Hey, Florida BNIers, look what kind of Muslim garbage is running as a Democrat for the Florida State House

ZJ Hafeez, who is running for office in the Florida State House District 63, remains silent as Muslim hate speech against women, whites, and Florida legislators is articulated in Tallahassee by former CAIR thug, Ahmed Bedier.

Hafeez was afraid to speak because the person committing the hate speech was his good friend and mentor Ahmed Bedier.

Ahmed Bedier ironically sits on the Tampa Human Rights Commission and is tasked with protecting the Human Rights of all Floridians. Mr. Bedier should be asked to resign from the Tampa Human Rights Council. ZJ Hafeez should publicly denounce Ahmed Bedier or end his campaign immediately and apologize to all whom his friend Ahmed Bedier marginalized.

ThE video below shows Ahmed Bedier is clearly not the man for the job and should resign immediately. The two faces of Ahmed Bedier and ZJ Hafeez are disturbing and troubling on many different levels.

H/T Alan K  The United West