Indonesian rabid gang of 150 Muslims attack bar for serving alcohol during Ramadan


In Hillary Clinton’s ‘moderate’ Indonesia, police have arrested 62 people, most of them minors. A group of 150 youths, some as young as 13 and carrying Samurai swords, sickles, and golf clubs, raided the De Most bar Saturday, smashing bottles of alcoholic drinks and damaging the property.

Inquirer  “They shattered the windows and door and smashed bottles, saying they wanted all bars shut to ensure the month of Ramadan is not tainted,” the owner, Hermawan, added. Twenty-three people face charges of damaging property while four are additionally charged with carrying sharp weapons. The group called itself the Prophet’s Defenders Council.

“It is usual for me and my followers to raid sinful places during Ramadan,” the group’s alleged leader, 33-year-old Habib Bahar was quoted as saying by the news website after the arrests. “They commit sins there. They get drunk so action must be taken,” said Bahar, who was among the arrested.

A bar staff member said the attackers, some of them wearing white trousers and matching skull caps, arrived on motorcycles and shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greater) as they entered the bar and forced guests to leave.

“There was a live band playing (traditional) dangdut music and some of us were dancing. They said this is a sinful place, before smashing the glasses and beer bottles,” the bar’s operational manager Pariah, 37, told AFP. “It was very frightening as they were armed with sticks, machetes, swords. Some of the female staff took off their high-heel shoes and ran helter-skelter. We thought they were going to kill us,” she said.