UK’s The Sun uncovers Pakistani passport/visa scam to get terrorists into London Olympics

A passport/visa scam giving potential terrorists the chance to sneak into Britain with Pakistan’s Olympic team has been smashed by The Sun. The paper claims it infiltrated a crime ring offering false passports, visas, as well as access to Olympics as bogus support staff.

The Sun  We infiltrated a crime ring offering false passports, visas — and access to London 2012 as bogus support staff. We uncovered a ring of corrupt Pakistani officials and travel staff conspiring with a prominent politician to bypass stringent security.

First they provided our undercover investigator with a genuine Pakistani passport in a false name. Then leading Lahore politician Abid Chodhary spelled out how for around £7,000 he could get our man a two-month visa — and smuggle him into London 2012 as part of Pakistan’s Olympic squad.

The Sun secretly filmed Mr Chodhary as he explained how easy it was to get into the Olympic Village by masquerading as a member of the athletes’ support team. We were told we could even take part in Friday’s opening ceremony.

At no point did any of the corrupt officials question our reason for wanting to sneak into Britain. An investigation was under way yesterday after we alerted MI6, the Home Office, the UK Border Agency and the British High Commission in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

Abid Chodhary & Bobby, The Fixer

One intelligence operative said: “The Sun has unearthed a sophisticated network of corruption. The idea of unknown agents being flown in to the UK to be a sophisticated network of corruption. The idea of unknown agents being flown in to the UK to be put up in the Olympic Village beggars belief.

“Terrorists would have the biggest platform to perform their atrocities. A member of al-Qaeda could fly to the UK on a genuine passport in another name and the authorities would be none the wiser.

We approached one of its staff and a meeting was arranged in Lahore with a fixer called Bobby. Bobby bragged that for £600 in Pakistani rupees he could get us dodgy travel documents.

The next day he took our man to the National Database Registration Authority — Pakistan’s passport agency — in a Lahore suburb.

Bobby explained a scan of the database had identified a Pakistani — of a similar age to The Sun’s man — who had either died or his passport and ID card had expired. Our man’s photograph and fingerprints were taken. His new identity would be in the name of Muhammad Ali, born November 8, 1977.

As The Sun’s undercover man was led from desk to desk in two separate passport and ID card offices it became clear up to 12 people were in on the scam at this single centre.

Mr Chodhary confirmed it would be easy for our man to slip into the UK by posing as an Olympic support staff member.

He said it would cost 150,000 rupees — just over £1,000 — for an official letter saying we were part of the squad. And the total cost of the letter and a visa for two months would be a million rupees — close to £7,000.


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  1. BNI, good on ya with all the publicity.

    Isn’t Mitt Romney there now? Man I hope he has a lot of security around him and his family.

  2. All it takes is one or two muzzies with dynamite stuck up their butts. This would be a perfect time to attack. So many people and not alot of people watching.

    • Yes, a couple arselifters with bombs stuffed up their arses could do a lot of damage and take out a lot of infidels!! The only good would be that they would blow themselves to HELL simultaneously!!

  3. UK – [ Muslim ]Police officer caused major terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke ( dry run ? )

    A [Muslim ] police officer caused a major terrorism alert after ringing a busy port with a hoax bomb threat.

    PC Hatef Nezami, [ Iranian surname ] 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a device was placed in a busy port.

    Specialist terrorism staff were so concerned by the call’s authentic nature that they started preparing for a full terrorist attack.

    […]’One officer even joked that he was “testing out the systems” and that has been given as the official line if anyone questions the incident.

    […]Chief Inspector Steve White declined to give details on whether there was a criminal investigation into the bomb hoax or if disciplinary proceedings had taken place.

    He said: ‘Dorset Police does not comment on internal staff matters.’

  4. The Sun is a joke Bonni,it’s claim to fame is page three,if you like a pair of tits and gossip,then the Sun is the paper for you!!

    The Sun has not exposed anything that we don’t already know,bloody hell,you don’t even live here but are better informed!!!!

    There will be an Islamic terror attack over here very soon.I don’t think it will be in London though,it will be at an easier place for the terrorists to carry it out,if not now then it will be shortly after the games.

    • RF, I was thinking that myself. I have never seen terrorists attack a big event where everyone was expecting it. I mean, why try to get thru all that security in place, when you can stage a big attack where they least expect it like the airport in Bulgaria.

  5. I am VERY concerned for all the athletes, and not just the Jewish contingent,,, ALL of them are under the microscope, because of the Shari’ah components~!

  6. They reap what they sow. London has become the greatest terrorist hub of the planet and the Brits still are not waking up.

    It is now time to pay for political correctness.

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