ETHIOPIA: Muslims getting a taste of what it’s like to be Christian/Hindu in a Muslim country

Oh, BOO BOO! Muslims in Ethiopia are whining about being treated like ‘terrorists.’ Maybe that’s because so many of them are. And at 34% of the population, rising fast as a result of Muslim overbreeding, they are on the verge of grabbing control of the government and ethnically cleansing the Christians, as they do in every  country…sooner or later.

Str8talk  Hundreds of thousands of irate Ethiopian Muslims took to the streets of Addis Ababa this weekend – Africa’s biggest protests since Tahrir Square. They want the government to stop meddling in their religious affairs, and acknowledge that Muslims can’t remain a marginalised minority. Ethiopia’s Christian-led government better make some concessions quickly, or risk finding out exactly how many irate Muslims there really are.

While reports are hard to confirm, participants claimed that somewhere between 500,000 and one million Muslims gathered in and around one of the city’s main mosques in a blatant show of defiance against the Christian-led government, while smaller marches took place in other cities across the country.

Sunday was the third consecutive day of protests and mosque sit-ins, and already hundreds are reported arrested or injured by the government response, which has definitely included the liberal use of tear gas and – again according to participant claims – live rounds.

Meles Zenawi’s government is having to contend with a new threat. According to official statistics, Muslims make up 34% of the population; Ethiopian Orthodox Christians 44%; and various Protestant groupings another 17%. But the Muslim population is growing so quickly that, even taking these numbers at face value, Muslims are projected to become the majority in Ethiopia by 2050.

A more recent spark for the unrest has been the government’s perceived meddling in religious affairs by encouraging and supporting one minority Muslim sect over the more mainstream others. Terrified of the potential emergence of Al Shabaab-style fundamentalist Islam, Zenawi’s administration has promoted one particular sect of Islam, the Al Ahbash, which opposes ultra-conservative ideology and rejects violence. 

All this takes place against the backdrop of a highly autocratic state. Meles Zenawi would describe it as a benevolent autocracy, but human rights watchdogs would beg to differ. “Ethiopian authorities continued to severely restrict basic rights of freedom of expression, association, and assembly. Hundreds of Ethiopians in 2011 were arbitrarily arrested and detained and remain at risk of torture and ill-treatment,” wrote Human Rights Watch in their World Report 2012.


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  1. what short memories they have where was the arabs or allah for the famines when they where dieing liking flies only for the christian west their population would be decimated what is with islam every country they inhabit is destined to end up a shithole like the mother country unless they are luck enough to find oil

  2. Unless they are disnfranchised , islaM outlawed In the land just as saudi outlaw
    other religion and men compulsorily vasectomised, women sterlised, their population will grow and overwhelm ethiopia – one of the oldest christian territories.

    If they don’t like it they can leave ethiopia
    or leave islam.

    This can be only way or wait till civil war breaks out……or will govt watch as the islamic hordes butcher christains like they are doing now in most countries including nigeria,.

  3. I sold a condo to a Christian Ethiopian who owned a convenience store a few years ago. Nice person. We discussed Islam and how it is conquering Ethiopia, and he totally agreed. A lot of Christian Ethiopians know what’s next and they don’t like it one bit.

    • buy that man a cigar, and a hand-tool. It will make him feel better, and also give him the correct understanding/responsibilities of a free man.

  4. In East Africa, many Christian girls were tattooed with big crosses on the FACE to ensure they would not end up as SEX SLAVES or forced marriages to inbred, braindead Mozman killer zombie jihadists.

    Those Christians living in Moz-invaded countries have lived in hell for 1300 years.

  5. Islamic politicals lie about the reasons for everything they do. The purpose of this wasn’t to get concessions. It was to rile up the muslims.

    There’s going to be jihad in Ethiopia.

  6. When you consider the abuse of the black man by Isam over the centuries I cannot understand why an intelligent black person can even accept this faith.

  7. The Mohammedans are upset… so what?

    Looks like some Cushites are not having it from the Mohammedans. I fear for Ethiopia, however, if they do not demand the Mohammedans simply LEAVE and go to, maybe, Somalia?

  8. 2o50 that’s 32 years from now. Means Arabs will do the only thing they know how to do. Screw like rabbits with more than one wife at tax payers expanse.

    We are being forced to pay for our country to be over run by these inbreeding pigs. The worse part is every time John McCain opens his mouth he reminds us why Obama is in office.

    Senate passed a tax yesterday on the rich were was McCain. They claim unemployment is running high. In the city I live in the Demarcates on the city counsel just voted for a pay rise for themselves but the city is shut down every Friday.

    They are getting a 44% pay rise that they claim they deserve. Seems the one who said it isn’t making such on the drugs he sells to kids. Yet these counselor are the highest paid in the country.

    But back to Ethiopia Israel went there to get their fellow Jews out. That was when the joke was their national anthem was are you hungry for burger king now. Were was the Muslim’s then. Now they are only there to make trouble.

    • The great antisemitic, psychopathic, misogynistic slave-owning pedophile of pisslam, MuhamMAD encouraged his followers to lie even about their faith, in order to advance the cause of pisslam. I believe there’s a sira in which MuhamMAD told his follower to lie about being a muslime in order for this muslime to get close enough to someone to KILL them. There’s no point in giving them the option of conversion. Give the muslo-nazis bastards the option of leaving or dying.

  9. God Bless the brave Ethiopian people! They are a bastion of Christianity in a sea of Islam; no wonder they get along so well with Israel. In fact, the flag of Ethiopia used to have the Lion of Judah on it when the nation was still a monarchy.

  10. It DOES appear it is time for a cleansing in Ethiopia alright; but NOT the kind the muslimes crowding the streets and making noises with their obnoxious chants of sh– like “Allahu Akbar”!! It’s time to bring out the water cannons and clear the streets of a bunch of maniacal demented arselifters, then if THAT doesn’t do it, bring out the flame throwers before the muslimes gain anymore ground and completely take over!!

  11. Cannot begin to imagine how bad the smell was in the middle of that revolting mob of sub humans. A cross between rotting fish and a pile of steaming dog turd.

    • How about a genocide of Christians in Ethiopia by muslo-nazis? It’s not like muslo-nazis haven’t done that in Africa before
      (think Sudan/Darfur).

  12. At 34% of the population, I’d say the muzztards will be taking over far sooner than 2050. Ethiopia needs to step things up to try to run these people out of the country ASAP!

  13. Maybe caterpiller Corp. could design riot control dump trunks like those in Soylent Green. Ethiopia could use a few hundred.

  14. There’s a Somali, practically a cert for an Olympic Gold medal in some running event. His name is Mohamed. Only trouble, he runs for BRITAIN and the British media call him MO!!! Never a Brit, never a MO, he’s Mohamed and he’s a Somali. Bollocks to the Olympics.

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