EDL’s ‘Stop the Mosque’ Victory

A great day for the English Defence League’s fight against the islamization of Britain. For too long, far too many mosques have been given planning permission from local councils, even in areas that don’t need or want a mosque. Thanks to the efforts of EDL members and the local community, the former Bulls Head pub in Stockport will NOT be turned into a mosque, after all.

EDL  The pub was forced out of business and the was bought up for £120,000. by  a Muslim, who said that it was to be used for a business which would employ local people. It would help bring a few jobs for the locals in an area that badly needed jobs. However, the jobs didn’t go to local residents, instead the Muslim – by the name of- actually bussed in Muslims from across Manchester to work his business.

It might be said that he was trying to help fellow Muslims who needed jobs. However, if there had been a mix of people, non-Muslim as well as Muslim then that argument would have no foundation. It was used exclusively to give employment to Muslims only.

The local labour-led council did nothing to investigate or question this. And when the man put in for change of use for the premises from business to worship – something that requires two years notice, it went without notice or if it was needed in the area was never questioned.

Then with only a couple of weeks before the council was to make it’s final decision, the EDL decided on a new approach. They went to local businesses and residents and engaged them on the impact a mosque in the area would have. For instance the mosque would have parking space for only 10 vehicles, with parking in the local area a premium especially for passing trade that the local shops relied on, this would have impacted on local trade quite badly. The increased traffic congestion would also have had an impact on the local residents.

The labor councillors quickly understood that this mosque was unwanted, that it would bring about traffic chaos, parking problems and other issues. There was also the fact that the mosque was not really for local residents, but for Muslims in Manchester. There are very few Muslims in Stockport.

All of these things brought about a change of heart from the local council who decided not to give planning permission and in a strange twist of fate the application was withdrawn.

It was first and foremost a victory for the local residents and businesses who would have suffered severe disruption to trade and to their live if the mosque had gone ahead. It was victory brought about by using the tools already available to us. It would never have happened though if the EDL had not brought the matter to the eyes and ears of the local community.

The tide may or may not be turning, but the Bulls Head mosque victory is but one step on the long road to ensuring our country stays British and not just another outpost of Arabia or Pakistan.