Contentious Ground Zero Mosque to be resurrected in Santa Clara under the same name – ‘Cordoba’

There was an uproar in NYC when it was learned that the proposed Ground Zero Victory Mosque was to be named Cordoba House, after the Grand Mosque that was built in Cordoba, Spain symbolizing the Muslim invasion and conquest of that country until the Crusades kicked the vile savages out. Angry Santa Clara residents voice their opposition.


As usual, the despicable MSM is siding with the Muslim against real Americans.

Gilroy Dispatch Strong opposition from community over a 15-acre San Martin site where the South Valley Islamic Center plans to build a mega-mosque, the Cordoba Center, an areas where there are virtually no Muslim residents.. Arturo Santiago of NBC News did a story on the Islamic Mosque-Cordoba Center where he stated “Muslims trying to get plans for the Center approved believe bigotry IS playing a role among some who are in opposition. It’s a very systematical campaign of misinformation, trying to discredit the project and spreading rumors and fear mongering.”


Really? The only persons spreading “misinformation” appears to be Mr. Akhter and Mr. Abbass from the South Valley Islamic Center.

I have yet to hear one bigoted remark from anyone other than Mr. Akhter’s phantom claims. Perhaps Mr. Akhter could provide some substantial evidence to back up his empty claims. Instead he tries to incite divisiveness within a community that does not wish to have the small-town USA lifestyle disrupted by any large center regardless of purpose, ethnicity, or religion.

Mr. Akhter seems to keep handing out “misinformation” regularly. He told Santiago of NBC that “the 80 to 100 families are all from the area between Morgan Hill and Gilroy.” More misinformation. 

Mr. Abbass of the SVIC told the Morgan Hill Times last week that, “The SVIC serves about 70 families in the South Valley area, from San Jose to Hollister.” Did the families in San Jose all the way to Hollister relocate to the area between Gilroy and Morgan Hill over the weekend? Seems Mr. Akhter is trying to “manipulate” the facts as to where the SVIC congregation lives in order to adhere to the San Martin code R-LU 57 and Zoning Section 2.20 that state “Institutional uses may be established only where they serve the needs of the resident population” and “Religious Institutions must serve the community in which they are located.”


So, even if the SVIC congregation relocated to Gilroy and Morgan Hill,  they still don’t reside in the community of San Martin. Nice try, though. The builders of this project must adhere to the same rules of the community as everyone else does. And, by calling the residents of the community bigots and stating that “their lifestyle” is not going to change, and that the community suffers from ill-informed fear, a fear of the unknown”, surely will not inspire hospitality and a welcome mat.

200 outaged residents dominated the meeting about the mosque.

Gilroy Dispatch  When the meeting turned to the public comment period, the meeting quickly grew boisterous and, at times, nearly out of control. Attendees shouted in argument from the audience against speakers whom they disagreed with, and applauded loudly with those they supported.

 While Sal Akhter, SVIC member and Cordoba Center project manager, spoke as the last public commenter, the audience emitted a loud sustain of disapproval as he demonstrated the existing local presence of Muslim residents and activity in San Martin. Akhter was visibly and vocally upset at the reaction and many of the comments that preceded his, and directed his opinion to the audience rather than the committee.

Most were against the project, citing the groundwater issue as well as possible impacts on traffic, noise, storm water runoff and flooding, and the Cordoba Center’s capacity to serve local needs in accordance with the county’s general plan. Some speakers even expressed unabashed fear of the Islamic community who plans to make the Cordoba Center their worship headquarters.

The first speaker following the county staff presentation was Michele Rasner of Gilroy, who prompted obscenities and boos from the crowd as she declared that she thinks the controversy is about religion and discrimination rather than groundwater or traffic related worries.

One man prompted applause from some audience members with comments that speculated the Cordoba Center might be tied to violent offshoots of Islam that promote terrorism.

A number of speakers worried about the possibility that the SVIC’s membership might grow over the years, bringing larger crowds to the Cordoba Center and heightening the impact on traffic, parking, groundwater, noise and other areas of concern.

Joy Schoming, a Gilroy resident, said she objected to the project’s name of Cordoba Center, which refers to an ancient Spanish city. To Schoming, the name also conjures up a Muslim community center formerly known as the Cordoba House (Ground Zero Victory Mosque) in New York City, and which generated significant controversy when it was in the planning stages. The name was changed to Park51, but the mosque project seems all but dead there. (Or so we hope)

UPDATE: Council spit on the residents and approved the Use Permit.