Death of a Nation, a Culture, a People: Nothing about East London is very British anymore

Like cockroaches, Muslims move in but they don’t move out. Legal and illegal Muslim immigrants keep flooding into the UK where the welfare system is more generous to immigrants than to natives. Muslims reproduce themselves at rate that is 3 times higher than the rest of the population and represent a far greater percentage of the prison population than their numbers should warrant. Only 27% of the population in East London is classified as White British, now. Soon there will be none.

There’s a difference between Muslim immigrants and all other immigrants. The majority of first generation arrivals in the West move into low-income neighborhoods, work hard and save money, so they can move to a better part of town and assimilate among the native population and other upwardly mobile immigrants. Not so most Muslim immigrants, who congregate in certain areas which attracts even more Muslim immigrants, flooding the schools and taxing the welfare and health systems to the breaking point. Few have any desire to  integrate into non-Muslim areas. 

Gradually, the indigenous population starts to flee, often from the skyrocketing crime/rate rates that Muslims bring with them. Soon, most of the stores and restaurants in the area cater only to the Muslim population. Eventually, what was once a blue-collar British neighborhood becomes a multicultural neighborhood, until it finally  turns into a little Islamabad…driving out the rest of the non-Muslims. 

After most of the native population has all but disappeared, Muslims start demanding Islamic sharia courts (more than 100 in the UK now) and the area turns into a NO GO zone for non-Muslims. Even the fire department must take along a police escort before they enter the NO GO zones. There are parts of London that you would never recognize if you hadn’t been there in 20 years.