Attention BNI Readers: Tune in or listen later to RADIO JIHAD whose special guest tonight 6 – 8PM is Gavin Boby, the UK ‘Mosquebuster’ legal warrior

When:  Tonight – 6-8 PM (EST)

Where:  Blog Talk Radio –  Click  Here to Listen Live or hear the podcast after the show.
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Tonights Guest is Mr. Gavin Boby of the Law And Freedom Foundation
Mr. Boby is a British planning lawyer  who specializes in getting Mosque Building permit applications denied long before construction ever starts.

Mr. Boby has 13-1 winning record getting Mosque permits stopped at the commission hearing level.  You will learn the process Mr. Boby follows and how to apply his tactics here in the United States of America.

Gavin Boby has a very deep knowledge of Islamic Doctrine and theology that is the foundation for his work.  Tonight you will learn from Mr. Boby why he has chosen this life path and what motivates him to fight and win.

Check out his video here: the-rise-of-anti-mosque-lawfare