MISSOURI: Joplin fire completely destroys mosque during the Muslim holy month of Ramadamadingdong

CAIR is planning to demand that the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security investigate every ‘Islamophobe’ in the country….followed by a request to Barack Hussein Obama that he order the UN to shut down every counter-jihad website on the planet.

Joplin Globe  About a month after the Joplin Islamic Society’s roof was slightly damaged in a suspected arson, the entire building burnt down in a suspicious early morning fire on Monday, leaving little but charred remains. The remains of the structure was still smoldering at 8 a.m. as Carl Junction fire crews started to leave the scene. They received a call from a passerby around 3:30 a.m.

“This should not stop us from serving God,” said Imam Lahmuddin, the mosque’s religious leader. “We still have to fulfill our obligation. We will do our prayer in other places. If we don’t find a place, we will do our prayers in our home. We cannot miss any of the five prayers.” Lahmuddin said they do not have plans yet for where they will pray, but it is still early. (They can always use the streets like they do in Paris. Not to worry, the local leftist Jewish dhimmis will invite mosque members use their synagogue for the month of Ramadan. And the leftist Christians dhimmis will follow suit with their churches)

“We just take this as a test from God. God is testing us. This is the month of Ramadan. We are fasting we are not supposed to get angry, we are not supposed to say anything bad,” he said. “But that’s not only for this month, but for every day of our lives. In Ramadan we are more careful in guarding our tongues, not to say anything inappropriate. We come here during the month of Ramadan more often. Last night we left at about 11:20 p.m. when we finished final prayers and we were supposed to get in here about 5 a.m. for the morning prayer. But God has a plan.”

The mosque, located at 1302 S. Black Cat Road, serves about 50 families in the area. “It’s unbelievable,” said Omar Ahmed, 15, who came to the scene around 5 a.m. “It’s a house of worship. It’s a place of God.” Some people like to stay the night at the mosque during Ramadan, Ahmed said, but no one was in the building at the time of the fire.

On the morning of July 4, a man attempted to set the mosque on fire. The man was not identified, but his image was caught on surveillance cameras. There is still a $15,000 reward for information leading to charges from the FBI. Carl Junction Fire Chief Bill Dunn said Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents were on the scene and he believed the FBI would investigate the fire. “It was really burning when we got here,” Dunn said. “The fire got inside and broke through the roof.”

Dunn said an accelerant could have helped build up the fire’s strength. He said the fire is suspicious and is under investigation, but they cannot yet prove it was arson. They retrieved a surveillance video box and it will be sent to the FBI. It received fire damaged, he said.