AUSTRALIA: Illegal alien (mostly) Muslim bottom feeders’ boat arrivals break record!

Australia’s system of mandatory detention is under increased pressure, with the number of economic parasites arriving by boat breaking the previous record. Leftie scum demand that all the illegal squatters be freed, so they can start sucking on the lavish government teat of generous welfare benefits and free housing.

SBS  (H/T Shirl in Oz) Nearly 7,000 asylum seekers have been intercepted over the past seven months, surpassing the record set two years ago.

In 2010, 6,535 asylum seekers arrived by boat, while 6,764 asylum seekers have been intercepted so far this year.

Labor says it’s hypocritical for the Coalition to complain about boat arrivals, but will not support legislation that would re-introduce offshore processing.

So why don’t all the bleeding heart lefties (see below) start offering these Muslim invaders free housing in their homes?