PAKISTAN: 11 Christian nurses were poisoned by Muslims for drinking tea during the daytime fasting period of Ramadan

Christian staff nurses of Civil Hospital Karachi were poisoned as punishment for drinking tea in their Hostel rooms during the Month of Ramadan observed by the Muslim majority in Pakistan.

Pakistan Christian Post  (H/T Martin) Among 11 poisoned Christian nurses, 3 were rushed to Intensive Care Unit ICU of Civil Hospital Karachi and the remaining 8 are being treated in emergency ward. No one has been arrested so far. (Probably never will be)

According to Ramadan Ordinance of Provincial Sindh Government, to eat in public places is prohibited and restaurants and vendors will remain closed during timing of Ramadan.

After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, restaurants had to put curtains up to separate Muslims and other religious communities that were free to dine and smoke during  Ramadan but laws were passed banning restaurants from being open after Islamization of Pakistan during Zia-ul-Haq rule.