TENNESSEE: Muslim workers get sent to the toilet to pray, then get fired, then get rehired….damn it!

NewsChannel5  Several Muslim employees at the CEVA Logistics in Mt. Juliet said they were discriminated against because of how and where they chose to spend their breaks. Nine Muslim employees said they were fired Wednesday from the plant for using their breaks to pray during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Omar Mohammed said he worked as a temp at CEVA for nearly two years. He said at first the prayer breaks were not a problem. The said the employees were provided time and a clean space, but then the company changed their policy.

“They were telling us to use the bathroom. Don’t say you are going to pray, but say you are going to use the bathroom,” said Omar Mohammed. “This is the first job I ever had to do this for my religion.” said Shueb Hassan.

The men refused to hide their faith and said they then lost their jobs because of it.  Omar Mohamed said he sees other employees take breaks at various times of the day and they don’t lose their jobs.  “If I was a non-muslim they wouldn’t have the same problem as us,” said Abdir Ahman. (If they were non-muslims, they wouldn’t be demanding their own special prayer room at work)

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