OKLAHOMA: Massive expansion of Edmond mosque causing controversy

The small mosque, in Edmond, OK,  sits across from the University of Central Oklahoma. Mosque officials have requested permits to expand the building to five times the size it is now.

KOKO  When neighbors were notified about the expansion plan, letters of complaint began coming in.

In a hand-written note the writer asked planning commissioners to look at recent events in Murfressboro, Tenn., and “what our grandchildren are going to face.” A 50,000-square-foot mosque is under construction in that small town where the Muslim population continues to grow.


In one letter the sender called the mosque near UCO, “a headquarters for terrorist affiliate organizations.” Terrorist Organizations are requesting Permission to Build a HQ in Edmond Briefing Package included information on CAIR (Council on American/Islamic Relations), NAIT (North American Islamic Trust), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), and MSA (Mulsim Students Association), and the terrorist group Hamas.

 On October 20, 2004, Ismail Elbarasse and his wife were arrested for suspicious behavior as they were videotaping the bridge supports along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. A subsequent FBI search of Mr. El- barasse’s home found a hidden sub-basement full of documentation of the Muslim Brotherhood operations in North America.

Edmond Planning Commissioner Robert L. Schiermeyer says it is his job to make sure building plans meet certain codes and regulations. The permits have nothing to do with the activities inside. “We are talking about fire protection, parking, curb cut locations and drainage. Those are the reasons we are going to look at it,” said Schiermeyer.

The construction plans are now on hold because the mosque is considering some changes to the design. City planners say as soon as the mosque is ready to present its plans, the matter will be put on the Planning Commission agenda.