Bangladeshi Prime Minister explains to hostile British reporter why they turn back Muslim refugees coming from Burma (Myanmar)

The violence against Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) was in retaliation for Muslims raping and killing Buddhist women and children. This is what happens when you piss all over your host country, your native country (Bangladesh) doesn’t want you back either.

Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?







37 comments on “Bangladeshi Prime Minister explains to hostile British reporter why they turn back Muslim refugees coming from Burma (Myanmar)

  1. Hasina is a puppet of India, who are puppets of USA. USA are controlled by the illuminati like most of the world.

    It’s a shame so many people of Bangladesh are up her bottom that they fail to realise that she does not care for the Muslim brothers and sisters in Burma.

    Islam is the perfect way of life, why do you think everyone is against islam?
    It is obvious, Muslim men, women and children are being massacred in Syria and Burma. WHY?

    To minimise the chances of an islamic revolution, nevertheless an islamic revolution will take place, it is guaranteed. Allah hu akbar.

    • Muzzies are puppets of Taliban who are puppets of satanic verses.

      its a shame so many dumb muzzies are failed to realise that muzzies doent care for universal peace and humanity

      if islam is the perfect way of life , why any of the islam nation are like a hell to live on esp. who are non muslims?. why no muslims are supporting violence against non-muslims in muslim dominated countries?

    • The only thing that is guaranteed is that one day you Mohammedans will so anger the non-Mohammedans of the world that the US, Russia, and China will end up nuking your asses back to the STONE AGE.

  2. Before anyone cries for the poor Bangladeshi muslime apes, please keep in mind that the somewhere around 2.5 million Hindus were slaughtered in Bangladesh in the 1970’s (and thousands of Hindu women raped by the muslime apes). A genocide for which there has been no recognition by the Bangladeshi muslime apes and no restitution for the families of the victims.

  3. Keep killing muslimes in Burma, it’s the only language the muslo-nazis understand and if they have sufficient numbers they will be seeking to erase Buddhism from Burma as they did from Afghanistan.

  4. The audacity of the leftist media to insist in forcing countries to accept muslime parasites at whatever the cost to those societies. BTW where is the leftist dominated media on Christians been raped, persecuted and butchered in muslime dominated countries.

    Even in Bangladesh they recognize the parasitic effects of allowing their own whining muslime brothers into their society.

  5. That vile woman would have trouble lying straight in bed. Those muslims are her raping scum, she must be made to take them and those from UK as well.

        • It may be independent, but without India’s help in 1969-72, Bangladesh would NOT have become independent!!! The former East Pakistan was being thoroughly terrorised by (West) Pakistani troops, police and government figures!!…

        • But the systematic, state sponsored, persecution of non-muslimes in Bangladesh and the resultant ethnic cleansing of millions of Hindus and Sikhs isn’t India’s fault.

  6. that British reporter is a herk. he talks humanitarian policies but refuses to understand that NO MENANS NO

  7. “Being persecuted in their own country..” as the dhimmi dip BBC correspondent said!….Horse hockey!! Myanmar DOES NOT even want the lowlife raping, theiving murderous bastards back; so why the HELL should ANY OTHER country take the —ing lowlifes!!…Why don’t YOU take them BBC ?!!

  8. That’d be Bangladesh Muslim culture allowing that haram headbag half on the head look. Same shitty cult though.

    I wish she would have said ‘Britain is so concerned that we have proposed that we helicopter 500 of these refugees to British jets at our nearest airport EVERYDAY for immediate reload and airflight to London! That way Britain can directly receive 15,000 new Muslim citizens every month. We know that Britian is eager to implement awaiting only your Prime Minister’s approval. Why don’t you ask him about that?’

    He would probably wet his pants with glee!

  9. Why would any country want criminals as immigrants?

    …except of course for most European countries, the US, Canada and Australia?

    Bangladesh is wiser than we are.

  10. That “hostile” Brit sounded more like a Bleeding Heart liberal that would have welcomed all those shit balls into Britain. Granted the Bangladeshi woman is a lying muzzie but really, why would they want more cockroaches in their already bloated with cockroaches country?

