Mentally ill (aren’t they all) Muslim illegal alien suing Australia for not giving him enough FREE health care

Leftie loiyah, George Newhouse, said the asylum seeker parasite seeking free handouts, dubbed Mr P to protect his identity, had been abandoned by the NSW Ministry of Health.

Southern Weekly “He needed assertive treatment in the immediate and long-term,” Mr Newhouse said. “He most definitely didn’t get assertive treatment and he most certainly didn’t get the psycho-social rehabilitation he needed.” (Send him back where he came from and let them treat him)

Mr P is a Sri Lankan refugee who has a brain injury and schizophrenia (no doubt related to Muslim inbreeding), and has been experiencing delusions and disordered thoughts. (Sounds like every other Muslim) His condition has recently worsened and he has been violent, defecated and urinated in his house.

“NSW Health dumped this man back into immigration detention, despite knowing that his condition would most likely deteriorate,” Dr Kaye said. “The state’s public mental health system has failed to fulfil its legal and moral obligations to a very sick and highly vulnerable individual.” (Illegal aliens have no rights except for food, water, and a one-way ticket back home)

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