GREEK PURGE! Thousands of illegal (mostly Muslim) aliens rounded up and readied for deportation

In an effort to stem the flood of Muslim  bottom-feeders, criminals, rapists  and potential terrorists, Greek authorities are rounding up thousands of suspected Muslim illegals in a large-scale deportation drive.

UK DAILY MAIL (H/T several BNI readers) Up to 6,000 were detained over the weekend in Athens and more than 1,600 are to be deported in the next few days.

There are also growing fears that there could soon be an influx of migrants fleeing the Syrian civil war. Greece has long been Europe’s main entry point for Muslim illegal invaders from Asia and Africa (seeking free stuff without working)

Up to 80 per cent of all Muslim migrants heading into the EU come via Greece. But the country’s disastrous economic problems and high unemployment are making the problem worse than ever. 

Some 100,000 illegal immigrants are estimated to slip into the country every year and up to a million are believed to live in Greece, which has a total population of about 11million.

The uncontrolled influx, which coincided with a spike in crime (as it always does with Muslims), has contributed to the rise of a Greek far-Right political party. Golden Dawn gained nearly 7 per cent of the vote in recent parliamentary elections. It has won a lot of support from young Greeks who blame migrants for their lack of job opportunities.

Before the Olympics started, Greek triple jumper and Golden Dawn supporter Voula Papachristou was banned from the Games for posting a racist tweet about migrants.

The Greek office of the UN High Commission for refugees said that while Greece has the right to carry out checks on immigrants, it must ensure that vulnerable groups do not suffer.

Spokesman Petros Mastakas said: ‘It is very difficult for Muslim (entitlement whores) to apply for protected status, and we are concerned that among those arrested there may be people who want protection but were unable to submit their requests because access to the relevant authorities is practically impossible.’ (Awwww)