seconds. BASTARD MUSLIMES !
    Investigating these troops is so typically British, It’s what happens when a country is sold down the tube by socialist Dhimmis for the last 20 years.They would’nt DARE TRY THAT HERE IN THE USA. Let em try…just let em f’ing try !

    • Obama and his minions have been – and are!!! – doing PRECISELY THAT!!

      It truly feels as if Satan’s activity levels have only been getting worse ever since 1848…

  15. Shame on the liberal left for targeting their soldiers who see the wisdom in supporting the EDL’s efforts to curb and to control the rabid increase of muslims taking over ol’ England. The liberal left would love to give away englandistan to the savages of islam. God support the EDL and the Brits who support a country where muslims are not in charge.

    • Of course it does. It simply doesn’t apply to anti-Mohammedanism. After all, one can always cease being a Mohammedan.

      • Don’t forget that such a renunciation of (apostasy from) Mohammedanism is never truly done without a grave risk to your life and limb plus possessions. How many people have been killed or maimed (e.g., with acid-throwing) for less than that…


    Excuse my French ladies and gentlemen but there are no other words for it….when will the British patriots rise up and wrest the reins of power from those who are little more than an obscene collection of treasonous cowards and collaborators?

    Soon I hope…..and let it be an awe inspiring and breathtaking course of accounting and retribution for years of treason and wholesale destruction of a proud nation.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Don, my thoughts exactly. Yesterday they want to deport a Fiji-born man who honorably served in combat with the British military for 13 years, along with his British wife and 2 kids. Today, this. Sometimes, I can’t bring myself to look at the British media.

      • The Fijian Soldier had a little more behind his problem. He was charged for a fight with a fellow soldier. Since it was settled with a fine I gather it was the Brit equivalent of an Article 15 (what my mom would have called a Captain’s Mast), something that should disappear from your service jacket after a couple of years and certainly should not follow you into civilian life. He’s being railroaded.

    • Dear Don, I hope I find you well. You see, it is exactly the Britons and especially the EDL who have stood up to be counted, and it has swept northern Europe like a wild fire, and now stretches right across the globe, with a strong patriot force within the US… I do however understand your frustrations as we feel it far more here in the UK and hence why we cousins across the pond have been screaming out to you as the last bastion of freedom and liberty which is left, to join us and rid ourselves of those who purposefully brought this threat into our nations. It was purposeful and anyone with a ounce of cotton wool between understands why. Those who put the moslem “m . i . 6” Brotherhood in power will face themselves in time.. There is no need for bloodhsed, wars, bombs or bullets.. islam is a political ideology flown under sharia law, the very heart and life blood of islam, and can and will only be defeated politically.. So outlaw sharia and islam implodes, literally.. With that said, that type of ending is far too simple.. and war is orchestrated by our elites right across the Arab world, where AL CIAeda and the MB militants are flown around the globe from conflict to conflict by the western powers and military forces.. THEY are western paid, western operated, western funded and supported islamist militants… whom OUR very own UK/US/NATO forces are training in Syria and Jordan and sending them over and into Syria for all out civil war.. we couldnt dream this crap up if we tried… Trouble is, its here, and its deep inside our own nations as we witness with this evil confrontation above. Islam is doomed, but its going to be a bloody battle in between. So sad and sorry to have to say.

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