  11. All countries should do the same thing that this intellegent woman has done. Why doesn’t the British just take them all in? Is it because they are overwhelmed at the cost and their citzens are getting sick of the Muslims actions?

  12. Bleeding heart Brit leftie commie. Nobody respects euro trash anymore. Even the dirt poor Bangladeshis.

    I bet these refugees are the future new euro citizens

    • Abbot
      The liberal left live in a world of their own and if you face them with the unshakable truth. It’s back to their office for a hand full of uppers. It has been my experience that liberal left wing journalist have such a shallow opinion of them selves,with their holier than thou attitude they need uppers or alcohol to get through the week.

  13. Those criminals (Muslims) force themselves on the infidels (Non-Muslims). They believe that the world is their’s. We (the infidels) MUST realize and recognize the fact that there will be no peace and prosperity with Muslims living amongst us and act accordingly. There is no other way.

  14. About time we gave them some o’ that as well,instead of scrounging of out Taxpayers Backs,the imigrants shoud be applying to their oun goverenments to finance their illegal move to this Country,and do you think they would hand over any Money to the Brittish or American Governments…no,they would’nt…SO WHY THE HELL DO WE KEEP THEM???

  15. There is ongoing evidence of muslim refugees being sexual predators who prey on the vulnerables of the host country. Not to speak of the sado sexual terrorists who are in sexual lust combined with suicide and mass murder for sex.

  16. Poor dhimmi lefty british journalist must have been shocked out of his wits to know a muslim country could refuse to take muslims refugess…..and loonies in england welcome them, allow them to rape their children and are stoopid enough not to find a way to get rid their terrosist jeehadis.

    • Nope, Sheikh Hasina IS a Moslem. Obviously, she’s a relatively-“liberal” Moslem (especially given that both she and her bitter opposition rival Khalida Zia are leaders – total anathema to the REAL Moslems, e.g., Saudi Arabia or Iran!!!!), but she still is one…

      Perhaps she feels that because she’s the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and a bit of a feminist, she can flout her hair a little bit.

    • Well she is a muslim. All bangladeshis are basically converts and they are actually Bengalis to begin with. So, although, their new shitty religion is islam but their habits are still like the Bengali Hindus.

      So that is why a sari is a common thing in bengladesh bu now we want it back.

  17. That Bengaladeshi woman is the Prime Minister. She has a point. They can’t care for their own, let alone refugees from a wealthier country who brought it on themselves.

    • Maybe she should cry to the millions of Hindus and Sikhs who have been ethnically cleansed from Bangladesh and Pakistain.

      • Very true. Just recently a few thousand Hindus fled back to India from pakistan leaving behind everything that they have ever owned only coz they didn’t want to be brutally murdered after being falsely accused of blasphemy or they didn’t want their young daughters to be gang raped by muslim savages.

        This is a true story. I was once traveling in a train which I boarded at night and went to sleep rightaway but I woke up when I heard kids getting all naughty in the morning. I realized that a family had boarded the train in the middle of the night. Husband, wife and three cute kids. Later we all got friendly and I found out that the family is a Hindu family from pakistan. So at some point I asked the man that how is it for Hindus living in pakistan and I think that guy almost cried. He said that there is no security and we live in fear everyday. Referring to his 13 year old daughter, who was like a cute little angel (very beautiful features), he said that every passing day that she is growing up, we are getting scared of her well being. This is a Hindu family in pakistan.

        And on the other hand, u see all these dirty, slimy, crime loving, evil muslims that we accommodate in India amongst ourselves who dwell and survive on our land and then still kill and rape and loot our own. I fail to understand that why we Hindus allow that?
        There are millions of Christans, Jews, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhist who are peacefully living in India and Hindus have no problems with them and they are love each other and Hindus back. But all these other religions are threatened by one and only islam.

        I pray for all muslims and the entire islam cult to magically vanish on one finest day of all days. Jai Hind.

  18. Bangaladesh is one of the poorest countries on earth. If the Greenland ice cap or one the Antarctic shelfs melts it will be a new bay. This reminds me of a sign from the Great Depression “Jobless men keep walking, we can’t feed our own”. The Myanmar muslims should study how to be dhimmis to Buddhists.

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