Pakistani Muslim man yet to be charged for selling his 12-year-old sister to his brothers-in-law for sex. What are the odds he ever will be?

In her complaint, Basheeran Bibi accused her son Muhammad Anser of having sold his 12-year-old sister to his two brothers-in-law for Rs20,000. She said the two men had sexually assaulted the child and forced her to do their household chores.

Express Tribune  But her complaint against her son, accusing him of having sold his sister, has yet to be registered with the police because of a jurisdiction dispute between Saddar and City stations.

Basheeran Bibi said her daughter had escaped and arrived home in Solwe Awan village a couple of days ago. Talking to The Express Tribune, the woman said her son had earlier sold her for Rs30,000 to a man in Gujranwala a year ago. “He wanted me to marry the man but I never signed the marriage deed. I fled as soon as I found the chance to do so,” she said. She said Anser was arrested for this by City police but was later released on bail. “I withdrew the FIR later because he came to me and apologised,” she said.

She said when she later married a brick kiln worker in Solwe Awan and moved in with him, her son refused to let her take her daughter with her.