“If we were Christians or Jews, not Muslims, we’d be getting lots of aid from America and the International Community”

Because of the rape and murder rampages these Muslims have waged on Buddhist girls and women in Myanmar, (Burma), they have been kicked out by angry Buddhists who are fed up. They’ve also been turned back, by force, from their native country of Bangladesh. So now, they are squatting in India and bitching about how the world doesn’t care about them. Oh, BOO HOO!

Iranian protesters say, “Muslims HATE bloodshed and warfare?” “Stop the killings, down with  Israel, down with America.”

Oh, this is rich. Iranians are whining about ‘human rights violations’ and the so-called ‘genocide’ in Myanmar. They demand the UN do something to help the Buddhist-killing Muslims and condemn America for ignoring them just because they are Muslims. Funny how they never seem to call on the oil-rich Gulf states to help their fellow bottom feeders.